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turn 0 had some fun discussions, during the first half of the game he had the edge over me constantly impostering my xerneas so I decided to use this very strategy against him. In a stall vs stall, PP matters a lot since someone is going to start struggling eventually, and since I kept refreshing my PP with imposter chansey, I gained a huge momentum advantage which led to him forfeiting at turn 187 with all 12 pokemon alive. His biggest mistake was not wanting to sacrifice AV regenerator mega swampert in turn 114 to take down my chansey, from that point on he lost the game

In which I have an absolutely stacked roster, and it still somehow comes down to 1v1. Highlights include a missed prediction trying to nail Kartana after he switched it in on Mega Diancie previously (turn 14), successful use of wish+protect and me managing to capitalize on that passive play (turn 16-17), Kartana getting the leaf blade crit OHKO on a special Landorus-I and stopping the sweep (turn 21), and somehow I still clutch it out with scarf Passimian surviving a moonblast to secure the 2HKO and the win (turn 25).
OU Battle

I used a theme team of Jessie and James vs a pretty threating team of my oponent.. and I think it might be funny xD in turn 1 I mess with his Gliscor with switcheroo Arbok in turn 12 I killed his Toxapex with destiny bond Weezing in turn 13 he send Gliscor vs my Mimikyu he used EQ and activated my red card to drag Latias who eat a Play rough xD turn 32 he made a funny comment the end is a 33 turn battle good luck in finding a good replay!
1. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ru-855216728
2. 1-9 (whole match, it's not long. Would've been win in 10 but they surrendered.)
3. Dankest spinblocker of all time.

To add a little color, mega-stoise was considered to be both a fantastic mon and the only really good remover (or at least the only good spinner, since Donphan's greatness wasn't yet recognized), making him near-mandatory. He also typically ran (and still runs) stabless with spin/dark pulse/aura sphere/ice beam, so the standard set can hit drifblim either super effectively or not at all. Drifblim survives due to general fatness and carefully-crafted EVs, then gets both WP and unburden boosts. It usually just gets killed by priority shortly afterwards (which is fine because spinblocking is his real job, the rest is just constraining what the opponent can do via threat), but it got to have a bit more fun this match.

shoutouts to 73737elj for making me post this.
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