Approved If Eviolite was Usable on Fully-Evolved Pokemon

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describe what the article will be about

Pokemon That Would Benefit

List frail but strong Pokemon or bulky stalling Pokemon that would take advantage from this, such as Greninja, Avalugg, Mew, Latias, Talonflame, Ditto, and Blissey.

Pokemon That Wouldn't be Affected

List Pokemon that are already pretty well balanced or already have good bulk that wouldn't have their metagame presence changed at all (Or they're just unviable to begin with) such as Kangaskhan (not Mega) and Dedenne, or Pokemon that depend on no item such as Talonflame.

Pokemon That Would Have Their Viability Changed in Their Tier

Pokemon such as Gallade would become regardless of it being Mega Evolved or not or Pokemon such as Mothim, Persian, and Purugly.


summarize the article
It's an interesting idea but it focuses a little too much on speculation, so I wonder how helpful the article would be for people as a resource. For now, I'm leaning towards a no, but I'll leave this open for others' input.
This seems like a pretty nifty OM idea if you find someone that wants to make the programming tweaks to test it out. Being able to actually playtest it somewhere would remove the speculation as well. Right now, this does look like a pretty broad "what if" article, though.
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