Gen 2 Piloswine [WIP]


For most of GSC UU's lifetime, Piloswine has been in the shadow of tier queen, Nidoqueen, due to its fantastic offensive prowess on
- Amazing
- Despite it's amazing qualities, it only has base 50 Speed, meaning it is outsped by nearly every Pokemon besides Grandbull, Slowbro, Slowking, and Quagsire.

Generalize what the Pokemon does in the metagame and as a whole and why you should or shouldn't consider using it on your teams. See this thread for more tips.

name: The P-Word (RestTalk)
move 1: Earthquake
move 2: Ice Beam
move 3: Rest
move 4: Sleep Talk
item: Leftovers

Set Description

- Earthquake
- Ice Beam is able to nail switch-ins to Earthquake such as

Team Options

Include potential teammates for the Pokemon, as well as descriptions and details as to why.

Other Options

List some options for the Pokemon user that are plausible but not always recommended due to either being not consistent enough or too outclassed by other Pokemon in the metagame.

Checks and Counters

**Insert Counterplay Here**: Describe the counterplay / check / counter.

**Insert Counterplay Here**: Describe the counterplay / check / counter.

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