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sludge bomb is better than sludge wave
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I'd like to write an article about entry hazards in OU. Since hazard-stacking is very popular in OU at the moment (particulaly Toxic Spikes, which was never really seen in Gen 6 OU until quite recently), and the metagame is arguably more hazard-centric than it's been since the early stages of XY, I think the timing is right.

There's already an article about this, but it's pretty outdated since it dates back from 5th gen, and I also wanted to talk about hazard removal as well as hazard setting, and some Pokemon that are used to either preserve hazards for teams, or protect teams from them
Format would be this :

<intro here>

Hazard Setters

Stealth Rock

<paragraph about Garchomp>

<paragraph about Heatran>

<paragraph about Hippowdon>

<paragraph about Clefable>

<paragraph about Landorus-T>

<paragraph about Azelf>


<paragraph about Skarmory>

<paragraph about Ferrothorn>

<paragraph about Klefki>

<paragraph about Chesnaught>

Toxic Spikes

<paragraph about Dragalge>

<paragraph about Scolipede>

<paragraph about Roserade>

Hazard Removers


<paragraph about Latios and Latias>

<paragraph about Mew>

<paragraph about Empoleon>

<paragraph about Zapdos>

Rapid Spinners

<paragraph about Starmie>

<paragraph about Excadrill>

<paragraph about Tentacruel>

Other hazard-related Pokemon

Magic Bouncers

<explaining what Magic Bounce has to do with hazards>

<paragraph about Mega Sableye>

<paragraph about Mega Diancie>

Defiant Abusers

<explaining what Defiant has to do with hazards>

<paragraph about Bisharp>

<paragraph about Thundurus>

Pursuit Trappers

<explaining what Pursuit trappers have to do with hazards>

<paragraph about Tyranitar>

<paragraph about Weavile>


<explaining what Poison-types have to do with hazards>


<conclusion here>

This is a bit tricky to sort out since a few of them fill different roles at once (Tenatcruel is both a spinner and a TSpiker, Skarmory is a SRer, a Defogger and a Spiker), but I decided to label them under the role they're the most associated with nowadays, and mention the other stuff they can do too while explaining why they're more popular in a certain role.
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