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I'd like to start a Mafia Spotlight series. It'd be a step up from the abandoned Mafia Strategy article (That's currently in the suggestions thread). There's way too much strategy in the game to fill in a certain article and it's really confusing if you try to as you'll be talking about various themes at the same time randomly. This would probably cause anyone interested and not already really used to it to not understand it. There were a few IRL issues as well back then and the communication between me and my co-author was terrible due to activity and opposing timezones. The article will be focused on a theme commonly played in the Mafia Room on PS. It'll explain how it works, strategy, anything confusing while hosting and anything else that's worth mentioning. All of it will be done in detail.

I want to have a series to cover multiple stuff. They don't have to be in every issue, but it'd be cool to have at least a few editions. It's really hard to cover in one article, so it's better to go into something in detail, without having to bother with other stuff.

The outline would be like this:

Series Introduction
  • Theme Introduction
    • What are the mechanics
    • What roles does it contain
    • Strategy (In general, for specific roles, at night/day, etc.)
    • Hosting tips
  • Conclusion
That'd be it. It looks small now and it shouldn't be huge, but it should be as detailed as possible! The only thing I can't cover is general scumhunting, as that's something done in all and not specifically in one, so I'd keep repeating it. If I'm ever gonna do the Vanilla format specifically, I'll include it.

A Room Owner knows I'm doing this and is positive about it. If this isn't possible I'd like to do the Strategy one again, but this seems a way better substitute.


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Sure. I imagine you'd be able to crack these out pretty easily, so don't get ahead of yourself and write several all at once and give yourself - and the articles - some breathing room after each one. Besides, there would probably be hiccups in their publishing frequency so there'd be tons queued if you write a lot in a short timeframe.
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