Penn State Pokemon Society's Gym Leader Challenge. Feb 11-12

Hello Esteemed Smogonites!

This is avdc90, I go to Penn State University and I am in the Penn State Pokemon Society. Once a semester, we hold a Live Action Role Play weekend where we station gym leaders around our campus and challengers have a full day to run around and collect 8 badges. Battles are on Black and White on the DS. Whoever beats all 8 gyms, goes onto the Elite 4 the next day. It's a lot of fun, it's challenging, and it is definitely a growing interest.

This will take place on the Pennsylvania State University, University Park campus (main campus). At 10:00 am on Saturday, February 11 we will meet in 267 Willard Building for a brief orientation then we will start our journeys.

Here is a link to the event facebook page which contains an address with Google Maps.

Last semester we had an outstanding LARP, and a film crew captured the proceedings on camera and made an awesome video about it. It is definitely worth your while to check it out.

This event is very very cool, we have badges, prizes, costumes, and lots of competitive battling. Some trainers are new, some are experienced, and some are in it just for fun. Even though we focus on competitive battling in our club, our goal with LARP was to make it match the real life game as much as possible. For this reason, there are no item/freeze/sleep/evasion/self-KO clauses and no Legendary pokemon can be used. But some Ubers like Garchomp, Excadrill, and Wobbuffett may be used. The general rule is that anything breed-able is fair game.

I strongly encourage anyone who is willing and interested to come join us on Feb. 11 at the PSU main campus. You will meet a lot of interesting people and have a lot of pokemon fun. Thanks everyone.
Hm, I attend Pitt, so I suppose if I wanted to take a three hour bus ride, I could make it. What's the expected attendance? The facebook group says 26 going with 14 maybes, but anyone who's ever tried to coordinate an event via FB can tell you those figures are usually misleading.

Also, a fuller ruleset would be greatly appreciated. I'd rather not find out that each gym has its own nonsensical ruleset.
in the past, we have had an average of about 20 challengers. on the FB group, alot of those attending are actually part of the event and not challengers, so yes that figure is misleading.

as far as the rules, i just gave a brief overview in the original post. you can use any breedable pokemon. battles will be automatically set to flat battles, so your pokes have to be lvl 50 at least. No legendary pokemon at all will be allowed, so you can use anything you want as long as its not a legendary. There is no sleep/freeze/evasion/self-KO clause, you can use any item you want. There is no ban on swizzle or excadrill's sand rush, or speed boost blaziken. You obviously can't use hacks, everything must be legit, so no unreleased DW abilities. since i am not a gym leader i cannot speak for everyone but usually all gym battles are single battles, with some fun optional exceptions. but like no gym leader will have their own set of random rules. there will be little sidequests and stipulations on when/how you can battle a gym leader, like in the actual game.

also, the facebook group will be updated with more precise ruleset regarding behavior and things like that. thanks for your interest, i hope you can make it.

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