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OM Analyses Spelling and Grammar Standards

OM analyses will still use the official standards; these are just standards that are not listed in the official thread that are either unique to Other Metagames or overrule an existing standard.

  • In Mix and Mega analyses, do NOT refer to a Pokemon that has already undergone Mega Evolution as Mega [Pokemon] (Mega Corviknight has a Flying / Steel typing).
  • Mega Evolutions are always capitalized (Mega Lucario).
  • In National Dex analyses, the term "Mega Evolution" refers to the extra evolution some Pokemon possess (Blastoise's Mega Evolution grants it additional power compared to its normal state).
    • This is not to be used when referring to Mega Evolution in Mix and Mega; instead, refer to the Mega Stone that the Pokemon is holding (Altarianite gives Arcanine a Fire / Fairy typing and grants it access to an additional STAB move).
  • The term "Mega-Evolved" refers to a Pokemon that has undergone Mega Evolution (Corviknight, when Mega-Evolved, gains additional bulk). This can also be referred to with "Mega Evolving" (Corviknight, after Mega Evolving, gains additional bulk). The latter is preferred.
  • Outside of National Dex analyses, Pokemon that undergo Mega Evolution cannot Mega Evolve into their native Mega formes due to how SS Mix and Mega is coded. Therefore, refer to the Mega Stone that the Pokemon is holding (Corviknight can use Sablenite to Mega Evolve and Abomasnow can use Abomasite to Mega Evolve) and not to the Pokemon in its Mega forme (Corviknight can Mega Evolve into Mega Corviknight or Abomasnow can Mega Evolve into Mega Abomasnow).
  • These strict clarifications are because outside of National Dex, Mega formes don't exist in Generation VIII.
Coined terms
  • The term Imposter-proof is used to refer to a Pokemon that is used to counter a foe that is transformed into a teammate (An Imposter-proof Pokemon like Dragapult).
  • The term -ate abilities is accepted as meaning the broad generalization of Aerilate, Galvanize, Pixilate, and Refrigerate. Normalize is not included in this, as it is known to not be used as a typical -ate ability.
  • The terms -ate user and -ate Pokemon are accepted as meaning "a Pokemon that makes use of an -ate ability".
  • The term -ate moves is accepted as meaning "Normal-type moves that are used by an -ate user". Alternatively, "moves" can be replaced with a single move name to adjust the meaning to "a specific Normal-type move that an -ate user has".
  • The term RegenVest is accepted as referring to the combination of Regenerator + Assault Vest.
  • When referring to moves as entry hazards (Stealth Rock, Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Sticky Web, Light Screen, Reflect, Aurora Veil), they are always treated as singular. This means that:
    • A Pokemon has Stealth Rock up on their side of the field, NOT a Stealth Rock / Stealth Rocks.
    • A Pokemon has one layer of Spikes / Toxic Spikes, NOT one Spike / Toxic Spike.
    • A Pokemon has Sticky Web up, NOT a Sticky Web / Sticky Webs.
    • A Pokemon has Light Screen / Reflect up, NOT one layer of screens.
      • The phrase "dual screens" is accepted as meaning "both Light Screen and Reflect are up". It is NOT capitalized.
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