Moltres Vote


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This thread is moderated, so you won't be able to see your post after you post it. This is for integrity purposes in case the vote is very close. The proper format for voting is

Moltres is UU


Moltres is BL

The voters eligible to vote for Moltres are:

Flashstorm1 (BL)
Synre (UU)
Heysup (UU)
capefeather (UU)
Narulyg (UU)
Scofield (BL)
Itsuki (BL)
HR. (BL)

Edit: in the interest of time to give people time to prepare for the UU Tour, the decision has been made to simply reveal the intended vote of each voter and announce the results. Consequently, Moltres has been voted UU by the vote of 5-4. Moltres will continue to be allowed in UU play.

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