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Is tornadus-T being looked into along with stuff like Zamazenta-H and literally every broken mega terrorizing natdex UU right now?
At the moment due to policies made for lower tiers, pmuch everything will go untouched this month.

That's not to say we aren't planning anything tho, once shifts roll around the bans are most likely gonna start taking in place as most of these pokemon could very well just move up to OU properly (or maybe OU bans them first :chi-yu: :zamazenta:)


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What are the top 5 (top 10 if you can think of them) mons that should be banned. Im just into early viability rankings
UU started a few days ago but from my experience Rain, Volcarona, and both Charizards are clearly way to much for the tier.

We also have some previous UUBL Pokemon that will probably continue to be busted this gen e.g Mega Gyarados and Mega Sableye.

Kartana, Kyurem and Lele are also quite problematic imo but are off radar right now since Zamazenta, Rain and Chi-Yu are literally everywhere.

a quick list for me would be:
1- :zamazenta:
2- :damp rock:
3- :chi yu:
4- :volcarona:
5: :charizard: :charizardite x: :charizardite y:
Im quite confused about this to, we have literally only like 20-25 less mons than OU.

Leading into another question, will there be an Ru, we have so many excellent moms rotting away in that tier :(
I might be a bit late, but RU is already a thing and has been a thing since Jan.

As of February, the tier saw huge rises and there are a few RUBL pokemon already.

Why Natdex UU ladder is so few player? top 500 is still at 1200s elo, I think this is very fun meta.
Responding to both buayagator and bosscampers. Nat Dex UU ladder gets very few players period since not too many people pay attention to Nat Dex tiers in general, outside of the recently cancelled AG, OU and the recent Ubers. A lot of the players at the top use alts to test teams (including myself) and a large chunk of the playerbase struggles to get past the 1300s. Whatever perception National Dex has amongst players of other tiers as a "mickey mouse" tier is much worse for Nat Dex UU with all the stuff running around.

I think interest is definitely growing though since I know more casual players IRL who have started playing the tier. Something we definitely have to wait and see for the future.
Which is better for sash lead between mold breaker excadrill or iron threads?
It depends on what your team needs. Excadrill's Mold Breaker allows it to safely get hazards vs Stall (as they almost always carry M-Sableye) and higher Attack, Iron Treads on the other hand, has a Higher Speed which notably outruns Mew, allowing it to setup rocks and avoiding Taunt.

They both have slight differences and it's basically whether you wanna have a better Stall MU (Excadrill) or not (Iron Treads)
It depends on what your team needs. Excadrill's Mold Breaker allows it to safely get hazards vs Stall (as they almost always carry M-Sableye) and higher Attack, Iron Treads on the other hand, has a Higher Speed which notably outruns Mew, allowing it to setup rocks and avoiding Taunt.

They both have slight differences and it's basically whether you wanna have a better Stall MU (Excadrill) or not (Iron Treads)
Thank you, I think I will choose excadrill since mold breaker is much more usable than quark drive, expecially is there are many stall running around getting reqs for Victiny suspect test
there are no viability rankings yet, the metagame is still stabilizing so they won't release a VR until then. There's no set date really, just be on the lookout.
I still think we're at a point where we can do viability lists but whatever's cool with the community.
Noticed from two users that Greninja is legal on the ladder. I did a little sleuthing and found this:


I don't think I need replays of this in action since the evidence is incontrovertible but I have a replay of the following game:

(I also have a replay captured by an individual with the username Nothinggg. If anyone can contact them to let them know that I have post this and that I want their replay, I'd appreciate it).

Credit to Nothinggg and SomeoneNotReal for pointing this out
What are the most important reasons why mega Sableye outclasses Dusclops?
Dusclops isn't a good Pokemon in National Dex atm and is unviable even in the lowest unofficial tier, whilst Mega Sableye was once considered banworthy in here. That pretty much summarises the gap between the two, but I'll go into more detail.

Non-reliance on eviolite

Dusclops has better bulk than Mega Sableye, on the condition that it keeps its eviolite. However, that's a pretty tall order given the laundry list of knock-off users in UU rn. I would also like to mention that the teams you see Mega Sableye on (or teams that you would use dusclops on) are generally stall teams. In this current gen, a lot of Stall Pokemon run boots because hazard control ain't easy to come by now that Gliscor is gone. Some, like Skarmory, want to run Rocky Helmet. Generally speaking, you do not want any of these mons to lose their items: if you lack boots, rocks and spikes slowly whittles down your walls; if you lack helmet, you can't punish physical attackers. Mega Sableye offers a safety net for these teams thanks to Mega Stones being unable to be knocked off and the reduced damage it received from Knock off.

This goes double for teams with Chansey (one of two viable Eviolite users in UU atm, the other being Bisharp).

Reliable recovery

The best recovery options that Dusclops has are Pain Spit and Rest which offer a lot more situational recovery. You can definitely gain HP by using pain split on something like Slowking Galar, and 32 PP is an advantage. However, that comes with the downside of having a less consistent means of recovery that only works if both you and the opponent have the right HP - which sucks considering Dusclops already hates passive damage being forced into Eviolite. Mega Sabeleye on the other hand has Recover which heals 50% all in one go. It has less PP, sure, but the consistency provides a measurable advantage in the long run.

Magic Bounce
Magic bounce offers numerous advantages over Dusclop's Pressure. I'll list them as follows:
- Magic Bounce ignores taunt which shuts down 90% of Dusclop sets
- Magic Bounce ignores status which screws Pain Split Dusclops and forces Rest Dusclops to take a nap
- Mega Sableye can now act as a hazard control. Normally it isn't the sole hazard control on a team but having that backup helps goes the distance vs something like Ting-Lu
- Mega Sableye can act as a pseudo-status absorber for stall teams if HP on Blissey or Chansey needs to be preserved
- Niche scenario, but Magic Bounce also helps against Mega Venu and Seperior Leech Seeds.

All these advantages add layers to how you can play Mega Sableye that make it more than just a passive blob like Dusclops. Pressure is definitely an interesting ability but I feel it would be better on Dusclops if it had recover or better attacking stats.

Greater versatility
Dusclops is pretty much doing the same thing regardless of how it uses its move slots. The main difference would be Pain Split v RestTalk. Mega Sableye also typically runs 1 set but people have had success with stuff like Calm Mind. Calm Mind isn't the most orthodox set, but I know quite a few people got reqs with that while using Runo's stall team during the Victini suspect.


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Mega Latios is decent but its more seen as an extension of base Latios as opposed to being a completely separate mon, which is why the Mega stone is just slotted as a tertiary option rather than being a standalone set as seen below.
Latios @ Choice Specs / Life Orb / Latiosite
Ability: Levitate
Tera Type: Dragon / Fairy / Electric
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Psyshock / Psychic
- Mystical Fire / Thunderbolt
- Draco Meteor
- Trick / Roost / Mystical Fire
Unlike Latias, where the Mega and Base form have a lot more varied roles to make them stand out, Latios is going to be a wallbreaker regardless of if it's a Mega or not.

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