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Idk if i'm doing this right

The premise of the article would be describing the niches of the six little cup fighting-types considered viable in the tier, listed as follows: Mienfoo, Timburr, Croagunk, Pancham, Scraggy, Riolu. The description of each pokemon would include sections on the use of the mon in the metagame and also the mon's unique roles vis a vis the other fighting types mentioned. Superpowerdude did a similar article, but it was for BW. I think an updated article could be useful as fighting-types are very important in the LC metagame.
Superpowerdude's article covered 5/6 of those Pokemon. Has enough really changed for them between the two gens to justify the same topic again?

There's another pending article covering Fire-types in LC, btw, so this would probably be pushed back to the following issue if it does get approved. To be honest though, I'd rather see a type other than Fighting (or Flying, which was already done for Gen 6) be covered as the featured type. Pretty sure none of the other types have gotten the same treatment, so it could be cool to see something like Water / Dark / Psychic / etc. get covered.
An article about Fighting-types might be a good idea since a lot changed since BW (Scraggy unbanned, Fairy-types being included, Knock Off buff, Pancham..) but having an article about Water-types in LC will be also cool because Double Water cores that include Chinchou are just too good and a lot of people including Superpowerdude and I had some success by using them, I'm fine with both to be honest so I'll let you decide, Shrug.
yes makes sense, do you think it would be ok if i used starmaster's waterspam core as an example? he isnt here anymore so i cannot ask him
Yes sure, make sure you give him credits. Make sure to change the title so that it shows you'll write about Water-types and this will be approved.


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