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Not quite sure how to do this, since i have never done that before, but here is my suggestion of an article i'd like to write. Basically i get tons of questions regarding the PS teambuilder and working out past gens teams with it (mainly gen 1-3), since, as you most likely know, the teambuilder is made for gen 5-6, but PS does support all generations.
Is it PS-focused? - obviously. Do you know the material? - i do, i've been playing the past gens ever since they have been implemented on ps and i got some fancy roomowner in oldgens for my knowledge i guess. Topical and fresh - it's fresh in the sense that no article like that exists so far and i have a motivation on writing it because i feel like it'd be a good resource to link to people trying to get into past gens and it might also get one or the other casual reader of the player to check out past generations. Are you active? - Yes, basically consider the article written in like 2 days after approval.
My outline would vaguely be this:
  • short introduction: why is this even an issue and what are the problems you are facing?
  • what to build: ps doesn't list proper moves, items, etc for the past gens, i'll explain where you can find learnsets and what to look out for on the lists.
  • how to build: the dos and donts of the teambuilder, how to actually get what you want basically, going deeper into the problems that arise there (IV/DV differences, Stat Values for gen 1-2, incompatible moves and moves with straight out different effects, physical/special split, etc)
  • what to do when something doesn't work out the way you want it to: basically a where to look for common mistakes: analyze any error messages you get, list some exceptions that commonly cause mistakes (gen 2 marowak for example), and say where to ask for help.
  • some closing words
That's basically it, i might change around some of the things in the writing process, but i think you can get a picture of what the article is supposed to look like.
This would be a nice spin on how our usual articles go, I'm a fan of it.
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