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So as you've probably seen I moved almost all analyses here to their current gen or gen 8 tier's c&c subforum.

Non-OU tier analyses have always been in a somewhat awkward place in this subforum; having them here was not thought through in-depth initially and instead was just done on autopilot, and especially in recent times, they have been far closer to their tier's community than their oldgen's community. E.g. the UU community has "ownership" of almost all UU oldgens. This creates issues with both userfriendliness and staffing, since e.g. an UU community member looking to revamp DPP UU stuff will intuitively be looking in the UU section first, and past gen c&c staff have the management of these analyses shoved on their plates despite not necessarily being familiar with these metas or in touch with the communities contributing to them.

As a result, these analyses are put under the jurisdiction of their tier's c&c staff as of right now. Tiers may also end up requesting a past gen analyses subforum (see e.g. Ubers and Monotype; for lower tiers we'll end up repurposing the gen 8 forum once gen 9 c&c opens up), and most of them already have, but this is purely for organisational reasons so that past gen analyses don't end up cluttering up the current gen subforums; these subforums should not be considered separate sections and will be managed by the same staff as the tiers' main c&c subforums.

The one exception here is RBY, where the aforementioned situation actually applies the other way around; they do still have ownership of their non-OU tiers, so whereas DPP UU is an UU tier, RBY UU is an RBY tier, to put it like that. Therefore it makes sense to keep them around in here, since just like how it's intuitive for the DPP UU contributor to be looking in the UU section first, RBY UU contributors will still be clicking into this forum first. Beyond this, though, and past side generations like LGPE which are still managed by dedicated pmods, past gens c&c will be doing only OU stuff moving forward.

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