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Art by JustoonSmitts

Hello! It's me, your friendly neighborhood social media guy. I've always wanted to create a video series specifically for social media and there hasn't been a real good place to show off all your funny, skillful, or just otherwise interesting replays in a while, so this project will be the best of both worlds. Basically, I take the best parts of a replay, including chat where it fits, slap on some good Pokémon remixes and graphics to go with it, and voila: The Smogon Replay Vault. These will be posted to our Facebook and Twitter accounts, most likely once a week on Wednesdays. Here's the first one I made to showcase as an example to what this series is all about:

I've only selected a few replays out by myself so far to feature, so that's where YOU come in! I want you to submit your replays, your friend's replays, your enemy's replays, your parent's replays, and even your grandma's nephew's dog's replays! Any and all replays that you think are worthy enough to be showcased to everyone. Now, I won't be able to show every single replay that's submitted, so I'll just list some criterias that I'll be looking for when selecting ones for showcasing:
  • Length - I would prefer to keep these videos around 1 minute long, so the highlight of the replay can't be too many turns, though parts of the less important turns can be sped through.
  • Chat and nicknames - No inappropriate nicknames for the Pokémon on either side. If the chat is important to show for the replay, it or the users' nicknames can't be too inappropriate or insulting, but a few swears isn't the end of the world.
  • No low ladder/skill - Everyone isn't good at this game at first, so I don't really want out people who might be new to it all. Teams might be their favorite in-game Pokémon or they might just use 4 Fire-moves on their Charizard and attack a Heatran with it. This one is sort of just up to my discretion in the end, so it might not be enforced super strictly.
  • Tournament replays - I'm also interested in showcasing highlight games or plays from the various tournaments on our forums, official or not, so feel free to submit those as well with maybe a link to the tours and the week/playoff in question.
To make it easier for myself, I want YOU to follow this simple template when submitting your replays (just re-use the template within the same post if you have multiple replays you want to submit), as it will condense all the information I could want in a nice way:
  1. Replay link
  2. Turns of interest to highlight
  3. Short description of what happens
  4. Any preferences of chat or other parts being important to showcase
I'll go through this thread periodically and reply to replays in batches that I find good enough to feature. Those submissions that aren't chosen will be deleted to save up some clutter in the thread, though it will notify you that your replay wasn't chosen. I won't be notifying when each of the approved submissions will go live, you'll just have to watch each week until yours pop up.

I think that was everything I had to say for now, hopefully you'll find this to be a fun thing to help me out with or it will die off pretty quickly lol. Also just ask any questions you might have and I'll do my best to answer them!
https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen7nu-355702 Teddeh vs Zukushiku spl 9 week 8 - Sharks vs Raiders

turn 19 - i got a 50/50 wrong with pursuit which would have killed komala - which otherwise was the only mon threatening venusaur which walled a lot of zuku's team.
turn 32 - Whimsicott crits venusaur which otherwise walled the mon, hence followed a sequence of plays that meant that I had to get venusaur back to a health whereby it could switch in on the whimsicott which outsped the entirety of my team.
turn 39 - toxic miss on a predicted psychic into having to pivot again with venusaur + sneasel threatening ice shard.
turn 46 - switching rotom into a predicted grass knot from scarf delphox to allow a defog now that probopass was dead.
End game sequence - required damage on the slowbro for toxicroak to sweep with vacuum wave + sludge bomb, rocks to be up to kill the phox, and a roll to kill whimsicott with vacuum wave.

This game demonstrates that despite unfortunate luck and hax, you can still pivot to get yourself out of tight situations with smart double switches and planning ahead.

McM vs Tesung in Smogon Tour XX finals, game 2

Really, the entirety of the game is genius. Two of the all time great players putting on one of their best performances ever. Some neat turns:

Turn 8 - McM with a trademark ridiculous fucking tech, as he reveals Sash Ice Beam Tyranitar to get rid of Tesung's Garchomp
Turn 23 - This is probably the start of one of my favorite turns ever, as McM is required to play around an HP Ice crit that, to almost everyone watching, probably seemed completely immaterial.
Turn 26 - We see the results of his pivot to get that little extra HP on Slowking as he now lives the Seed Flare and KOs the Shaymin with Fire Blast Slowking
Turn 29 - McM saves the 3% (!!!) Dragonite which becomes pivotal in winning the match, as the end-game revolves around LO Mamoswine keeping Slowking in range of Outrage

There's a lot I could say about the teambuilding, the plays, the size of the stage, etc. in this match. Everything about it made for a wonderful event. When I first joined (well, came back to) Smogon it was the era of McM and Bloo being indisputable kings, so the former was someone I looked up to a lot as a player. Tesung was a lightning bolt of a player, here for a small amount of time with an absolutely absurd impact, and probably the most naturally talented Pokemon player to ever join Smogon. Sometimes, finals can be more boring than they are promised, but Smogon Tour XX was anything but.


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PDC vs Poek WCOP 2017 (Semis?)

This is a pretty run of the mill webs vs offense game in which PDC does a good job pressuring Poek as to not let one of his breakers get out of hand. Then, on Turn 21, PDC makes the infamous Z Stealth Rock play, giving his Landorus-T a defense boost so that it can take a +3 Sucker Punch from Bisharp and KO back with Earthquake, basically sealing the game for himself.

Smogtours chat logs from this game are on YouTube somewhere if you want to include them similarly to how FV included the chat in his ABR vs Ben gay OST finals video, but the play speaks for itself enough that you don’t really need the chat


Banned deucer.
Not my account, but I still like it:

L3mN uses a Togedmaru, a Smeargle, a Cottonee, a Probopass, a Mimikyu and a single Arceus-Dark to floor an Ibers team.

Turn 4: Deoxys-Speed dies after Paralysis from Togedmaru and Judgement from Arceus, who had Defogged away all the entry hazards.

Turn 12: Pheromosa and Smeargle dies after Mimikyu sets up Trick Room, Smeargle puts it to Sleep, Pheromosa enters and Smeargle Endeavours. U-Turn and Smeargle faints; Pheromosa dies from LO recoil.

Turn 19: Cottonee and Xerneas die, after Toxic Spikes were set, Probopass reduces Xerneas hp to 8% and Cottonee was switched in to ensure Xerneas died.

Turn 20: Groudon-Primal dies after Togedmaru Endeavours, Groudon-Primal gets down to 1hp, Togedmaru back to full hp after Shell Bell and Groudon dies from Toxic damage.

Turn 22: Marshadow dies from Toxic damage along with damage from Togedmaru.

Turn 26: Mega Mewtwo X dies after Trick Room, Toxic and Endeavour from Togedmaru. L3mN wins.

Lol sorry if the videos too long, but it’s quite good.

cb aaron judge

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https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-ou-39893 - a round 3 game from the first ever oras ou smogon tour in march 2015, cbb (crashinboombang) vs luigi (get backer)

this is the first featured replay on the showdown replay page under the “fun”category & has been so for several years, but the context makes it all the more interesting to analyze

cbb brings out a typical balance of the era (azumarill,landorus,heatran,keldeo-r,venusaur,mandibuzz) against get backer’s shadow tag team (gothitelle,wobbuffet,wynaut,gothorita,charizard,azumarill) but what unfolds next is a wild sequence of events set off by a turn 1 play which get backer’s team takes full advantage of.

key turns:

turn 1: landorus stealth rock, wynaut encore - getting sr up is usually a good idea early in a battle, but not when the opponent's team has multiple shadow tag pokemon with encore...

turn 3-4: landorus sr x2 , gothorita trick, magic coat - the sr locked landorus is tricked a choice scarf, making it pure setup fodder for any shadow tag pokemon, an ironic feat given how dangerous the long since-banned lando was in the metagame at the time. gothorita magic coats the following to continue abusing the sr locked landorus to reflect back sr.

turn 6: landorus sr, gothitelle substitute - the setup to victory begins, with substitute protecting the gothitelle from later assaults from faster pokemon, meanwhile landorus is still setup fodder.

turns 7-12: landorus sr x6, gothitelle calm mind x6 - gothitelle uses the landorus to set up to +6 special attack/defense, allowing it to wreck havoc on cbb's team. landorus is still stuck using stealth rock.

turns 13-18 - gothitelle psychic 3x, thunderbolt 3x - gothitelle 6-0s cbb's team, though taking a lot of damage in the process. most of the damage was due to a heatran flash cannon critical hit on turn 17, making keldeo's scald not burning on the previous turn all the more important. the substitute was broken by a foul play on turn 14, which i suspect was the primary impetus behind gb using substitute

conclusion: shadow tag is a highly uncompetitive strategy that takes a fundamental aspect of pokemon out of a player's hands in switching. get backer perfectly executed the strategy on a team built to abuse it, turning a first turn play by cbb into a 6-0 gothitelle sweep. as this battle can attest one turn can truly make or break a battle.
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UltiMario vs Doppelsoldner, OST XI quarterfinals, recreated bracket, game 3, ORAS OU
blunder's live commentary

g3 left everyone in awe and it broke several records regarding the smogtours server like most people ever on the server and most messages written in a certain short amount of time. As far as I can tell about 450 messages were written (spammed) in about 3 minutes.

Sending in Metagross in turn 24 to try and bluff the bp was a play that a good player would make but ultimario was real enough to see through this. Scarflatios would've been able to live 1 ice shard but couldn't have switched out as rocks would finish it off then. So doppel tried bluffing the bp to make sure ulti wouldn't ice shard the latios because if it was scarf he probably wouldnt have gone meta, then he reveals scarf as he was dracoing the weavile. Ulti was probably still safe in his mind as only a crit -2 draco could knock out torn after a chomp sack because noone ran ice beam but IT WAS IBEAM OML i cant even this game is what kept me attached to smogon, blunder was genuinely scared to face him in semis cbb was mindblown as was everyone else by this clean performance and the smogtours spectator goons had the day of their life.
honestly just read the paste its hilarious if any of the current smogtours chat rules had been enforced back then half of all smogtours wouldve been muted with at least 50 ending up getting a tourban or infraction LOL
If this game doesn't get featured I dont know what else will this is what the peak of smogon looks like

[19:25] +pork chop man: YESUYRHYSDFOIGH
[19:25] +BLUNDERR: dasdo
[19:25] +Crestfall: LMFAO
[19:25] +metagame secrets: BOP
[19:25] +Lavos Spawn: OH
[19:25] +fleggumfl: gf;gk;fmg;
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So let's run this down nice and quick. Out of 49 turns in a LC match me and my opponent managed to accumulate:
- 7 paralyses (4 from my poor Pancham)
- 3 hypnosis misses (2 of them back-to-back)
- 3 flinches
- 2 misses

Main Highlights:
- Turns 6-7 and turns 10-11: Pancham gets paralyzed 4/6 turns >:(
- Turns 13-14: Gastly misses hypnosis x2
- Turn 20: Pumpkaboo misses a fire blast to take ferroseed down. Gets paralyzed and almost costs me the whole game
- Turn 24: *starts running out of options and offers a draw, gets rejected :(*
- Turn 43: Gastly misses hypnosis again, failing to stop my Curselax's wrath.
- Turn 49: Wins via crappy RNG
ORAS OU Global Championship
Savouras Vs Mirbro
Turns 1 2 3 4 5 7 9 10 11 12 13 14 16
Turn 1 Double into Charizard as midground on his Skarmory or Quagsire so he wouldnt drop his eviolite
Turn 2 revealing charizard X going for Flare Blitz on his expected scout for Charizard's Y Solarbeam
Turn 3 Double into Volcarona on his expected Quagsire/Slowbro so he would keep his chansey
Turn 4 Switch into Bisharp on his expected Blissey or Chansey scouting for Giga Drain
Turn 5 Pursuit on his switch to weaken his Volcarona checks
Turn 7 Double into Excadrill on his expected Chansey/bliss which allows me to get up rocks
Turn 9 Double into Specs Keldeo which worked if he stayed with his Blissey or switched into Skarmory to get rid of hazards
Turn 10 Switch into Charizard which worked great for all his possible switches, hits Amoonguss which is his most obvious play, hits Skarmory if he stayed in to defog ignoring that i was specs or switching into bliss on the water move
Turn 11 Switch again into Volcarona on his expected Quagsire/Slowbro or if he stayed with Amoonguss to Spore predicting my switch, the Volcarona is Lum Berry and can hit it back with Fireblast
Turn 12 Switch into Bisharp on his expected Blissey attempting to weaken it which is the only check he has left for my Volcarona after rocks
Turn 13 Swords Dance which allows me to kill in one hit his Skarmory at 88% health and rocks damage
Turn 14 Pursuit Spam to make sure his volcarona check is low on health
Turn 16 Charizard in which wouldnt allow his chansey to heal then double into Volcarona on his Quagsire/Slowbro knowing that he wants to keep his Chansey as his only chance against Volcarona

Team Greece smogon.png


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Why I use the nickname Luckyboy: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7doublesoususpecttest-711308988

Turns 13, 15-17; all muddy water misses

I and Yuichii (under the nickname Acstor) both know each other from the Smogon VGC server and both were laddering to vote on snorlax for DOU (I got requirements forgot to post them), basically I play pretty eh and end up in a bad situation near the end of the game with my scarf Victini 1v1ing a Tapu Fini and by a sheer miracle their Fini manages to miss an inordinate amount of muddy waters causing my Victini to somehow ko it with choice locked v-create.

There are bits of conversation scattered around the times of the misses, especially at the end
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Some of my all time favorite games since I started watching high level tournaments (around the start of 2014). I'm probably forgetting some, but these stand out the most. In chronological order for a nice timeline.

Leftiez vs Bloo - Semifinals of Smogon Tour 17 Game 3 (mid 2014) | https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-ou-12000

My favorite game of all time. Mostly looking at the opening and the final turns. Leftiez makes some very good early game turns with Diggersby to claw himself back from a terrible Charizard matchup, but at the end of the game it comes down to Tyranitar dodging Focus Blast, which it does. Bloo then makes four pitch perfect double switches into Latios to bring it to a double down. It says the game is a tie, but Leftiez won due to Iron Barbs killing first.

panamaxis vs Philip7086 - Quarterfinals of World Cup 2015 (mid 2015) | https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen4ou-75400

Very high stakes as it was 5-4 West at the time. Turn 24 stands out to me as the play of the game, where Roost is extremely free, but Philip keeps the momentum by U-turning and keeping Zapdos low. BKC reflects more on this in his narration on YouTube.

McMeghan vs Tesung - Finals of Smogon Tour 20 (late 2015) | https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen5ou-108756

teal6 already commented on this in a post above.

ABR vs GeeMick - Game 3 in the Tie-break for 4th place of SPL7 (early 2016) | https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-ou-139608

Winner takes his team to the playoffs. Quite a long game, coming down to the very last turn. Feels like a stalemate, but both players are slowly making progress. No particular turns come to mind, just a very solid performance overall by both players.

Golden Sun vs Ojama - Finals of SPL7 (early 2016) | https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen3ou-145900

Another down to the wire game, where both players felt ahead at several points in the game. Some neat turns here include Golden Sun preventing Zapdos from healing with the surprise Taunt Gengar (turn 49), with the aggressive Tyranitar switch instead of the passive Blissey switch (turn 57), Blissey catching Metagross with Counter (turn 60), Ojama's hard Salamence read (turn 78), and Golden Sun's very subtle, but potentially game winning Earthquake play (turn 84). An unfortunate ending, but what can you do.

Ciele vs cosine180 - Finals of Smogon Tour 21 Game 3 (mid 2016) | https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen5ou-168835

A near turn-by-turn perfect game by Ciele, trading Tyranitar to keep rocks up, limiting Volcarona and Gyarados severely, while also being aggressive and never giving either free turns to set up.

BKC vs SoulWind - Finals of SPL9 (early 2018) | https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/smogtours-gen5ou-363566

After a terrible start, BKC pulls off an amazing comeback through the combination of accurate reads, a clutch Keldeo set and some luck. Great example of playing to your outs, even if they involve lucking your opponent.

Definitely know of some other good games, but these ones I caught live so they're more special to me. Earthworm vs Isa for 2015 World Cup would be here if it wasn't a PO replay.
1. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7bssfactory-616695246
2. Turns 1-4 (the whole game lol)
3. I landed consecutive one-hit KO moves (Sheer Cold)
4. It would be nice if the chat is included, my friend was pretty salty after the game lol.

This is just a short replay of a fun game I had with my friend over a year ago. I think the replay fits well on the kind of games you're looking for, so I dug it up. It's really short and funny although no skill was used. If you happen to choose this replay I thought of naming it "This is how you say "Hello" in Alola", but feel free to name it however you want to. I'll look up more replays, I should have plenty of funny ones. Thanks!
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