(Minimum $100 Pot, free entry) SANCTIONED Penn State Pokemon VGC Tournament 2/9/2013

East coast players, mark your calendars, because I bring you...

The Penn State Pokemon Tournament
Hosted by the Penn State Pokemon Society
Date: February 9th 2013
Location: Penn State Campus
Room: Boucke Building Room 106: http://www.registrar.psu.edu/rooms/up/BOUCKE/1stfloor/BOUCKE106.html
Prizes: Minimum $100. Probable $150+. Prize structure is currently at 55-35-10-10 for top 4 and up. This may change if the pot grows.
Entry cost: Free
Facebook Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/579734998706692/?ref=2
Play! Pokemon Page: https://www.pokemon.com/us/account/play-pokemon-tournaments/13-02-000336/

  • Rules will be TPCi's VGC 2013 Rules. Please see Pokemon.com for rules. Timer rules will be at judge's discretion due to a lack of an ingame timer.
  • The lovely Nic Freda will be our resident judge. He is quite knowledgeable about the game, as am I. He will make all rulings on disputes.
  • Format will be Swiss with a probable 8 player top cut.
  • Games will be played on Black and White 2. Black and White 1 are permittted but discouraged. In the case of using BW2 exclusive formes, the BW2 is under no obligation to inform the other player if BW1 is in use.
  • Team registration will probably be required. I shall post a team registration form as soon as I receive confirmation from our judge.
  • Even if no one from here was to show up, Penn State's Pokemon Society is likely to supply 30-40 competitors on its own! Come out to one of the first large grassroots tournaments in the United States!
Timing Schedule:
TBD. Ideally I would like to start at 11 am and finish by 7 pm.

We will have at least one streaming set up broadcasting undefeated Swiss players and selected top cut matches. Depending on my involvement as a competitor or TO, I may be providing commentary. I would like to stream matches to Nugget Bridge's Twitch channel. However, I realize that Nugget Bridge is (rightly) protective of what goes on the channel. If that is the case, it shall be streamed to my personal Twitch channel at http://twitch.tv/bearsfan092.

Unfortunately, I imagine unless you have close friends at Penn State, there will be no free housing. However, hotels will be extremely cheap this time of year, so this thread can facilitate groups to rent hotel rooms with.

A lot of this information is to be determined, but this should be enough for those of you that are interested to plan for. Please post if you're interested in coming!
This forum's pretty dead, so I doubt anyone will actually see this. I basically have updated the OP with some prize information, facebook event page, Play! Pokemon event page, and building information.
Would love to attend however because there is no transportation to get me from nyc to there i am forced to sit this one out.....

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