Announcement Flutter Mane, Roaring Moon, Palafin, Genesect, Houndstone, Kyurem-Black, Deoxys-Speed, and Naganadel are now banned from National Dex OU

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astralydiaIszaKateKyoRyujiFinal Outcome
Flutter ManeBanBanBanBanBanBan
Roaring MoonDo Not BanBanBanDo Not BanBanBan
Chien-PaoDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not Ban
HoundstoneAbstainDo Not BanDo Not BanBanBanBan
Blaziken-MegaDo Not BanBanDo Not BanAbstainBanDo Not Ban
NaganadelDo Not BanBanBanBanBanBan
Deoxys-SpeedDo Not BanBanBanBanBanBan
KingambitDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanBanDo Not Ban
CyclizarDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not Ban
Kaede tiebroke Houndstone and Mega Blaziken. She voted Ban for Houndstone, Do Not Ban for Mega Blaziken.
Thank you to Ryuji for writing up Genesect, Kyurem-Black, Deoxys-Speed, Naganadel, as well as Houndstone.

:flutter mane:Flutter Mane
Flutter Mane is a mon that truthfully needs no introduction. A stellar STAB combo in Fairy/Ghost, 135 base Special Attack and Speed, the movepool to tech past several of its best answers, and the ability to boost its Speed without even needing to resort to a choice lock has made Flutter Mane the most defining target of this generation. Flutter Mane could also quickly overwhelm checks like Assault Vest Magearna by a relentless assault of Shadow Balls, especially if holding Choice Specs, and could tech around several of its more passive answers (such as Blissey) with CM + Taunt from Energy Booster Flutter Mane. Even answers using priority like Palafin and Mega Scizor were easy to wear down simply by spamming Shadow Ball in several cases. Due to the immense centralization of Flutter Mane and the lack of true Ghost resists in this metagame, Flutter Mane has been banned.

:roaring moon:Roaring Moon
Roaring Moon was one of the first mons that stood out to the council on release, and it has carried its strong reputation since. Fantastic offensive stats, as well as a very solid Special Defense stat have lead to the mon being perhaps the most devastating sweeper in the entire game. Not only this, but it has had several variances in its sets that have made answering it borderline impossible. Whilst most users may have been using Tera Steel to get around Fairy types, other players had been using Tera Flying with Acrobatics + Booster Energy to get around checks like Great Tusk and force 50/50s around Iron Hands. There were also users of Tera Ground which got by the above counterplay and Fairy-types, although it was less effective at luring its intended targets. Substitute + Jaw Lock was also used in combination with Terastalization to lure in targets that would otherwise be able to beat it and use them as set-up fodder. Even regarding this, the simple combination of its STABs + coverage for Fairy-types paired with Booster Energy in Attack was far too powerful to be dealt with reliably, and as such, Roaring Moon is now banned.

Palafin's brute strength has lead it to become the subject of many discussions in National Dex. The immense power of Choice Band + Water Tera + Wave Crash is simply far too much for teams to handle defensively, with even checks like Toxapex being 2HKOd by a resisted move. Whilst it may seem like this isn't that much of a problem in this metagame, it's also worth noting that Palafin also monopolizes the offensive metagame, being able to revenge kill several neutral targets from full HP with Choice Band Jet Punch. Several players also experimented with Palafin rain, and this further amplifies Palafin's already insane power to ridiculous levels. Even the bulkiest Water resists like Dondozo are cleanly 3HKOd by Wave Crash, Additionally, sets like Bulk Up + Taunt can also make dealing with Palafin harder than anticipated, as the ability for Palafin to boost its Jet Punch beyond the power of Choice Band makes it several times harder to revenge kill, and Taunt makes up for matchups against bulkier water resists, such as Dondozo and immunities, such as Gastrodon. As a result, Palafin was voted to be banned from National Dex.

Thanks to Terastallization and its access to Extreme Speed and Shift Gear, Genesect became a threatening sweeper in this new metagame. Due to the offensive tendency of the metagame, having a priority makes you always good, and due to its really good defensive typing, very good speed, well balanced defensive stats and Download, Genesect became a top thread in the current metagame. What makes it really broken is how large its movepool is, as it has a lot of options, especially thanks to Download that allows it to carry a special move, or even use Techno Blast and one of its drives. Due to how versatile Genesect can be, on top of being a monstrous threat, it is therefore unhealthy and banned.

While Houndstone doesn’t look as threatening as the other banned Pokemon, it still has good qualities. A good typing, good defensive stats and two good abilities, Due to Last Respects, a 50 BP move that increases its power by 50 BP each time one of your teammates die, Houndstone became a really strong powerhouse, being able to completely reverse the tendency of a game by mindlessly clicking one move. Houndstone also benefits from Terastallization greatly, as it can further increase the power of Last Respects, and also prevent revenge killing methods via Dark-resistant Teras. As such, Houndstone was judged unhealthy and will be banned. As Last Respects has one currently available abuser, Houndstone is banned for the moment. We may revisit this decision once Basculegion is released.

Kyurem-Black has always been a strong Pokemon in past generations. A stellar Attack stat, good movepool, access to Roost and well balanced defensive stats made this Pokemon a top threat in OU all generations it was featured. However, since gen 8 came out, Kyurem obtained two really strong moves :Dragon Dance and Icicle Spear. Those two moves made it so dominant it was banned from OU shortly after SwSh meta started. In this generation, it received two major buffs that make it the top threat, consolidating what SwSh gave it. First is the new item Loaded Dice, as it makes Icicle Spears, its main Ice STAB, way more reliable. Second is Terastallization. It gives Kyurem-Black an Electric STAB, meaning it has the broken Bolt Beam combo STAB. That, and also giving it the Electric Type, helping it resist Bullet Punch from Scizor, which was its main counter in the very first hours the meta was played. Therefore, Kyurem has been judged unhealthy and is banned.

Due to the massive unban wave this generation, Deoxys Speed was released in SV National Dex on the first day, and has proven to be very good. A stellar speed tier, really well balanced stats and bulk, and access to practically all a lead could ever ask to perform well allowed it to be one of the two best leads in the tier. Its main set was Stealth Rocks, Spikes, Taunt and then either Psycho Boost or Magic Coat, with a Rocky Helmet. This propelled it to be almost used in every good Hyper Offense team, as it always has a winning MU against the other lead. It was also paired with Gholdengo, a Pokemon that, due to its ability, can prevent all forms of removal. Those factors, amplified with how offensive the meta is and the tendency to not run boots because you want other items solidified Deoxys as an Hyper Offense staple, as it forces progress really quickly. The way Deoxys can always make progress and always be valuable in game makes it unhealthy and therefore banned.

Naganadel has always been a threatening sweeper. A good speed, access to Nasty Plot and to the really good Ability Beast Boost solidified it as a good pick for Hyper Offenses teams. In the current metagame, although dominated by Paradox Pokemon, Naganadel could have fallen in usage and been ignored. However, it has a really strong match up against a lot of them, and unlike them, can stack its boosts in speed to snowball. Additionally, with the help of Z-Moves, it became a really strong Pokemon in this early metagame, as Z-Moves are really strong and consistent with the fast and frail tendency the tier currently has. It doesn’t even need to set up, sometimes, and revealed himself to be really good and always having value in games. Therefore it was judged unhealthy and is banned.

Tagging Kris to implement.
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