Announcement Iron Bundle, Mega Blaziken, and Zamazenta-Crowned are now banned from National Dex OU

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astralydiaIszaKateKyoRyujiFinal Result
Iron BundleDo Not BanBanBanBanBanBan
CyclizarDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not Ban
Chien-PaoDo Not BanBanDo Not BanDo Not BanBanDo Not Ban
Blaziken-MegaDo Not BanBanBanDo Not BanBanBan
ZamazentaDo Not BanBanDo Not BanDo Not BanBanDo Not Ban
Zamazenta-CDo Not BanBanBanDo Not BanBanBan
MagearnaDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not Ban
Votes require a simple majority to pass (50% + 1)

Additionally, the council was greatly in favour of a Magearna suspect some time down the line. Keep an eye out for it in the future.

Iron Bundle :iron bundle:

Iron Bundle proves itself to be an immensely frustrating threat to deal with in National Dex OU. With its perfect STAB coverage in Freeze-Dry + Hydro Pump, great base Special Attack, and an almost unbeatable base Speed stat of 136, Iron Bundle has proved to be an absolute menace, with several teams struggling to find solid answers to a continued onslaught from Iron Bundle. Answers like AV Magearna, Ferrothorn and Slowking-Galar are all easily 3HKOd by one of Specs Iron Bundle's STABs, and combined with Spikes, some of these targets can be easily pushed into 2HKO range. Combined with this, some players have been messing around with Tapu Koko + Iron Bundle, effectively generating a core that's unstoppable offensively, forcing people into the relatively small pool of defensive counterplay. It's also worth noting that Taunt variants of Iron Bundle can cause more durable, but more passive checks like Blissey, Specially Defensive Toxapex, Tera Poison Clodsire, and Tera Normal Dragonite a lot of headaches when trying to deal with Iron Bundle, as they have to make several more calls on whether to attack or heal up. Additionally, rain boosted Iron Bundle effectively forces a lot of defensive Tera usage, as there are very few Pokemon that can feasibly take on a Rain boosted Choice Specs Hydro Pump from Iron Bundle. Iron Bundle simply caused too much pain in building due to its STAB combo mandating a special blanket check that was neutral to both STABs.

Blaziken-Mega :blaziken-mega:

Mega Blaziken was suspected last gen, and banned overwhelmingly. This generation is no different for it - several of the best bulky waters like Toxapex and Slowbro are easily overwhelmed by Mega Blaziken and can't OHKO back. If Slowbro tries to Tera Water in an attempt to check Mega Blaziken, it ends up getting potentially OHKOd by +2 High Jump Kick as well. There are several mons that can tank Mega Blaziken's STABs such as Dondozo, Landorus-Therian, Great Tusk and Iron Hands, but are quickly overwhelmed due to their lack of recovery and, for Dondozo and Iron Hands, vulnerability to Spikes.. Other answers like Skeledirge may be forced to burn Tera to avoid being 2HKOd by Earthquake, and instead burn Mega Blaziken out via Flare Blitz, and other STAB resists like Dragapult lack the bulk to avoid getting OHKOd by a +2 Mega Blaziken. Overall, the mon was considered far too offensively potent for the council, and has been banned.

Zamazenta-Crowned :zamazenta-crowned:

Zamazenta-Crowned didn't make much of a splash initially, but upon further inspection, there is one new move that stands out: Body Press. With Zamazenta-C's obscene stat total, combined with its high Speed, solid typing, and Fighting Tera, Zamazenta-C could, in many games, hit the Iron Defense button and win entirely off of Body Press + Crunch. In several cases, mons that have outright advantageous type matchups were simply flattened by the quickly increasing power of Body Press, and the other mons that could tank Body Press were often too angular of a fit for bulky offense. For those mons that could, alternative Tera types made it harder for them to answer Zamazenta-C - for example, Dark Tera Zamazenta-C could much more easily pressure Ghost-types - Gholdengo is now much closer to being 2HKOd by Crunch, and Defense drops are very easy to proc with how bulky Zamazenta-C is. As a result, the council decided that Zamazenta-C was too much for the metagame.

Tagging Kris and Marty to implement.
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