Melbourne International Championships Coverage

While it is incredibly disappointing that there will be no live stream of the event for those playing from home to watch (that's an issue for the community to take up with TPCI), there's a group of us at Pokemon Australia who have committed to making sure there is some kind of coverage for the event. Here is our post announcing the coverage we will be providing.

Basically, we're going to have a page on our site that will be the centralized point of getting information dispersed. Most of that information will be pulled from twitter. The coverage will include results and matchups, but we're also looking to include interviews and photos where we can. There will also be some TCG coverage in there too if you're interested.

Here is the live coverage page for the weekend

Although it can't replace a stream, hopefully we're able to help give the Melbourne International Championships a modicum of the attention and coverage it deserves. If you have any questions, feel free to post in this thread, to contact myself or to contact Pokemon Australia on twitter.
Thank you all for your effort! It's so weird how such a big event such as Internationals can't have a stream but hopefully this can make up for some of the lost coverage :)


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Well done, australians! Its good to see you putting in a lot of effort so the whole world can enjoy the show, quite a way to make Pokemon a global event ;)

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