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:rhyperior: :tentacruel: :hydreigon: :scizor: :togekiss: :manectric-mega:


I've RMT'd a few teams by this point in my mons career and honestly every one of them was just kind of on a whim because whatever team it was at the time had a "rmt vibe" to it, meaning honestly I'm not particularly happy with any of the teams I've RMT'd in the long run other than maybe trash viv webs. This is definitely not the case here, A lot of people know me for my love for Lil Wayne and this is gonna be my first RMT with a wayne song as the title so you know I'm serious about it >:D. While a lot of other wayne songs like Dedicate or Glory come to mind as something that fits my current mindset towards this site and this team/meta, I picked this song because it most accurately conveys just how large my ego is when it comes to this tier. It's the one I pretty much grew up on competitively and regardless of whether it's a good metagame or not (it's not) I am more than happy to represent it as someone that truly loves it.

I'm making this RMT now bc my 1k post is coming up and I'm too impatient to wait for it so I decided to just do this RMT now lol. I originally made this team in UUPL and had toyed with drafts similar to this many times as the frameworks aren't anything too meta shattering within SM UU, I believe both Pak and Ramolost coincidentally have this same six with different sets/spreads. This team has been really consistent, every matchup feels winnable, it's been used a good handful of times in different tours and while scouring for replays I could only find one loss.

These past several years I've invested as much time, effort, and emotion into this site as possible in hopes of being one of the best UUers and players period. Especially recently with slam going on I've signed up for pretty much everything I can just trying to get as many dubs under my belt as humanly possible, as much experience as I can, etc etc. It's honestly so far beyond unhealthy @ how much I've tried for this website that ultimately sucks peters whether it be due the game itself, the community, or whatever. I've tried to be there for people that just wanna get into mons, I've tried to support people towards progressing into this website whether it be as a contributor or a player as much as I can, I've tried to teach the metagames that I love to people who ask for help, and I've tried to get people into rating teams so this subforum can flourish even a little bit. With all this effort I feel like I have and am currently putting in, it still feels like a stretch to really say I've done much to impact this site and community, and while that's depressing it won't stop me from patting myself on the back with a lengthy rmt as I try to gas myself up as the player and builder I believe myself to be through countless hours of trying to prove myself to myself and by proxy everyone else that I am as good as or better than every other UUer you can think of.

Regardless of all that, we all invest a lot into this dogshit game and website for whatever reason, and while I certainly hate the fact that pokemon is a rather large portion of my life and most of my closer relationships formed in my life have been through this website, I am nonetheless glad to be here and hope to keep competing at a high level if not higher. Enough of using this introduction to talk about how I feel about the site and community tho bc that's a lot of negative energy to unravel... this exact six was built during the most recent UUPL for Sacri' to use vs robjr in the bo3 slot in one of the weeks. I think this team heavily reflects how teaming with Pak in LTPL had an impact on me and it's had a lot of success in a rather short amount of time. I was itching to do a RMT and it was between this team and the Kyurem team I and others have been spamming in UU Open but Gen 8 UU can lick my peter and so can Gen 7 UU but at least Gen 7 UU isn't changing every 3 seconds so if I rmt something it wont be irrelevant in a short period of time. This team has more than proved itself and every time I give this team to people I always sell it as one of the best gen7uu teams in existence, the six mons are more than solidified as solid and this specific combination of sets is a really neat take vs more standard routes you could easily take, imo.

I hope you enjoy reading if you read at all >:O.

Building Process

:togekiss: :scizor:
The idea was building around fight z kiss as rob was who I was prepping for at the time, I knew rob in sm was a big fan of blissey and fat steels, so fight z kiss + pursuit support stood out a lot to me. I picked sciz as the pursuit trapper bc it really pushed the team into a voltturn direction and isn't bad at trapping stuff like lati and even gets togekiss in vs random stuff like fat waters and amoonguss with uturn, wasn't 100% sold on any one sciz set but was leaning scarf since I think it does the best job of fucking over lati.

:togekiss: :scizor: :hydreigon: :manectric-mega:
As stated above I liked the idea of pushing this in a voltturn direction and fully embraced it in the next two slots. Hydreigon + Scizor is a bonafide voltturn core that works great for many reasons, mainly bc of their typings they get each other in on the right stuff to trap the enemy into a vortex, mane is really nice here as it gave me a good speed tier which lets me embrace the scarf sciz route more > other options like CB. Mane on voltturn is pretty self explanatory, also a nice loose sciz check/rkiller to a lot of diff threats.

:togekiss: :scizor: :hydreigon: :manectric-mega: :rhyperior: :tentacruel:
The last two definitely fit like a glove, I needed hazard removal, more sciz insurance. a more effective fairy pivot, etc so Tentacruel was obvious for role compression purposes. Rhyperior is the best rocker you're gonna find in this slot, it forms a nice loose defensive backbone w/ tenta while still not giving up momentum vs other picks like Hippo or something. Nice answer to birds like toge and aero and keeps rocks up pretty reliably.

In Depth Shit

Rhyperior @ Leftovers
Ability: Solid Rock
EVs: 252 HP / 16 Atk / 232 SpD / 8 Spe
Adamant Nature
- Stealth Rock
- Stone Edge
- Earthquake
- Ice Punch

Set is pretty self explanatory and standard. Hitting the atk jump point is nice as your damage output is actually pretty good, Ice Punch is so Gligar doesn't click Defog vs you without letting you get free lefties recovery, although towards the end of the gen I think Gligar lost quite a lot of traction but still relevant enough. Ice Punch is also just a dece midground to take if you don't need to risk missing edge or whatever. Otherwise this set and slot in general is very self explanatory, spdef helping it eat hits from mane and kiss and whatever better. This mon shit itself up into the rocker power rankings of SM UU in a pretty short amount of time randomly, it's damage output is only natural when it has STAB edgequake and that's a huge selling point since it pretty much has all the defensive capabilities of most other ground type rockers + the flying resist. Perfect midground between rockers like Krook and Hippowdon.

Tentacruel @ Black Sludge
Ability: Clear Body
EVs: 248 HP / 240 Def / 20 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Scald
- Rapid Spin
- Haze
- Sludge Bomb

I've always been a big advocate for speedy tenta kinda being big doo doo. You need the phys bulk to do literally anything you're putting Tentacruel on a team for, you can run speedy tenta if your sciz/coba/everything else mu is more than solidified but in this case and in most cases that is not the case. If your Lucario matchup is ass cheese you can go speedy or maybe if you hard lose to rocks krook or something but in that case a speedy tenta is probably not gonna help you much. Haze is also pretty necessary imo, especially here where the insurance vs malt is extremely important, same applies to Sludge Bomb vs malt/prima or even opposing Volcanion (which I'm ev'd to outpace w/ some creep). Tenta is absolutely a shitmon that mainly has high usage bc of it's unique typing coupled with it's ability to remove hazards. Poor phys def and ground weakness leads it to be a rather poor check to most of the things it's supposed to answer as well as a poor hazard remover in general, although it's role compression is undeniable and it still loosely glues teams together fine enough, especially on a team like this where you're relying on momentum and offensive pressure to deal with most threats... it makes tenta's job a lot easier as you won't have to throw it onto the field to sponge hits all that often in a voltturn setting.

Hydreigon @ Choice Specs
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 4 Def / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Draco Meteor
- Dark Pulse
- U-turn
- Flash Cannon

From here on out I'll probably start having more to talk about with these sets bc they get a lot more customizable from here and there's a reason I go with these > other options. I think if you've ever built a six similar to this six in your life you probably ended up with either z move drei or most likely scarf drei bc it's definitely a much better speed tier than anything I currently have w/ scarf in mind. I went with specs drei > scarf or z move because one of the biggest pluses to z move > specs is your ability to reliably answer krook, on this team I do not feel like I need a reliable krook answer when I have both drei and z move kiss and drei's more immediate power makes clicking a button much more rewarding with the opportunities you're given by spamming pivot moves. You can also easily fit U-Turn on specs and doing so on this bluffs scarf really really well just by looking at the team. Going scarf > specs would also lead you with a lot less breaking power even if you go CB Scizor, most of the time you're gonna run into an Amoonguss or fat steel or something w/ sciz and keep spamming U-Turn anyways, not necessarily maxing the reward you're getting with your free turns. This set ultimately abuses unrevealed info the best of all the other options.

Scizor @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Technician
EVs: 40 HP / 252 Atk / 216 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Bullet Punch
- Superpower
- U-turn
- Pursuit

I used to be a big scarf sciz hater but over time I've come around to it and used it too much to ignore it's viability, especially here it does what it needs to do absurdly well. In some of the replays at the bottom you'll probably see some good examples of scarf sciz forcing out a ton of things that'd otherwise be huge threats like Mega Houndoom and others. Scarf Sciz single handedly puts any lati that you're up against in such an uncomfortable situation every time it's on the field and really keeps up the momentum well and consistently since a lot of the time clicking U-Turn is like legit rkilling the thing in front of you so it's just no drawback lmao. It's damage output is pretty pathetic but it still does a great job of rkilling a lot of fast threats and it's just so much more annoying to play around with your psychic type in comparison to other sciz sets. You're not gonna get the end game Bullet Punch cleans very often like you do with CB Scizor but in terms of utility this set fulfills the role I'm looking for exponentially better than any other sciz set could with U-Turn on it.

Togekiss @ Fightinium Z
Ability: Serene Grace
EVs: 8 HP / 248 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Nasty Plot
- Air Slash
- Aura Sphere
- Roost

This set is also very interchangeable to what version of this team you wanna run with if you're more comfortable with other sets or whatever. However on this I was building around this set specifically and I think this set definitely benefits from the mons around it here quite well. I remember I was gonna go a bit bulkier with this spread but FUMA HI-FI convinced me of otherwise and we went with 8 Hp for some calcs vs shark/kyurem/mamo iirc. I think this set does a much better job at beating stall whilst also keeping momentum and being threatening than the standard np heal bell one, which does a better job reliably setting up on stall but isn't gonna be very threatening otherwise and on a team like this you just gotta value what fight z brings to the table more than other options like Heal Bell or Scarf. Scarf would allow you to run something like bugz sciz > choiced set, and that'd be cool in some matchups but the offensive flow of the team would definitely be quite scuffed, Trick/Flamethrower can fuck steels over a bit to help Scizor clean but the stall matchup would be indefinitely worse and your general matchup vs steels would be a lot less concrete.

Manectric-Mega @ Manectite
Ability: Lightning Rod
EVs: 120 HP / 48 Def / 116 SpA / 224 Spe
Modest Nature
IVs: 0 Atk
- Volt Switch
- Thunderbolt
- Flamethrower
- Hidden Power [Ice]

This spread has been like my favorite thing ever for quite a while now as I highlighted in my last RMT I think. Iirc the bulk is for eating hits from krook, shark, and scizor. The speed outpaces base 115s like Starmie and Mega Houndoom which is pretty much all you need except for things like Talonflame and Crobat who are next to nonexistent. This amount of Spa w/ a modest nature also gives you about as much Spa that you'd otherwise have with max timid. So this spread is incredibly efficient and I'm glad Amane Misa gave it to me so long ago. Mane being bulkier also glues this team together really well since being able to beat certain threats relies so heavily on being able to reliably rkill them and just straight up keeping momentum at all times, the more this thing can stomach the better for the team's overall success. This mon is the offensive glue for this team that pretty much keeps it's cogs turning, mane + sciz is the main voltturn combo you're gonna be abusing all game long, early game you can throw drei in there if you're trying to bluff scarf but generally Sciz + Mane are gonna be giving drei opportunities to break on top of keeping the momentum and pressure up so you don't get ran over.


:Cobalion: :Terrakion: :Infernape: :Lucario:
Fighting types definitely stick out immediately since my resists are Togekiss and Tentacruel which are both not the best at answering the above threats. You can deal with nape/np luke/coba defensively decently well but the main way you're gonna stay on top of these threats is by doing what I've said throughout the RMT that you're gonna wanna prioritize which is keeping momentum at all times. These threats don't come in on anything unless you let them and there're several options to rkill them such as Mane and Scizor.

Really just putting this here because like there's not 4 hard scizor answers on this team so if someone steals it and loses to Scizor I don't want them coming to me bitching about it so I will explain how to beat it even if it's not that complicated. Tentacruel has a fair bit of phys def so you can safely use it as an initial pivot into it if it's even remotely healthy and it'll be fine. As long as mane is alive Scizor will absolutely never win unless you let it get low enough, keep the calcs in mind, the bulk helps a lot. Scarf Scizor also reliably rkills non roost sets really well but roost sets are a lot easier to keep momentum vs so really it's a fine trade off. Keep momentum and mane/tenta healthy-ish and you're more than fine.


SM Cup R2 - vivalospride vs LpZ IV

SM Cup R1 - vivalospride vs Abnxrmal

UU Trio Tour - vivalospride vs ht

UUPL - Sacri' vs robjr

m00la SM Tour - pokemonisfun vs Christo

SM Cup R3 - vivalospride vs Adaam

Closing Thoughts

Ultimately this team has done really well and I'm a really big fan of it. I really like how it uses it's hidden info to it's advantage and how anyone else who built this six probably woulda went different routes to some extent. I also like how effective it is for a non cookie cutter amoonguss BO bc those have always been pretty boring to me. I'm really happy with myself as a SM UU player and builder and how much progress I made within gen7. This meta will always be special to me even if I think the tiering of it coulda went a lot differently. Scizor had to be looked at seriously earlier in the gen for sure as the meta completely formed around it without enough time to really fix it from the ground up. I think banning something like malt coulda done a lot for the metagame but malt's typing is so good it'd be sad to see it go. Malt is w/o question not broken, plenty of reliable answers to it but it is very strong, and both lati and malt being really strong within the meta created a lot of annoying frameworks that were forced such as the fact that if Empoleon or Bisharp was your only steel you basically had to run a second steel just for malt or an Amoonguss. This is obviously not what sums up why building this tier can be so far beyond depressing but it is a minor thing that would free up a lot of possibilities while nerfing stall to a decent enough extent while it'd still be viable which would also be huge. I hope people other than m00la keep playing this tier bc if he's all we have left this tier is fucked. People like CBU and Adaam stanning it to such an extent keeps it alive enough for me to be happy with it.

Overall I don't have much else to say except for the little bit of shit I'll say in shoutouts. This community is so far beyond trash it's insane with all the NG shit and everything else that's going on in the world, this applies to both smogon in general and the more concentrated parts of it, including UU. The more friends I make on this site as well almost directly = the more frustrated I get with it bc most of it ultimately feels fake. I just want everyone to know whether you know me or not that I'm too soft of a pussy bitch to not turn down someone who wants to talk to me or vent or whatever so please feel free to dm me on discord or ps or whatever for both personal and mons matters. I hope to remain confident in myself as one of the best uuers all throughout the gen and I hope to see all of you grow and improve as both players and users >:).


Gonna be grouping people up to write shit bc there's no way in fuck I'm doing individuals bc will take too long, but still wanna do something special. Really only doing shoutouts bc this is being treated as my 1k post.

Amane Misa Sage CoolStoryBrobat martha PinkDragonTamer sparrow 'sei. Darksafadao Juno HotFuzzBall bmacbnasty Hilomilo wuhoodude A Cake Wearing A Hat SnowyOP MARCU5theBAW5 DraconicLepus i like cute things Ihiihuio Moltracer Miraklez and Jake aka RoyceDa5Ninetales I'll tell you to read this whenever I see you next - Grouping you guys up as my oldest friends on the site, leaving a few people out bc I wanna group them together themselves. OG MSPL is like my family on this site and always will be, only proom/jerk I'll ever really rep even if it's pretty dead these days. Love you all :)

FUMA HI-FI Clefable rozes Yifeng pokeisfun - Forrechess this is like the group I personally view as like our little clique if someone asked someone else who viv talked to I always imagine them saying this bc we're homie homies. Thanks for being there for me mons wise and otherwise in general I can always count on you guys to make me laugh or smile or whatever.

Pak Thisbemyalt Kreme TSR Adaam Killintime Darksafadao Donphantastic Accelgor Wanka Eyan Bouff Indigo Plateau Sacri' LeoLancaster HT Cynde Feliburn Saria Leru - 2020 viv is a pretty lonely and depressed individual so always having you guys to hang out w/ at random times throughout the day generally makes me a happier person. Thank you for having a positive impact on me as a person and as a mons player.

Donphantastic CBU amber lamps Sacri' DrReuniclus Bebo odr hs FUMA HI-FI SOMALIA Kreme TSR rozes Twilight basaninho Mindnight Thisbemyalt Noitu Sinkyr Zwein dingbat Alkione Clefable passion - GO FRIENDS, my favorite online experiences have without question been the past two uupls so thank you :)

Chloe TheCoastsOfToast Andyboy Marjane drampa's grandpa Specs TJ peach EviGaro Betathunder In The Hills keppy xavgb GL Volkner pichus Zesty43 PTF MAMP dibs yogi Aurora Pigeons Brandon st. pablo Clouds Catalystic and others - Thanks for being a good friend group especially earlier on in my pocket monsters career I definitely relied on all of you guys and others here to talk to and make my day better.

Surgeon TPP Gross Sweep Anish Twilight maroon Celticpride IronBullet Snowy Sun Analytic Simia - RMT gang I appreciate you guys because the most fun I've ever had contributing to this pussy ass site has easily been in the RMT subforum and I hope to contribute more in the near and distant future.

Lilburr Rach Ramolost Ramolost Sylveon. aesf Notily Expulso Seventy Finchinator Shiba robjr Stoward Stuntfisk Nat jcbc Rekeri Serene Grace z0mOG nui TDK Freeroamer Hogg Anubis gorex Sabella Ark Kink Racool Baloor Cynara Velvet Blood dream Rage asa Nuked sniperr Estarossa Euphonos esche So Noisy lax Eternally TMM Plas ashiemore Christo Lord Iroh innovamania Miven^ Mob Barley Paradise Pearl Renny We babsus Rav3ndan Bhris Brown Mitsuki MGenius Qplaz zachkauffman wishes Wigglytuff and many more, sorry if I missed anyone - Thanks for impacting my time on PS positively or motivating me in some way shape or form.


Thanks for reading :)

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