Pokemon East Coast Showdown: 3DS Top Prize

Well first let me introduce myself, my name is Kyle and I'm a Philly area pokemon TCG judge and tournament organizer, I'm also a former pro tcg player. I want to host a premier tournament VGC style, not just a one and done tournament but an annual event hence the east coast showdown. I know the community on the east coast is really strong with a lot of distinguished players from NY and VA and I want to make a tournament that will attract the pro players and beginners alike. As a TO I have access to TOM the tournament software used for all major VGC and TCG events and prior tournament operation skills. I'm pretty set on the 3ds prize regardless of attendance especially since players can't win one at worlds, of course there will be an entry fee to cover venue charges and prize support. I want to use a centrally located area and I have access to a couple of venues with outlet support of course. I would need help from the community to convince pro players to show and get the word out. Updates and details later, I need a decent show of hands and some support to get this thing going so please let me know if you would attend and anything you can bring to the table. Working out a template for the post so dont mind the construction.

The First Annual Pokemon East Coast Showdown

This Summer Post Worlds exact date unknown at this time

WHERE: The United States Eastern Coast

WHY: To be crowned the US East Coast champ and walk away with some decent swag

RULES: It will be standard VGC rules, i will post a recap later on this


PRIZES: First Place winner will receive a new in box NINTENDO 3DS SYSTEM
Second Place will receiver a percentile of the entry money
Third and Fourth place will receive a percentile of the prize money

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