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So, this one was an unrated random battle, one of those fun formats that normally produce the most meaningless battles that count for absolutely nothing, but this battle had a collection of what I consider incredibly close saves that let me come back from a 2-5 deficit (facing several powerful sweepers and support mons) despite some early misplays on my part. It's a bit long, and there aren't many really punchy turns that take one's breath away, but I'm proud of it none-the-less.


Turn 1: Anticipating the Jump Kick, I switch to Golurk. He goes into Primal Groundon, one of my least favorite mons to face.

Turn 2: Fortunately, I've got Earthquake that can hit him, but I need to speed up first. I see the Swords Dance and guess that he's got Double Dance. I don't have any mons on my team that can counter Primal Groundon once it's at +2/+2, so I stick with Golurk and get a +2 speed.

Turn 3: I've got a speed leg up, so I go for Earthquake, barely not knocking him out. He gets his own +2 speed, and my team is totally bereft of priority. This is a problem.

Turn 4-13: I try to use Archeop's resistance to Fire Punch to get him with a Head Smash, but I miss. Hindsight: I should have used Tailwind to let another Mon take him out. Got greedy. Not really sure why I sent out Galvantula. I should have switched to Steelix, forgone the Mega evolution to use Sturdy to take a hit and then counter. So, I basically threw away two mons for nothing. Slobro kills the Steelix, and I get a toxic off, but now I've got two Mons, neither of which is well-suited for killing an entire team, half of which is still hidden. I do scout out Talonflame, who incidentally could OHKO both my remaining Mons. Nice.

Turn 14-22: I use SubSeed stalling to take out Slowbro, but don't have a sun up to help me defend against Talonflame and set up another SubSeed stall. However, my opponent decides to use Roost, probably anticipating a switch. I know my last Mon is just as bad against Talonflame, so I go for a Sleep Seed, and (mercifully) get it. Then it's stalling until my opponent decides to switch out instead of wasting more time, even though he could probably outlast my stall.

Turn 23-35: I somehow stall out both Raichu and Wheezing. It's even, but he still has a nice leg up. However, his Talonflame is still asleep.

Turn 36: I need to get my speed up to beat his Dodrio and Talonflame, so I Shift Gears, and the sleep holds for one more team. Taking out the Talonflame basically seals the game for me.

Anyway, not a perfect game on either of our parts, but I did manage my best comeback to date. I'm proud of what I managed, and that we both had the patience to wait out stalls. In Unrated RandBats, it's easy to forfeit when frustrated by a stalling opponent. He was also a good sport about the whole thing, suffering my stall in stoic silence. Good job, Guest 4049621.

Turn 1-2, I spook out Incineroar
Turn 5, Empoleon negates my Clangorous Soulblaze
Turn 12-13, Used Glare on Incineroar and then Stealth Rocks (This saves me later)
Turn 19-21, Used Perish Song on M-Latios and Latios continues to sweep my Gengar and Kommo-o, making it 1V3
Turn 22-23, My Swellow gets a crit on M-Latios, Rocks take out the Incineroar and then Swellow takes out the opponent's Kommo-o with Brave Bird, fainting and leaving w/ 5 HP but winning.
Replay off an off community team tour v current MPL player Twilight Solace where my team got haxed into a tie breaker for finals

  • http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen6monotype-789748996

  • 1- turns 33-3 gyarados flinches past skarm as a check
  • 2- 50-55 gyara flinches past zapdos as a check + crit on opposing gyarados that DID matter + small rage in chat
  • 3- 67-74 scarf kiss flinching its way past spd kiss + burning articuno which also mattered
4- you can showcase the keyboard smashing going on thru the hax when i was so heated i couldn't even type
  1. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7vgc2019ultraseries-954476853
  2. every turn is mindblowing
  3. I basically corner my opponent with very gimmicky strategy involving togekiss having 100% crit chance using extremespeed to hit into ally scarf anger point krookodile, later I switch to my EQ immune air baloon lele to to prevent fake out on krookodile! If only opponent wouldnt win with "smeargle strats"... (rock slide having only 75% BP thanks to spread damage thanks to moody avoids resulted in rayquaza surviving with sliver of health)
  4. ☆HamstermaniaCZ: time to bring big guns > *proceeds to spam rock slide for revenge hax*
Here's a replay in monothreat, one of monotype's most appreciated other metagame, where I (as Tefeiri) surprise my opponent with a team built around echoed voice. This happened in the finals of a normal monothreat tournament counting for the forums tour type expert.
  1. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7monotype-889410562
  2. Turns 5-9 and 12-16 is when the echoed voice sweep happens.
  3. Echoed voice stacks and the opponent struggles dealing with it, eventually being swept by it.
  4. This extract from the chat pretty much sums up the strategy working : %Ticken: it has started
In more details, the metagame being only made of normal types means there are no rock, steel or ghost types, giving free echoed voice spam. The worse matchups are Chansey and Fake Out Mega-Lopunny but I heard my opponent saying Chansey was bad in the metagame and Fake Out is only used about 30% of the time on Lopunny so it was totally worth taking the risk !


One of the most prestigious high ladder 1v1 battles of all times, if I say so myself.
jk its the only battle i won so let me make myself feel good :)


Here is an import of the team.
Greninja @ Waterium Z
Ability: Torrent
EVs: 156 Def / 192 SpA / 160 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Hydro Cannon
- Substitute
- Work Up
- Haze

Tapu Lele @ Psychium Z
Ability: Psychic Surge
EVs: 148 HP / 192 Def / 28 SpA / 132 SpD / 8 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Skill Swap
- Hidden Power [Ground]
- Psyshock
- Moonblast

Serperior @ Psychium Z
Ability: Contrary
EVs: 252 HP / 88 Def / 168 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Reflect
- Light Screen
- Synthesis
- Leaf Storm
The gren set takes less than 25 percent from a charx flame charge, thus able to sub until torrent range and OHKO with hydro vortex.
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1. This was a Daily OM Room tournament final in Mix and Mega. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7mixandmega-872232864
2. Turns 19-21 (end of battle)
3. Turn 19. ChazmicSupanova plays 5D chess by predicting the Sp. Def. drop from the Psychic and uses Heart Swap to give it to his opponent.
Turn 20. Tapu Lele uses Psychic and Magearna dies.
Turn 21. Red Orb Mew comes in, sets up the Desolate Land, lives the Psychic, and hits the Fire Blast, killing in one shot thanks to the Sp. Def. drop.
4. There's some fun hype in the chat around the play, but not really necessary.

Hello! It's me, your friendly neighborhood social media guy. I've always wanted to create a video series specifically for social media and there hasn't been a real good place to show off all your funny, skillful, or just otherwise interesting replays in a while, so this project will be the best of both worlds. Basically, I take the best parts of a replay, including chat where it fits, slap on some good Pokémon remixes and graphics to go with it, and voila: The Smogon Replay Vault. These will be posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, most likely once a week on Wednesdays. Here's the first one I made to showcase as an example to what this series is all about:

I've only selected a few replays out by myself so far to feature, so that's where YOU come in! I want you to submit your replays, your friend's replays, your enemy's replays, your parent's replays, and even your grandma's nephew's dog's replays! Any and all replays that you think are worthy enough to be showcased to everyone. Now, I won't be able to show every single replay that's submitted, so I'll just list some criterias that I'll be looking for when selecting ones for showcasing:
  • Length - I would prefer to keep these videos around 1 minute long, so the highlight of the replay can't be too many turns, though parts of the less important turns can be sped through.
  • Chat and nicknames - No inappropriate nicknames for the Pokémon on either side. If the chat is important to show for the replay, it or the users' nicknames can't be too inappropriate or insulting, but a few swears isn't the end of the world.
  • No low ladder/skill - Everyone isn't good at this game at first, so I don't really want out people who might be new to it all. Teams might be their favorite in-game Pokémon or they might just use 4 Fire-moves on their Charizard and attack a Heatran with it. This one is sort of just up to my discretion in the end, so it might not be enforced super strictly.
  • Tournament replays - I'm also interested in showcasing highlight games or plays from the various tournaments on our forums, official or not, so feel free to submit those as well with maybe a link to the tours and the week/playoff in question.
To make it easier for myself, I want YOU to follow this simple template when submitting your replays (just re-use the template within the same post if you have multiple replays you want to submit), as it will condense all the information I could want in a nice way:
  1. Replay link
  2. Turns of interest to highlight
  3. Short description of what happens
  4. Any preferences of chat or other parts being important to showcase
I'll go through this thread periodically and reply to replays in batches that I find good enough to feature. Those submissions that aren't chosen will be deleted to save up some clutter in the thread, though it will notify you that your replay wasn't chosen. I won't be notifying when each of the approved submissions will go live, you'll just have to watch each week until yours pop up.

I think that was everything I had to say for now, hopefully you'll find this to be a fun thing to help me out with or it will die off pretty quickly lol. Also just ask any questions you might have and I'll do my best to answer them!
https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7uu-989169081 I was on UU with a mono-ghost team (casual game, no tournament etc.) just having some fun towards the end of Gen 7. The reason i like this so much is that i surprised myself by winning despite a bad match-up and some hax.

Before i start the summary, this was the team https://pokepast.es/fa6dac484fd51616 I dont know my opponents sets but you can see how any Muk, Hydreigon and Scizor were huge problems for my team.

Turn 1-2) We trade our best mons against each other's. I suppose he expected me to overpredict but he still sacked Muk-Alola which was imo the worst play he made the entire game.

Turn 3) Hydreigon flinches my No Guard Dynamic Punch Golurk which is (no joke) EVd to take a critical hit modest Dark Pulse from Hydreigon (i live 15/16 rolls). Yes those EVs are a meme but they help me ensure that a healthy Golurk lives a unboosted D-pulse no matter what, and Hydreigon is after all one of the most common UU picks and 6-0s my team.

At this point i think its over and dont notice its not until AFTER the very last turn.

He sacks Hydreigon and i switch my boosted Mimikyu into Chandelure on the BP. From here on i make a series of nice plays to (try and) win.

Turn 11) I HP ice the incoming Altaria, note that i was locked into that as i am modest scarf.

Turn 12) I keep my one and only win-con (Chandelure) in on a Mimikyu expecting set-up.

Turn 14) After i revenge Mimikyu with Sash-Gengar, i switch Chandelure in on Scizor's BP. A Knock Off or U-turn would have cost me the game again, as in my head Chandelure either dies or Linoone kills with S-claw/Stomping Tantrum after U-turn damage and then Scizor kills Gengar.

Turn 17) After i kill Scizor i switch into the 1% Gengar, at this point hoping Cursed Body will kick in and disable Linoone's S-claw/Tantrum so that he can only hit me with Seed Bomb which even 25% Chandelure lives thanks to a x4 resistance. At that point i'd have to hope that Overheat into -2 Overheat kills after Mago Berry and i was not confident it would, but it was my best shot. It kicks in.

Turn 18) Chandelure's Scarf modest Overheat cleanly one-shots Linoone. No crit involved. I am shook. Afterwards i do the calcs and find out i had SEVERELY underestimated Modest Chandelure's firepower. Timid wouldn't have killed...

I got a little excited in the chat since i only realized at the last turn, that i actually won because the game ended. I fully expected Linoone to live two Overheats and 2hko me with Seed Bomb or 1hko with S-tantrum. Modest Scarf Overheat for the win!

So yeah, that's that. A fun, mono-ghost rollercoaster comeback. One of the most memorable Showdown games ive experienced, maybe not at the highest level (i believe i was at around 1350-1400, the score bugged out) but worth sharing i would say. Thanks for reading!
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