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Hello, I am new to Battle CAPacity, and had a question regarding using a external controller as a controller of the game. I know it can be done, as detailed with the joystick option under controls. I had recently bought a Blaze Arcade Stick to use for my PS3, and read online that it could also be used on PC, being USB and all. So I tried it out on BatCap and ran into one major problem. The buttons on the stick work fine, but when I move the
actual joystick, nothing happens. I can still move with the keyboard, but not with the stick. I was wondering if any of you had encountered this problem before, or know how to fix it. Thanks for your time.

Hi bigbluu, thanks for trying the game. A friend of mine plays the game using joystick using Xpadder which you can find by Googling.

When you open the program, select the joystick option and configure the buttons to your liking, then save that configuration in the batcap folder.
If you need further instructions or run into any other problems, don't be afraid to ask. Version 5.0 will be ready in a week or two and I look forward to seeing you online.
With Joystick, do you mean a Gamepad? Because I have an XBox360 one for PC and only didn´t play Battle Capacity until now because I suck with the keyboard. Would that work(the gamepad, that is)?
Yeah, Jojo, either a wired or a wireless (assuming you have an adapter) X360 controller would work for BatCap. I'd suggest coming on the chat if you'd have problems and someone'd be able to help.
The reason it's not working is because FM2k does not properly support POV Hat switches for controllers. As Cartoons mentioned, you can use Xpadder to fix this by mapping the joystick inputs to keyboard keys. Just make sure you disable joystick in the game options when you do this.

And no, he does not mean a pad.

Personally I use a PS2 Arcade Stick with a PS2 -> PS3 converter which works fine without the need for XPadder, I don't actually know why, maybe it's a driver issue.
Thx, guys. I figured it out myself and am playing it with my XBox controller now :)

Btw @wynought: Do you really need Xpadder? I can use my controller without it(given, they are different consoles, but still..)

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