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Turn 18: Guy had me cornered with MegaChomp on the field. I misplayed a few times in the game so I was outmatched, send out final pokemon Mega Absol, and I am able to successfully revenge kill it.

Turn 19: 3-1, game is stacked against me. He sends out Greninja and misses a Hydro Pump that 100% killed me.
( 252 SpA Choice Specs Greninja-Ash Hydro Pump vs. 0 HP / 4- SpD Absol-Mega: 508-598 (187.4 - 220.6%) -- guaranteed OHKO )
( Keep in mind I knew he was Specs through the encounter with Doublade earlier that game. )

I use this opportunity to OHKO him with Play Rough, making it 2-1.

Turn 20: The biggest opponent hits the field, Celesteela. I Knock to ensure no healing would be done, as he completely forgets that Magic Bounce exists, and proceeds to Leech Seed, bouncing it back at him, giving me free recovery.

Turn 21-22: Cant kill with another Knock, have to SD to win. Live an ouchy of a heavy slam before taking him out with another Knock.

With a SD up, Absol won 1v1 against Pex, but the guy forfeits before the 1v1 even starts.

To be honest that was not my game to win, but the gods gave me the perfect opening to wipe the rest of his team, and I loved it.
Epic Arceus win- yet another (cancerous) random battle.
Uhh not much to say, chat's not really important so just focus on the great being that is Arceus Fighting.
Notably getting to plus 6 with CM,
Freezing the opponent perfectly enough to atain the above,
Forcing the opponent to switch obviously for character development,
Leaving Zard at 4%, intentionally of course, to build the climax,
Climatically taking a nap to surprise the audience,
nvm thats it
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Where all is set.
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1. Replay link:

2. Turns of interest to highlight
Turns 1 and 2

3. Short description of what happens
Togekiss managed to pull off hitting 2 Sheer Colds in a row off Metronome. I end up freaking out and testing to see if there's a bug or something and it turned out to be legit.

4. Any preferences of chat or other parts being important to showcase
The reactions in the chat throughout this game

While this is a low ladder Anything Goes game, the main focus comes from me being a victim of absurdly low probability. (1 in what is likely over millions)
The matchup is a competitive Arcspam team vs Metronome spam and two Arceus just drop dead from the spot.


try, try again
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1. Replay link
2. Turns of interest to highlight
From turn 21 onwards.
3. Short description of what happens
My Azumarill, which happened to be my last living pokemon, lived at 3% from a Tapu Koko Thunderbolt in electric terrain (with help from light screen). It then proceeded to sweep the 5 remaining members of the opponent's team.
4. Any preferences of chat or other parts being important to showcase
I don't think so.
1. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-1005576844

Turn 29 i'm getting walled by Celesteela's opponent -> "Pls Forfeit"
Turn 36 i finally kill celesteela -> "u did it." "are u proud"
Turn 46 My mimikyu ends the battle after a huge sweep --> "wow" "gg"

So as you might have guess now, it's about a trashtalker who gets wiped after opening his mouth.

There's a lesson about talking too early to highlight here
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