I played around with Nidoqueen - ADV OU


It's one of my most favourite Pokemon in all of Pokemon. It shares the same unique typing as Nidoking only that it's less offensive stat-wise and misses out on running the added powerful attack in Megahorn unlike it's male counterpart. I tried looking up forum posts about the Pokemon as of recently and I wasn't able to find anything which inspired me to write this up myself. I've been giving it a try in Gen 3 OU and I think it's actually an underestimated threat, and I feel like it has a unique niche in OU


This is the set I've been running. 12 EVs are expendable in this set. I personally put the last 12 into SpDef. Nidoqueen's advantage over Nidoking is being able to survive more hits throughout a game and this is what I fully capitalized on. I started using Nidoqueen with the intention of countering Thunder Wave Zapdos however I found that this Pokemon was capable of so much more and was actually winning me lots more games due to its unique attributes.

The EVs:

The 192 HP / 176+ Def is for always surviving 252 Atk+ Metagross Choice Band Earthquake (84.5% - 99.7%) which also survives the same attack from Adamant Choice Band Salamence. Nidoqueen is also capable of surviving Jolly Dugtrio's Choice Banded Earthquake (81.3% - 95.9%)

128 Atk gives Nidoqueen a guaranteed KO on Choice Banded 4HP/0Def Dugtrio after 1 layer of Spikes damage (87.7% - 103.3%).



The move you'll be throwing out the most. Sludge Bomb's 90 BP STAB with a 30% poison chance can be absolutely deadly, and coming off of a 232 attack stat: it'll both be chipping away the opponent alongside giving you chances to put most mons on a timer


STAB Earthquake. You can't say no to it ever really


This is the most expendable move and you can really use whatever other move you prefer. Shadow Ball lets you hit Gengar while still covering Starmie. You can also use Ice Beam for hitting Flygon and Salamence (though the latter can still be chipped away with Sludge Bomb)

Thunderbolt with an Impish (+Def, -SpA) might seem weird at first but giving Nidoqueen a Relaxed nature (+Def, -Spe) is something I found not to be helpful because it would hit a speed stat of 169, which is outsped by neutral Skarmory. The difference between Thunderbolt's damage to 252HP / 252+SpDef Skarmory are as follows:

Impish: Thunderbolt deals 26.3% - 31.1%
Relaxed: Thunderbolt deals 29.3% - 34.7%

Having Nidoqueen's speed be neutral allows for it to pressure the Skarmory throughout the course of a game. Thunderbolt also covers Starmie and Cloyster while dealing a respectable 46.1% -54.4% to Aerodactyl


The main thing that makes Nidoqueen stand out against Nidoking is the ability to stay alive throughout a game a lot longer due to its superior bulk and I chose to fully abuse that. Nidoqueen is immune to sand meaning that it can use Protect and gain monumental heals throughout a game. Protect also allows for Nidoqueen to scout out Choice banded moves so it can react accordingly while still gaining health. It also works nicely against pokemon you've poisoned with Sludge Bomb.

Poison Point deserves a special mention too from me as the ability can come in clutch a lot and can potentially punish Focus Punches and Rapid Spins. It can also stand up to Aerodactyl's Double Edges easily giving you opportunities to poison it also

I want others to try this pokemon and give their feedback on it. This is the team I played around with for a while and it was good fun. I'm not going to explain the EVs and movesets for each pokemon in the team: I just want to show some love for Nidoqueen and the fun I had using it in the tier

TEAM: https://pokepast.es/ab442dc8b3339c00
Sometimes I run Protect Zapdos, sometimes I run Substitute. Depends on how I'm feeling that day lol
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Nidoqueen actually has a solid amount of really useful defensive traits, such as checking Heracross, Hp Grass Electrics, as well as being decent vs MixMence and MixTar. It’s immunity to all of Sand, Toxic, and Thunder Wave can make it a surprisingly tough threat to take down. It’s speed also lets it outrun Metagross and Tyranitar and it can hit them hard with Earthquake


Nidoqueen @ Leftovers
Ability: Poison Point
EVs: 156 HP / 4 Atk / 164 Def / 88 SpA / 96 Spe
Impish Nature
- Earthquake
- Flamethrower
- Protect
- Toxic

This was the set I initially came up with. Flamethrower+Toxic is a classic combo and Protect can help keep Nido alive longer and can work well with Sand+Toxic chip. Earthquake is obviously needed and can hit stuff like Meta and TTar hard


SkarmBliss is fairly good alongside Nidoqueen, especially if the Blissey has Wish to keep both healthy. They cover all of the weaknesses fairly well and can spread a whole lot of passive damage with Toxic and Spikes. Porygon2 can revenge trap Dugtrio who otherwise is a fairly big threat to Nidoqueen without the obscure Counter.Lastly Starmie can provide Spin support

Other moves I haven’t tried out yet are Roar which can phase stuff and Taunt for shutting down mons like Skarm.


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