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This activity is ran by DTC and Steamroll.


There have been previous editions of the critically acclaimed Teambats, but each of them eventually died out because of numerous factors, such as occurring too frequently, neglect from the hosts, and lack of interest (which was fostered by the previous two factors). This edition of Teambats is catered towards a much larger chat in #pokemonhttp://client02.chat.mibbit.com/?channel=#pokemon&server=irc.synirc.net/.

What is a Teambat?

Teambats are team battles between two teams. People are assigned to one of the two teams to make a team based on certain restrictions given by the host. Restrictions are typically something along the lines of assigning a Pokemon to a team that they must use or banning all Pokemon in the Top 10 of the November usage statistics. You will have a limit in how much time you have to make the team -- usually 15 minutes -- and then a battler is chosen to battle for that team. Team members may assist the battler during the battle ("ghosting"). The teambuilding and ghosting will happen in the two team channels: #team1 and #team2. Everybody on the team that wins the battle gets one point towards the leaderboard.


Teambats will be on Saturday 4 PM GMT -5, or Saturday 8 PM GMT -5 every week. It will be on a rotational basis to accommodate European and Oceanic timezones. The tier of the teambats will also rotate each week. OU - UU - RU - NU - Ubers - VGC - LC is the schedule for tiers. After the LC teambat, the schedule will restart. Teambats for past gens may be added if there is enough support to warrant them.

  • Do not go on the other teams channel in the middle of a Teambat.
  • Do not leak information to the other team.
  • Do not complain about restrictions you do not like.
  • Be courteous to your team members, even if they disagree with you. If one of your team members is being particularly detrimental to your team, contact the host of the Teambat.

Violating these rules may make you end up on the blacklist.

Teambat Hosts:

Teambat hosts are responsible for making sure the Teambat runs smoothly. They are responsible for making up the themes, choosing what people are on which team with a RNG, making sure all of the rules are followed, and any other administrative decision that may need to be made.

Teambat hosts:
  • Cherub Agent
  • DTC
  • Steamroll
  • Windsong

If you want to be a Teambat host, fill in the application located below and send a PM to DTChttp://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=89425 and Steamrollhttp://www.smogon.com/forums/member.php?u=73120.

Application Form:
[B]Past or present leadership in any section of Smogon.[/B]

[B]Tiers that you are knowledgeable in[/B] (only include Ubers / OU / UU / RU / NU / LC / or VGC 2013).

[B]Prior Teambats you have been in.[/B]

[B]Any other information you want to share.[/B]

If you have the most points at the end of the teambat season (2 months), you will get halfop (%) on #pokemon. Good teambat hosts are also more likely to get promotions on #pokemon.


Novaray - 4
CBTerrakion - 2
ala - 1
Arcticblast - 1
august - 1
Aura_Rayquaza - 1
badass - 1
DTC - 1
Exeggutor - 1
FLCL - 1
Jets - 1
jonathanrp - 1
kd24 - 1
LucaroarkZ - 1
Princess Bri - 1
pokemon0078 - 1
MMF - 1
The Reptile - 1
ThisMysteriousGuy - 1
reachzero - 1
Shining_Latios - 1

Next Teambat will be a VGC one at Saturday, February 16th 8 PM (GMT -5).


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Oh shit you coaxed windsong into this?

I'm looking forward to hosting these again, since they were a hell of a lot of fun when we started them months ago in NU. This is also the only event where ghosting is allowed so unless it's a complete counterteam I expect these matches to be great!
We had a OU teambat today, although it was two hours past the scheduled time. The theme was: "the combined base Speed total may not exceed 480".

Team 1http://pastebin.com/NdvGBB7E: Windsong / demist / FireMage (Speed total: 420)

Team 2http://pastebin.com/KqxPDSxR: reachzero, Novaray, Shining_Latios, Exeggutor (Speed total: 472)

Italics indicate the battler. The winner of the battle was Team 2. Match Replayhttp://pokemonshowdown.com/replay/oucurrent7697625.

It was a pretty nice match, but there was a bit of hax that made it difficult for team 1 to win. Both teams decided to use sand, most likely because most of the best Pokemon on sand are not that fast. I was pretty surprised both teams didn't use Ferrothorn, considering it only has 20 base Speed and provides awesome support. I was actually considering making Ferrothorn count as 40 base Speed, but I decided that would be silly and unneeded.

Both teams played well, and team 1 did a good job despite having less players than team 2. Hopefully there will be enough interest next teambat for an even playing field.

Next Teambat will be a UU one at Saturday, January 19th 8 PM (GMT -5).
One of the teams did use Ferrothorn ;o

Cool battle though. I want to join in on a teambat in the future :D


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We had a UU teambat today, right on time (in other words, far superior to DTC's timing). The theme was "no Fire-types or Fighting-types allowed".

Team 1: kd24 LucaroarkZ jets DTC Novaray
Team 2: reachzero aurarayquaza LH phoenix512

Italics indicate the battler. The winner of the match was Team 1. Match Log

Most importantly, however was this log provided by user DTC:

[6:15pm] • DTC fellatio windsong
[6:15pm] • DTC fellatio windsong
[6:15pm] • DTC fellatio windsong
[6:15pm] • DTC fellatio windsong
[6:15pm] • DTC fellatio windsong
[6:15pm] • DTC fellatio windsong
[6:15pm] • DTC fellatio windsong
[6:15pm] • DTC fellatio windsong


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hey you guys!

im hosting an unofficial teambat; so come on and play!!??!

the tier will be OU


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We had a RU teambat today, pretty much on time given that Cherub is in the euro timezones. The theme was the current RU meta with Honchkrow and Sharpedo dropped down.

Team 1: reachzero, col49, FireMage, ala

Team 2: novaray, princess bri, august, pokemon0078*
*pokemon0078 had to leave midway through the teambuilding process.

Italics indicate the battler. The winner of the match was Team 2. Match Log
We just had a NU teambat today. This teambat was our biggest one yet, with a total of 14 participants!


Team 1: badass / Arcticblast / FLCL / MMF / Mr_Uncompetitive / Aura Rayquaza / CBTerrakion

Team 2: Novaray / doughboy / Phoenix512 / DetroitLolCat / Raseri / CherubAgent / Shining_Latios

Team 1 wonhttp://www.pokemonshowdown.com/replay/nu9027974

The theme was the order of the Pokemon on the team must reflect the order you send them out in battle. The first Pokemon on your team will be your lead, the second Pokemon on your team will be the next Pokemon to be sent out, so on and so forth. You may switch during the battle, but it must be in the order.

The battle was very interesting. FLCL accidentally leaked the log of their team while trying to c/p something else. Team 1 messed up again by skipping one of the Pokemon in the order, which made them have to sacrifice one of their Pokemon to avoid being disqualified. Despite all of that, they still managed to beat team 2 in a very close game.

Great job, team 1, for winning and thwarting Novaray's winning streak. Hopefully more teambats will be as big as this one.


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We had an Ubers teambat tonight a few hours behind schedule because I was too busy bowling, and Cherub, Winddong, and DTC were all preoccupied. The teambat was officially held at 6:00 pm EST and we had 10 participants (and a spectator in citro)


Team 1: ala / CBTerrakion / jonathanrp / Novaray / The Reptile

Team 2: Aura Rayquaza / Detroitlolcat / Qwilphish / reachzero / LH

*ITALICS denote who battled

The theme was Ubers with a pretty hefty twist. Hold items were banned and Pokemon were restricted to three moves instead of four. This means Pokemon like Giratina-Origin and Ghostceus could not be used, and it made for quite an interesting obstacle for teambuilding.

Team 1 won. Here's the Replay!

Both teams used Rain, hazards, Arceus, and a Swift Swim abuser. Team 1 lost their Kyogre early on to Ferrothorn's Power Whip after it woke up, but Team 2's Ferrothorn too a ton of damage while it was asleep which really didn't help in the end of the battle. The decision of the battle came down to which Arceus could live a boosted Extremespeed. Team 2 wasn't able to KO it and Leech Seed damage didn't help their Arceus survive.

Scores and next teambat will be updated when DTC gets back, since I can't edit the OP.
There's something wrong with the replay: it shows the two teams but the battle doesn't start
Aura0 joined.
jonathanrp joined.
Sleep Clause: Limit one foe put to sleep
Species Clause: Limit one of each Pokemon
Moody Clause: Moody is banned
OHKO Clause: OHKO moves are banned
Aura0's team:
Ferrothorn / Kyogre / Deoxys-Attack / Kingdra / Arceus-* / Wobbuffet
jonathanrp's team:
Kyogre / Shaymin-Sky / Kabutops / Poliwrath / Arceus-* / Deoxys-Speed
Aura0: gl
reachzero joined.
jonathanrp: yup!
DreMZ joined.
Qwilphish joined.
Growlithe joined.
Qwilphish: LETS GO TEAM!
DetroitLolcat joined.
DreMZ: lgi
DreMZ: :]
LH joined.
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There was a VGC 2013 teambat that was rescheduled for tonight, but due to lack of the interest on IRC, (and after talking with Steam) we decided to postpone.

I'll post about rescheduling after talking with DTC / Steamroll some more.

EDIT: The VGC 2013 teambat has been canceled.


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DTC is apparently a dweeb and my post got hard deleted. Either way there will be a teambat tomorrow at 8 pm EST. The teambat will be the tier of the collective players' choice, aka if you guys have any ideas for teambats feel free to toss them to me tomorrow if your tier wins!

The randbat will be the tier of the collective players' choice,
This is what I get for randbatting GS when posting this...


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Well the players spoke, and tonight's teambat was Smogon Doubles. There were 8 participants in total.

Restriction: No auto-weather

Team 1: Audiosurfer, breh, Exeggutor, jonathanrp
Team 2: Fusxfaranto, Novaray, Pwnemon, reachzero
Italics indicate the battler.

The winners were Team 2! Click here for a replay of the battle!

The Next Teambat will be announced at a later date, so keep posted.


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This saturday, we'll be having a DPPt OU teambat. Details will be available once we've finalized them!


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The latest view hungry is the best I have ever seen
DTC is a (BAN ME PLEASE) and I don't have editing privledges. Firemage and the two users above are officially teambat hosts as of 18 hours before this post, yesterday, and this post, respectively.


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after doing some asking around with users that showed interest in participating, Saturday's teambat will be at 5:00 PM EST. If you want to participate, all you need to do is come on and join us!


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Beep, there will be a teambat tomorrow at 2PM EST (2 hours before the Smogon Tour) for people who want a quick warm-up before the tournament starts. The tier will be DPP UU (Since having DPP OU two weeks in a row is stale). Remember to just hop onto #pokemon about 10 minutes beforehand and we'll get this ready to go. I don't want any delays for this since it can have an impact on people signing up for the tour.

Next week's Teambat will be held on Saturday and feature a pretty good twist on BW OU.


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Todays DPP UU Teambat had 9 Participants
Restriction - Both teams must use Houndoom
Team 1 - Novaray / Raichy / Cherub Agent / CBTerrakion / Fusxfaranto
Team 2 - macle / Double01 / Delta277 / joshe

Team 2 Won!
And here are the logs of the match
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