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Hi all, beginning to play Pokémon Crystal. Just curious, from all the reading and research I’ve done here, it seems Snorlax is generally considered king. However, I’m curious how someone would set up a team if the big lug wasn’t an option in O/U?! Which Pokémon get a boost? Which ones take a hit?


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Hi Dr.Love, welcome to the GSC forum.

To answer your question, Snorlax is almost mandatory on every competitive GSC team. There is simply no good reason not to use it most of the time. However you can still build competent teams without Snorlax such as this one. The novelty of building without Snorlax can be quite fun, but Snorlax-less teams are generally limited to stall or baton pass archetypes. Snorlax is simply too efficient to not include on offense teams.

If Snorlax was banned from GSC OU most special attackers would receive a boost, especially Raikou and Zapdos. Without Snorlax, designated normal resists like Skarmory, Golem, Tyranitar, and Steelix would take a hit. Some physical attackers like Heracross may also benefit from reduced Skarmory usage. Explosion may also become a more potent tool with fewer normal resists being used. However, this meta is generally seen as undesirable since your only checks to special attackers are themselves special attackers. This tends to make many games devolve into special wall stall wars.

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