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National Dex UU Role Compendium

Welcome to the National Dex UU Role Compendium. This thread aims to cover the various selection of Pokémon that are considered to be viable in the metagame as per the given role they fill, which will be labeled in the given sections below if they fill that role well. Said Pokémon are placed in order of viability just simply off the role they are being used for.

Feel free to discuss if a Pokémon needs to be removed from a section or if one needs to be added. The Pokémon are currently categorized as such:

Section 1: Utility
Section 2: Offensive Roles
Section 3: Defensive Roles
Section 4: Other Playstyles

Note: Pokemon after a sign that looks like this "|" are considered to be more niche than the Pokémon on the left side of the bracket.


Entry Hazards:
Stealth Rock - :tyranitar-mega: :ting-lu: :tyranitar: :clefable: :iron treads: :gastrodon: :blissey: :chansey: :excadrill: :jirachi: :hippowdon: :aggron-mega: :mew: | :hydreigon: :sandy shocks: :nidoking: :rhyperior:
Spikes - :ting-lu: :gastrodon: :mew: :skarmory: :meowscarada: | :roserade: :sandy shocks: :diggersby:
Toxic Spikes - :iron moth: :nihilego: :meowscarada: :mew:
Sticky Web - :ribombee: | :shuckle: :slurpuff:

Hazard Control:
Rapid Spin - :iron treads: :excadrill: :torkoal:
Defog - :tapu fini: :latias: :latios: :moltres: | :altaria-mega: :salamence: :mandibuzz: :volcanion: :hydreigon: :serperior: :rotom-heat: :weezing-galar:
Magic Bounce - :sableye-mega:
Court Change - :cinderace:

Pursuit - :tyranitar-mega: :tyranitar: :scizor: :aegislash: | :bisharp:
Magnet Pull - :magnezone:
Moves - :tapu fini:(whirlpool) | :altaria-mega: :hydreigon: :volcanion:(fire spin)

Offensive Roles

Physical - :weavile: :victini: :tyranitar: :tyranitar-mega: :aegislash: :cinderace: :excadrill: :blaziken: :buzzwole: :iron hands: :gyarados: :gyarados-mega: :scizor: :gallade-mega: :heracross-mega: :zeraora: :meowscarada: :zapdos-galar: | :tapu bulu: :terrakion: :bisharp: :zygarde-10%: :rhyperior: :diggersby: :quaquaval:
Special - :aegislash: :latios: :latios-mega:(latios) :kyurem: :victini: :iron moth: :blacephalon: :gardevoir-mega: :moltres: :moltres-galar: :magnezone: :thundurus: :thundurus-therian: :mew: :alakazam: :keldeo: | :gengar: :iron jugulis: :nihilego: :hydreigon: :nidoking: :volcanion: :sandy shocks: :toxtricity: :rotom-heat:
Mixed - :aegislash: :victini: | :zeraora:

Taunt - :tapu fini: :moltres-galar::mew:
Setup - :kyurem: :gyarados-mega: :heracross-mega: :serperior: :mew: :jirachi: | :suicune: :zarude:
Trick - :blacephalon: :tapu fini: :latios: :latias::clefable: | :gengar: :slowking-galar:

Choice Users:
Choice Band - :victini: :tyranitar: :floatzel: :barraskewda: :aegislash: :cinderace: :iron hands: :meowscarada: :scizor: :zapdos-galar: | :bisharp: :tapu bulu: :terrakion: :slither wing: :zygarde-10%:
Choice Specs - :latios: :kyurem: :aegislash: :blacephalon: :magnezone: :kingdra: :keldeo: | :hydreigon: :iron jugulis: :sandy shocks: :volcanion:
Choice Scarf - :latias: :jirachi: :tapu fini: :victini: :meowscarada: :zapdos-galar: | :serperior: :keldeo: :gengar: :hydreigon: :iron jugulis: :ditto:

Setup Sweepers:
Agility - :Iron Moth: :thundurus: :thundurus-therian: :moltres-galar:
Belly Drum - :azumarill:
Bulk Up - :cinderace: :buzzwole: :zapdos-galar: | :quaquaval:
Beast Boost - :celesteela: :nihilego: :buzzwole:
Calm Mind - :latias-mega:(Latias) :tapu fini: :latios: :latias: :clefable: :blacephalon: :reuniclus: :slowking-galar: | :keldeo: :suicune:
Contrary - :serperior:
Dragon Dance - :tyranitar-mega: :tyranitar: :gyarados-mega: :gyarados: :mew: :aerodactyl-mega: :salamence: | :altaria-mega: :kyurem: :iron thorns:
Iron Defense + Body Press - :skarmory: :aggron-mega:
Meteor Beam - :celesteela: :nihilego:
Nasty Plot - :thundurus: :thundurus-therian: :moltres-galar: :alakazam: | :hydreigon: :rotom-heat:
Shell Smash - :polteageist: | :cloyster:
Swords Dance - :excadrill: :aegislash: :cinderace: :blaziken: :iron hands: :hawlucha: :gallade-mega: :scizor: :heracross-mega: | :terrakion: :bisharp: :diggersby: :ceruledge: :tapu bulu: :zarude: :rhyperior: :quaquaval:
Z-Moves - :victini: :mew: :jirachi:(Z-Celebrate) | :porygon-z:(Z-Conversion)

Priority Users:
Aqua Jet - :floatzel: :barraskewda: | :azumarill:
Bullet Punch - :scizor:
Extreme Speed - :zygarde-10%:
First Impression - :slither wing:
Quick Attack - :scizor: | :diggersby:
Shadow Sneak - :aegislash:| :ceruledge:
Sucker Punch - :cinderace: :meowscarada: | :bisharp:

Chilly Reception - :slowking-galar: :slowking:
Flip Turn - :barraskewda: :keldeo: :swampert:
Teleport - :slowbro: :blissey: :chansey: :slowking:
U-turn - :cinderace: :victini: :iron moth: :jirachi: :scizor: :moltres: :meowscarada: | :hydreigon: :iron jugulis: :mandibuzz:
Volt Switch - :iron treads: :iron hands: :magnezone: :zeraora: | :rotom-heat:

Defensive Roles

Physical Walls - :slowbro: :clefable: :hippowdon: :slowking-galar: :buzzwole: :dondozo: :moltres: :skarmory: :iron hands: :sableye-mega: :amoonguss: :venusaur-mega: :tangrowth::skeledirge: | :reuniclus::hippowdon: :altaria-mega: :salamence: :alomomola: :suicune: :mandibuzz: :swampert: :weezing-galar:
Special Walls - :blissey: :chansey: :ting-lu: :tyranitar: :aegislash: :slowking-galar: :celesteela: :jirachi: :gastrodon: :slowking: | :scizor: :mandibuzz:
Mixed Walls - :latias-mega:(Latias) :aegislash: :ting-lu: :tapu fini: :iron treads: :celesteela: :aggron-mega: :tangrowth::sableye-mega: :altaria-mega: :mew::hippowdon: :dondozo::skeledirge: | :scizor: :mandibuzz: :rhyperior:

Heal Bell/Aromatherapy - :blissey: :chansey: :clefable:
Healing Wish - :latias: :jirachi: :clefable:
Lunar Dance - | :cresselia:
Revival Blessing - | :pawmot: :rabsca:
Wish - :blissey: :chansey: :clefable: :jirachi: | :alomomola: :salamence:

Other Playstyles

Drizzle - :politoed:
Swift Swim - :floatzel: :barraskewda::seismitoad: :kingdra:
Other Abusers - :iron treads: :kyurem: :aggron-mega: | :iron jugulis:

Drought - :ninetales:
Chlorophyll - :venusaur: | :scovillain:
Other Abusers - :victini: :cinderace: | :slither wing: :sandy shocks:

Sand Stream - :tyranitar-mega: :tyranitar: :hippowdon:
Sand Rush - :excadrill: | :dracozolt:

Snow Warning - :ninetales-alola:
Slush Rush - :arctozolt: | :arctovish: :cetitan:
Other Abusers - :kyurem: | :volcanion:

Reflect/Light Screen - :grimmsnarl: :ninetales-alola:

Trick Room:
Trick Room - :cresselia: :porygon2: :slowbro: :stakataka:
Abusers - :marowak-alola: :iron hands: :camerupt-mega: :stakataka:
Note - Trick Room is generally considered to be a niche playstyle, as such, all of the Pokemon listed here are niche in their given roles by default.
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