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Magnezone carves out a niche for itself by trapping and eliminating the multitude of Steel- types present in the metagame such as Corviknight, Ferrothorn, Scizor, Melmetal. This enables it to pave the way for strong offensive Pokemon that appreciate such Steel types gone like Tapu Lele, Kartana, Weavile to wallbreak or sweep effortlessly. Other Pokemon like Garchomp, Tornadus-T and Clefable appreciate a free moveslot afforded to them thanks to the guaranteed removal of their Steel- type checks. With access to Body Press and Iron Defense, coupled with good Physical defense, it can trap Ferrothorn, while doubling as a strong physical wall with boosted Body Press. Alternatively, thanks to its stellar Special Attack, it could run a Choice Specs set to become a devastating wallbreaker that can threaten typical Ground- type switch-ins, maintain momentum with Volt Switch, and trap and weaken Steel- types like Scizor. However, Magnezone is often held back by its low speed, weakness to common Ground-, Fire- and Fighting- type attacks, average special bulk, and lack of recovery. Further, it cannot trap all Steel- types with one set - Choice Specs sets could lose to Ferrothorn, while the Body Press set cannot always trap and sufficiently weaken Scizor if it has U-turn. Magnezone also usually fails to trap Heatran, who is one of the most common Steel- types in the metagame, as it can neither take Magma Storm nor Earth Power from it.

name: Body Press + Iron Defense
Magnezone @ Chople Berry
Ability: Magnet Pull
EVs: 116 HP / 252 Def / 140 Spe
Bold Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Iron Defense
- Body Press
- Thunderbolt
- Toxic


Using Iron Defense to boost the power of Body Press, Magnezone can trap and eliminate Steel- types like Ferrothorn, Kartana, non-Earthquake Melmetal. Thunderbolt helps it eliminate Corviknight and Skarmory, while Toxic lets it punish Ground- type switch-ins like Landorus-T and Hippowdon. Outside of trapping the aforementioned Steel- types, this set helps it make quick work of Blissey with boosted Body Press. Further, due to bulk investment and potential Physical Defense boosts, it can also soft-check Physical attackers like Weavile, and can sometimes avoid the OHKO from Ground- types like Landorus-T and Hippowdon, thus badly poisoing them in return with Toxic. Chople Berry enables it to survive Fighting- type attacks from Steel- type attackers like Melmetal and Kartana, thereby trapping and eliminating them. If healthy, Chople Berry can also help in luring and revenge killing Fighting-types like Urshifu-R, Hawlucha at +2, as well as Pokemon with Fighting- type coverage like Zeraora and Rillaboom. Physical Defense is maximized to enable Body Press to hit as hard as possible, while the given speed lets it outspeed Heatran sets that have no speed investment.

Pokemon that appreciate the removal of Corvinknight, Ferrothorn, and Melmetal are the biggest benefactors of this Magnezone set. Such Pokemon include Choiced-locked attackers like Tapu Lele, Zapdos-Galar and Kartana, as their removal eases attack prediction. Setup sweepers like Weavile, Clefable, Tapu Fini appreciate the elimination of Ferrothorn and Melmetal, while Ground- types like Garchomp and Landorus-T appreciate the removal of Corviknight and wearing down of opponent Ground- type checks like Landorus-T with Toxic. Tapu Fini, in particular, appreciates the fact that Magnezone can also beat Blissey and Zeraora with boosted Body Press, while Weavile appreciates Magnezone for attempting to lure and eliminate Urshifu-R using Chople Berry. Both Tapu Fini and Weavile also appreciate Magnezone for pressuring their premier check in Toxapex with Thunderbolt, while they help Magnezone deal with Dragapult, who can easily switch into this Magnezone set and revenge kill it. Rillaboom is another great partner, as it appreciates the removal of Corviknight and Kartana, while in return, it provides Grassy Terrain to provide Magnezone with some passive recovery and this also mitigates its weakness to Ground- type attacks.

name: Choice Specs
Magnezone @ Choice Specs
Ability: Magnet Pull
EVs: 252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Rising Voltage
- Volt Switch
- Flash Cannon
- Toxic

When equipped with a Choice Specs, Magnezone turns into a deadly wallbreaker that can 2HKO most of the metagame, enabling it to trap Steel- types like Corviknight, Scizor, as well as heavily damaging Melmtal and slower variants of Heatran. This is especially true with Electric Terrain support as Rising Voltage reaches 182 BP considering Electric Terrain boost. This helps it break past bulky Special walls like Blissey, Slowking-Galar, and lets it trap Ferrothorn usually. Thunderbolt is an alternative that hits harder outside of Electric Terrain. Volt Switch lets Magnezone switch out and gain momentum while still hitting hard, thus guaranteeing heavy chip on Melmtal and slower variants of Heatran. This is also very useful against Steel- types that it can trap and OHKO with Volt Switch like Corviknight and Skarmory, as being locked into an alternate Electric- type attack could result in it losing momentum versus revenge killers, especially Ground- types. To punish these Ground- types on the switch, Flash Cannon is a strong STAB option, as it can 2HKO Hippowdon, Landorus-T, and Garchomp. It also pressures Fairy- types like Clefable, and can 2HKO Defensive Tyranitar. Finally, Toxic is used to further punish these Ground-types, especially Gastrodon since it walls it otherwise. Modest nature is used to maximize its wall-breaking prowess, since maximizing Speed EVs are enough for it to outspeed trapping targets like Skarmory and defensive Scizor.

Tapu Koko is an exemplary teammate, as Electric Terrain boosts Magnezone's Rising Voltage. This helps them pressure shared checks like Ferrothorn, Slowking-Galar, Blissey. Moreover, Magnezone lures and dents Ground- types with Flash Cannon and Toxic, thus working together again to weaken and eliminate furthermore shared checks. Physical Dragon- type sweepers like Garchomp and Dragonite are stellar partners as well, since Magnezone eliminates checks like Skarmory, guarantees significant damage on other Steel- types such as Scizor and Melmetal, pressures Fairy- types, and weakens Ground- types like Landorus-T on the switch. These enable such Dragon- types to sweep more effortlessly. In return, Garchomp and Dragonite switch into Magnezone revenge killers like Heatran and Volcarona. Garchomp, in particular, does not mind the fact that this Magnezone set cannot reliably trap Ferrothorn, while Dragonite can switch into even more Magnezone revenge killers like Urshifu-R. Similarly, other setup sweepers that appreciate Magnezone for the removal of certain Steel- types and pressure on Fairy- types like Moltres-Galar and Hawlucha are great teammates as well. Grass- type wallbreakers and sweepers like Rillaboom and Kartana appreciate Magnezone eliminating Corviknight and Scizor, while they pressure Ground- types for Magnezone in return. As this Magnezone set consists of a strong Volt Switch, it can form VoltTurn cores with the aforementioned Tapu Koko and Rillaboom, as well as some other Pokemon like Landorus-T, Dragapult, Tornadus-T, Scizor.
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