Tournament National Dex Trio Tour 3 - Won by MEMPHGANISTAN TROOPERS

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Since the deadline already passed, I will claim act. But if we get an extension to play, then I am okay with doing that.
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Act win for games which mattered:
R1C3M4N vs hsk555
pannu vs swag god
WiseGuy vs AtraX Madara

Re: Xavgb (12-1 in cap snake and pl) — 09/16/2022 3:43 PM Going to blow up the McDonald’s vs Flaming Charizard
Jho and Farce Of The Death explicitely scheduled in gmt+0, but the latter showed up one hour earlier and then called act, before telling their mate they won and therefore don't need to play the last game of the serie. Since there isn't any track of reschedule nor any reason to give the act, it was decided to flip the two remaining pairings.

Jho vs Farce Of The Death
spoo vs SpaceSpeakers
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Which now leads to round 3:
TBD2 vs To be decided
brokenmotor vs Insou
WiseGuy vs R1C3M4N
blergsid vs thajester

Guardians of Croquetas vs PPO MMO
CharlyHunter98 vs megasalappo
Docutel vs KSB322
adricraxk vs Cluelessmagnet

sealoo vs Miyoko
gamer but swag vs Sanjay das
Turban by Yeat vs TheBrightRising

Team China vs Slither Wing Sisters
AL vs ChrisPBacon
hi.naming is hard vs pannu
Unowndragon vs Togkey

Xavgb (12-1 in cap snake and pl) — 09/16/2022 3:43 PM Going to blow up the McDonald’s vs Shuber Sauce Special
Jho vs hidin
SHSP vs Sulo
vs 2020 idm boomer

We Are Sexy And We Know It vs BCH
Alpha1013 vs thebestever543
Sputnik vs JKallStar
rafoudesbois vs Parmesan Cheese

Appologies for the round coming so late, deadline is February 16th at 11:59 PM-4​
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