Local Tournament Sub-forum Rules and Pointers

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Hello, this the forum for posting information for any local, in real life tournaments. If you're hosting or participating in any sort of local tournament, feel free to start a thread here.

All of Smogon's forum behavior rules still apply. Don't be a jerk.

To start off, we've given this forum three tags to start with. We recommend tagging your post to make it more clear what exactly is it

Local Tournament- Use this tag for any simple tournament without ties to The Pokemon Company Incorporated
VGC Premier Challenge- Use this tag if you're posting information on a VGC Premier Challenge. You're free to post threads regarding premier challenges if you're not the tournament organizer and just an attendee, but if the tournament organizer requests for ownership of the thread, we'll hand it over to them.
VGC Premier Event- Use this tag if you're posting information about a VGC Premier Event, such as a regional championship, national championship, or the world championship.

What should be the contents of my thread?
Here are some important details to keep in your thread:

When?: What date is the tournament? What time do people need to register by? When does the tournament start?
Where?: What's the address of the place? Where's nearby parking? An exert from Google Maps is pretty handy here as are some simple directions from major landmarks like highways.
How Much?: If there's any sort of venue fee for your tournament, don't forget to list it.
Battle Rules: Specify what Pokemon and items are allowed, what format the battles will be in, and your policy on external devices. For VGC events, you can find the rule set detailed in a large PDF here.
Venue Rules: It's also helpful to specify what exactly people can and can't do at your venue.
Tournament Procedure: What format is your tournament in? Round Robin? Single Elimination? Swiss? To be determined? Give the participants a general scope of how the tournament will flow.
Prizes: Are there any prizes?

That's just about everything. This is a brand new forum so if you can think of anything else worthwhile to add here, don't hesitate to shoot me a PM.
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