#Pokemon Special E3 Rules Thread


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Hey folks, it's that time of year again, E3 is here! #Pokemon goes nuts over E3, and hey who wouldn't: this is more than just Pokémon, there are announcements for the entire video game industry here! In fact, sometimes, we go a bit TOO nuts. Here are some specalized rules I want you all to follow. And Sops. OPs. amd Hops, I'd also like you all to enforce these rules with a kick, so the chat is at least SOMEWHAT followable!

1. Spamming is somewhat allowed, but don't spam the same thing more than 4 times. Sure, cheer when Nintendo announces that their new 3DS model gives everyone a blowjob, but you don't need to say "OH MY GOD NINTENDO BLOW JOB" 5 times in a row!

2. Don't make believable lies. Sure, saying stuff like "RIDLEY CONFIRMED FOR HALO 5" or "HOLY SHIT HALF LIFE 4 CONFIRMED FOR PS4" is alright because that is obviously a joke, but saying "RIDLEY CONFIRMED FOR SUPER SMASH BROS 4" or "OMG THE LAST GUARDIAN IS COMING OUT THIS YEAR ON PS4" is in really poor taste if they're a lie, and will get you a swift kick in the ass!

3. This isn't really a rule, but something to remember: While Pokémon chat is almost always the #1 priority in #Pokemon that can overrule other chats (yeah I know thats tough to believe since Mario Kart 8 started dominating the chat last week), but you may want to take Pokémon talk to other avenues during E3 conferences, because there really isn't any competing with these once in a year events. ESPECIALLY Nintendo's conferences, since we actually sometimes get Pokémon info from them!

Most of all, have fun and GET HYPED!

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