Tournament Other Metagames of the Month Tournament: Tera Donation (No John!)

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:houndstone: OM of the Month Tournament: Tera Donation :dragonite:

The point of this tournament is to allow everyone to discover a tier and have fun while improving the development of the meta.

Important information and rules:

- Due to time constraints, this tournament is a No John tournament, Rounds will last after 3 or 4 days depending on if it is during the beginning or the end of the week, thus, no extensions will be granted until Final.
- This is a Swiss tournament, so everyone will play 4 times even if they lost.
- The tournament will last 3 or 4 rounds (around 2 weeks), depending on the number of signups. People who went undefeated will play a final round to decide the winner of the tournament.
- Matches will be best-of-three in the Tera Donation format.
- Replays must be posted.
- Tera Donation resources can be found here.

Post "in" to participate and feel free to ask me any questions regarding this. Signups will be open until March (Monday) 9th at 11:59 PM (GMT -3)
If you would like to host an OMotM tournament, contact PandaDoux on discord as PandaDoux♥♡㋛★✩#6506 or contact an OM staff.
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