Local Tournament May host a NW Ohio (Lima) tournament

Figure with the new games coming out people may be excited enough about pokemon to get a decent turnout over the next month. Would post flyers wherever i could, at least on facebook, gamestop if I would be allowed. Host somewhere public that would permit it probably a fast food type place, arbys subway, happy daz, idk still brainstorming on it.

I was hoping that maybe if I advertise the tournamanet as being a Smogon University tournament, using the standard rules here perhaps someone would be willing to donate a handful of RNG shinys maybe with good stats as 'door prizes'

I know that the gamers guild of the OSU branch campus has 20+ people with the games, a few friends as well.

Depending on amount of people who show up... something like a 10$ entry fee

Winner takes most money
second takes some maybe entry fee returned plus 10 or 20?
third recieves their money back

and then maybe do this once or twice again before the games come out maybe offering copys of ORAS as prizes

Never hosted a gaming tournament before so seeking input

and of course proposing using the smogon logo, rules and requesting incentives for participation in the form of shinys

thank you

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