Mix and Mega Analysis Megathread


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Mix and Mega Analysis Megathread
approved by The Immortal

This is a part of the semi-official analysis project. This megathread is for Mix and Mega analyses specifically. Follow the main thread's rules, which are reiterated below, for reserving analyses, Quality Control, Copyediting, and uploading.

Working on the Analyses

  • There will be megathreads for each metagame. You reserve analyses for each respective metagame in said thread. When you reserve an analysis, you have three days (72 hours specifically) to get it out of WIP, or it will be reassigned. If there are IRL issues that are affecting your ability to finish an analysis within the time limit, tell either me or the QC leader of the respective metagame, and we will give you an extension. For example, if I want to reserve Tapu Fini's analysis in AAA, I would post in the AAA megathread with a post saying "reserving Tapu Fini".
  • Wait for a member of the respective QC team of the metagame that you're writing an analysis for to approve your reservation. There are different levels of importance for each Pokemon, so the QC members might want to make sure that a person they trust is getting a certain analysis to ensure the quality-level wanted.
  • When you reserve an analysis, please put "WIP" at the top of the same post to let everybody know that you're still working on the analysis. Try to finish your analysis as soon as possible to allow for more input.
    • Note to QC checkers and am-QC checkers: DO NOT give feedback on an analysis until it's officially marked as "Quality Control". Yes, an analysis might look bland while it's in WIP, but there's a reason why it is in its WIP stage still.
Quality Control
  • Once you feel like your analysis is ready to be checked, edit the "WIP" at the top of your post with "Quality Control". After doing this, make a new post in the respective megathread with a link to the post that your analysis is in (with a message saying "ready for QC" or something) so the QC teams can QC check it. Every analysis requires three QC checks. Write your analysis in bullet points, and after you get the first two QC checks, write it into paragraphs.
  • Even if you're not on the QC team, if you feel like you can contribute useful information to analyses that are missing it, feel free to speak up. If the QC team notices that your work is good and consistent, there's a good chance you'll be added to the QC team of that respective metagame.
  • The QC team is allowed to reject your analysis if they deem it too low of a standard to be fixed with three QC checks, or if it shows obvious lack of knowledge for a metagame. They may also reassign it if they feel that the Pokemon is not ultimately viable in the current metagame or is going to become unviable in the near future.
  • After you get two QC checks, edit the "Quality Control" at the top of your post with "Grammar Ready" and post HERE with a link to the post that has your analysis in it. This tells the GP team that your post is ready to be edited to have the grammar / prose appropriated. Every analysis requires one GP check unless the GP checker deems it necessary of another one.
  • Once the analysis has been looked over by a GP member and you've implemented any changes they've made, change the "Grammar Ready" to "Done" and again, make a new post linking your post. This time, however, tag Kris to upload your analysis.
QC Team
nv (leader)
Quantum Tesseract

NOTE: Do NOT take a high priority analysis if you are not familiar enough with the metagame or Pokemon itself.
Arceus-Ghost | Quantum Tesseract
Zapdos | nv
Mimikyu | OM room
Pheromosa | Quantum Tesseract
Tapu Bulu
Tapu Koko | VoltDarkrai
Tapu Lele | wishes
Togekiss | Zephyr Dragon Lord
Weavile | OM room
Xerneas | DurzaOffTopic
Zygarde 50% / Complete | Funbot28
NOTE: Do NOT take a low priority analysis unless you know their niche and how to write about it in an unbiased light.
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I think this might be enough, but I'd like to see what this looks like after it's implemented before stamping.

Overall, what's here is mostly good, but you're missing a lot of important info and have the formatting all wrong. Let me know when you've implemented this so I can go back over this and stamp it. Also, in the future make a new post when an analysis of yours ready for QC.
EDIT: Implemented. Tell me if the edits I made are satisfactory.
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Could I take Primal Groudon?
Unfortunately, I'm going to have to deny this one. Primal Groudon is an S-Ranked Pokemon, perhaps the best one in the metagame, and has a great many sets. Getting this analysis done properly is extremely important, so I'd like to reserve this for QC or at least a very experienced member. If you would like to do this please prove yourself with another analysis, and if it's still open by the time you finish we can discuss this then.


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Alolomola @ Slowbronite
Ability: Regenerator
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpD / 252 HP
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Refresh
- Calm Mind
- Scald
- Wish
The defenses on this thing are amazing. 160/80/45 before mega and 160/150/45 after, so i have calm mind for boosting his terrible SpD, Refresh throws off status, scald is STAB and can burn and wish is my obvious (if somewhat terrible) recovery option. wish does, however, do well for it can almost completely heal a very hurt mon that is needed. The 30 SpA boost doesn't hurt, either, just making this thing insanely hard to kill after a few calm minds both defensively and Specially defensively. you can also opt for a modest nature for more power or calm for more special defense.
Team options: a special tank like assault vest goodra would do very well at covering its frail SpD if there is no safe switch.taunt users help protect it from other setup sweepers
Checks and counters: special attackers can easily end this thing without any calm minds, other setup sweepers can take advantage of it and taunt users can pretty much stop it from healing.
STOP. You're not helping. This isn't a good set nor is it a good Pokemon. You're blacklisted from this project until further notice and are ICBB already. I'd suggest stopping. Seriously. Stop posting in here.


Banned deucer.
Quantum Tesseract implement these things and then GP 1/1

Arceus-Ghost's great defensive typing lets it check top metagame picks such as Pheromosa and leaves it with few exploitable weaknesses; its high defensive stats give it many chances to set up or recover health. Arceus-Ghost's great movepool lets it run multiple sets effectively, which means that it partners well with other physical sweepers thanks to its ability to destroy walls with the powerful Neverending Nightmare. Arceus-Ghost also has a decent Speed tier that lets it outspeed many unboosted threats. However, a reliance on multi-turn and single-use moves leaves the offensive set extremely vulnerable to skilled predictions, and its lack of multiple solid resistances prevents it from having any truly great matchups.

Swords Dance
Arceus-Ghost @ Ghostium Z
Ability: Multitype
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 Def / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Shadow Force
- Swords Dance
- Extreme Speed
- Earthquake

Set Comments


Shadow Force is Arceus-Ghost's most powerful STAB move, hitting anything that doesn't resist for solid damage on the second turn and boosting Neverending Nightmare to an amazing 190 Base Power. Neverending Nightmare is Arceus-Ghost's most powerful attack, allowing it to KO bulky Pokemon such as Zapdos and Ghost-resistant Pokemon such as offensive Yveltal at +2. Swords Dance boosts Arceus-Ghost's Attack, allowing it to deal heavy damage to the entire metagame, and Extreme Speed picks off weakened or frail threats such as Pheromosa while letting Arceus-Ghost chip Pokemon such as Genesect and Dragonite. Earthquake hits Primal Groudon and deals decent damage to most Normal-type Pokemon. Brick Break is an alternate option to hit Pokemon such as Blissey harder but has less overall use.

Set Details

252 Speed EVs and a Jolly nature allow Arceus-Ghost to Speed tie with other Arceus formes as well as outpace many slower threats such as Hoopa-U, Lucarionite Tapu Lele, and Pinsirite Genesect. 252 Attack EVs maximize Arceus-Ghost's damage output and ensure it hits as hard as possible. 4 Defense EVs ensure that Genesect's Download boosts its Special Attack, decreasing the damage dealt by its Extreme Speed, and Ghostium Z allows Arceus-Ghost to turn Shadow Force into a powerful Neverending Nightmare with which it can wallbreak.

Usage Tips

Be careful when using Neverending Nightmare, as it has only 1 PP and is required for Arceus-Ghost to take on walls such as Zapdos. While Arceus-Ghost is an excellent Pheromosa check, be cautious switching it in, as it can be easily worn down by U-turn and entry hazards. Keep Arceus-Ghost from taking chip damage wherever possible, as while it is bulky, it needs all the setup opportunities it can get. It is generally efficacious to save Arceus-Ghost for the late-game so it can pull a clean sweep, but if you have other sweepers available, do not hesitate to use Arceus-Ghost to break holes in the opponent's team. When feasible, remove Normal-type Pokemon before attempting to sweep, as they can block Neverending Nightmare and take advantage of Shadow Force's charge turn to cripple Arceus-Ghost.

Team Options

Mega Gengar is a great teammate for Arceus-Ghost, as it can trap and KO annoying Normal-type Pokemon such as Blissey. Attackers that appreciate Arceus-Ghost checking Pheromosa, such as Kartana and Manaphy, also enjoy having it as a partner; in return, they can wear down bulky walls. Fairy-type Pokemon like Xerneas and Tapu Lele are handy to take on bulky Dark-type Pokemon, especially Yveltal and Mandibuzz, that try to wall Arceus-Ghost. Status clearers and absorbers, such as Blissey and Manaphy, pair well with Arceus-Ghost to discourage and cure burns. Other physical attackers such as Dragonite are helpful to wear down shared checks and counters such as Mandibuzz.

Support Arceus
Arceus-Ghost @ Spooky Plate
Ability: Multitype
EVs: 248 HP / 244 Def / 16 Spe
Bold Nature
- Judgment
- Recover
- Will-O-Wisp / Toxic
- Defog / Focus Blast

Set Comments


Judgment is Arceus-Ghost's most powerful special STAB move, dealing decent damage to most of the metagame. Recover restores Arceus-Ghost's HP, keeping it healthy throughout the match to check Pokemon such as Dragonite and Extreme Killer Arceus. Will-O-Wisp allows Arceus-Ghost to cripple physical attackers such as Garchomp and Lucario, preventing them from taking out Arceus-Ghost with their powerful attacks. Toxic, meanwhile, puts foes on a timer and allows Arceus-Ghost to take on other support Arceus forms. Defog removes entry hazards from the field, allowing Arceus-Ghost's teammates to freely pivot and preserving Multiscale on Dragonite or Lugia, while Focus Blast allows Arceus-Ghost to hit the Normal-type Pokemon such as Extreme Killer Arceus that are immune to Judgment as well dealing more damage to Steel- and Rock-type Pokemon.

Set Details

248 HP EVs alongside 244 Defense EVs and a Bold nature improve Arceus-Ghost's defensive prowess, allowing it to wall most physical attackers; the HP investment also provides a status and entry hazards number. Defense investment is used over Special Defense to better let Arceus-Ghost check common attackers such as Dragonite. 16 Speed EVs allow Arceus-Ghost to outspeed fully invested neutral-natured base 90 Speed Pokemon, particularly Primal Groudon.

Usage Tips

In the early-game, Arceus-Ghost should attempt to spread status as much as possible to wear down the opposing teams and hopefully cripple switch-ins before they Mega Evolve with Sablenite and obtain Magic Bounce. Use this Pokemon to aggressively switch and remove entry hazards, as it beats most setters and has difficulty switching in on the Pokemon it wants to check with them up. Once Arceus-Ghost's type is revealed, it acts as a deterrent for High Jump Kick throughout the game, so it may be advantageous not to bring it in on Pheromosa and thus avoid losing momentum to U-turn. While Arceus-Ghost is weak to Dark-type attacks, access to Will-O-Wisp allows it to cripple most Pursuit trappers such as Alolan Muk, so it doesn't need to greatly fear them coming in. Judgment can OHKO some frail attackers, particularly Kartana and Pheromosa, so don't bother crippling them with Will-O-Wisp.

Team Options

Dark-type switch-ins such as Mandibuzz and Togekiss are handy to prevent them from knocking out Arceus-Ghost; Alolan Muk is particularly useful due to its ability to trap Hoopa-U with Pursuit. Status answers such as Blissey and Togekiss are helpful to increase Arceus-Ghost's longevity and punish Toxic spam. Ghost-type answers such as Alolan Muk and Blissey are handy to take on Pokemon such as Lunala and offensive Arceus-Ghost for this set, as they hit it for massive damage. Fighting-type Pokemon such as Terrakion and Keldeo pair well with Arceus-Ghost, as it struggles greatly with Blissey.

Strategy Comments

Other Options

Stealth Rock may be run over Defog on the support set should entry hazard removal be available elsewhere, but Stealth Rock setters are generally more common than Defoggers. A Calm Mind set with Judgment and Recover can be used as a sweeper thanks to the excellent coverage granted by Ghost- and Fighting-type attacks, but it hits little super effectively. Ice Beam on the support set may be used to better check Dragonite, while Recover may be run on the offensive set to allow for more setup opportunities, but the loss of coverage or priority is a major downside. Spooky Plate on the Swords Dance set allows for another Z-Move on the team, but there are few other viable users and Arceus-Ghost greatly appreciates the extra power. Shadow Claw over Shadow Force is a niche option to prevent the foe from pivoting between immunities, but the loss of power is extremely noticeable in wallbreaking and Neverending Nightmare. Stone Edge is an option on the Swords Dance set to hit Mandibuzz and Yveltal but does not beat either without Stealth Rock or chip damage and is thus suboptimal.

Checks and Counters

Normal-type Pokemon: Normal-type Pokemon such as Arceus are immune to Shadow Force, Judgment, and Neverending Nightmare, restricting Arceus-Ghost to weaker coverage options. In particular, Shadow Force's charge turn allows them to either gain a free turn or switch in without needing prediction.

Dark-type Pokemon: Dark-type Pokemon such as Yveltal and Mandibuzz resist Arceus-Ghost's STAB moves, allowing them to switch in and use their powerful Dark-type STAB moves to KO Arceus-Ghost. Some of them can be taken out by a +2 Neverending Nightmare, however, so they must be careful.

Faster Attackers: Faster Pokemon not vulnerable to Extreme Speed such as Mega Gengar, Tapu Lele, and Kartana can move before weakened Arceus-Ghost and take it out before it can react. While they cannot switch in and chip damage is often required to KO, they cut short Arceus-Ghost's sweep with no counterplay bar switching.

Bulky Walls: Extremely bulky neutral walls such as Skarmory, Zapdos, and Hippowdon can live even +2 attacks and either phaze or status Arceus-Ghost. The defensive set often cannot touch them as well, and the common Sablenite will reflect its status. Should they not carry that or not have Mega Evolved, however, they must beware Toxic or Will-O-Wisp, and some will fall prey to the sheer power of offensive sets.

Status: Status cripples Arceus-Ghost, preventing it from doing its job. A burn on the offensive set prevents it from KOing any answers, while Toxic puts both sets on a timer and damages their effectiveness. Paralysis, meanwhile, ruins the excellent Speed tier Arceus-Ghost possesses and prevents it from reliably recovering off health.

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get on my level
Zygarde is ready for QC checking
I got this yo
I am sick and tired of that post being the last one visible, so... PRIMAL KYOGRE ANALYSIS!!! (I'll work out the formatting as I continue on)


1. Overview
Primal Kyogre has not often got a chance to shine compared to Primal Groudon and even regular Kyogre. However, in a tier filled to the brim with bulky walls, Primal Kyogre finds a solid niche as the strongest Water-type around, even breaking special walls such as Blissey with the right moves.
-With an astounding Base 180 Special Attack backed by Primordial Sea and a way to boost it further, Primal Kyogre leaves few ways that stall teams can remain safe versus it.
-Base 150 Special Defense is crazy, and will survive almost any unboosted special attack directed in its path.
-90 base Defense is rather lacking for all of the physical behemoths running around, leaving it vulnerable to all manner of Earthquakes and Extreme Speeds.

All-out Special Attacker
Kyogre-Primal @ Blue Orb
Ability: Primordial Sea
EVs: 252 HP / 252 SpA / 4 SpD
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Origin Pulse
- Thunder
- Ice Beam
- Water Spout/Calm Mind


Set Details

Usage Tips

Team Options

Other Options
-Earthquake is an option to deal heavy damage to Red Orb users.

Checks and Counters
Don't forget about this bud!
This is ready for QC!
I will also do this soon(tm)


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I'm going to let anyone in this thread who reserved something but hasn't started it re-reserve it in the new thread. Otherwise, the stuff in here that hasn't been started yet is up for grabs.

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