OKgamers anniversary tournament

in early February OKgamers has a tournament of various games in Tulsa, OK that has become a pretty large tournament. Typically it includes games like street fighter, MVC, blaz blue, king of fighters, Halo, call of duty, mortal kombat, soul caliber, Starcraft, and other games. If I can get at least 10 people signed up to play Pokemon as well I can get that added to the roster of games and eligible for prizes. I know many vgc players play other games too so this could be a good opportunity to win multiple prizes. Just let me know if youd be I retested in playing! I'll post more specifics about the tournament as they come

P.S- as VGC is the only pokemon company supported metagame, it will end up being current VGC rules for that time period
Oh and also smash bros will always be there, sometimes they like to have melle tourneis too, and there should be league of legends if we can get hardware figured out

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