Challenge Emerald Battler Frontier Challenge- all gold without RNG manipulation

Emerald Battler Frontier Challenge- all gold without RNG manipulation

The challenge
Collect all gold in Emerald Batter Frontier without using RNG manipulation throughout challenges or during breeding/catching.

  • Emerald Item Cloning and Ruby Battle Tower glitches are used.
  • No time restrictions.

Added difficulty
  • The idea is to complete each game as it is, letting the luck of RNG determine your success.
  • Breeding flawless ivs becomes more difficult, especially 6, so to complete this challenge you will need to be smart about how flawless ivs and correct natures are inherited.

  • Without being able to RNG manipulate rare pokemon to encounter, they become more time consuming to raise. Weaker pokemon, however, are more common, so this challenge has a way of balancing the meta.

Ruby Battle Tower Glitch
RNG manipulations allows you to soft reset until you encounter a ditto with flawless ivs which you can then breed with another RNG’d pokemon for 6 flawless ivs. This glitch is used provide you with one pokemon that is on par with cpu iv levels and a faster way to breed. Since the pokemon you catch from the glitch have a 50% chance of being the one you targeted and has a nature chosen at random, using the glitch effectively requires some luck.
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My progress on the challenge so far on game 1- Leaf Green

Current team

Venusaur, lv42, docile
Razor leaf, sleep powder, leech seed, tackle
Ev'd in all stats but focusing on defesive and SpA

Raichu, lv37, timid
Thunderbolt, growl, flash, thunderwave
2nd pikachu I caught, ev'd mostly in speed zapping pidgies

Pidgeot, Lv36, adamant
Fly, sand attack, feather dance, attract (male pidgeot)
I almost filled up a box before catching an adamant or jolly pidgy lv5

Primeape, lv36, jolly
Brick break, cross chop, bulk up, rock tomb
1st catch, ev'd in spd and attack, chopping Ratata and Pidgey, machop

Hypno, lv37, calm
Psychic, hypnosis, reflect, calm mind
1st drozee I caught in route 11 at lv 11. Has been ev'd defensively, targeting koffing and grimer

Venomoth, lv37, docile
Aerial ace, psybeam, giga drain, poison powder,
1st venomoth caught in safari zone at lv32 ev'd in all stats

Snorlax, lv34, quirky, thick fat
Body slam, yawn, rest, surf
2nd of the two snorlax. Surf is surfprisingly good move that hit mons like gengar and rhydon

Eevee, lv30, calm
got lucky and will raise a Vaporeon once it learns batton pass. Currently in day care

Dugtrio, lv28, adamant, sand veil
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Caught Articuno with master ball. Serious nature, flawless HP and Speed ivs, 20 attack and defense ivs, 10 SpA and 2 SpD ivs. Stats of 165/102/116/105/131/105. I am going to keep at lv50 for fronteir with 100 evs in each stat. I am not sure what to do for its moves. I will have one substitute to teach in Leaf Green so could teach it to Articuno for a pressure stalling set with protect, or I could save substitute for a set up sweeper. Other sets I'm considering are toxic stall, dual offense attacker, reflect support, or double team + pressure stall.
Now time to catch Zapdos with ultra balls and hope for IV's as good as Articuno's.
Caught Zapdos on my 10th ultra ball. Hasty nature, 25 spA iv, 12-15 in HP, attack and speed, 1 in SpD and 6 in Def. Stats of 157/103/83/142/95/122. Pidgeot feather danced its attack as low as possible, Raichu zapped it to low hp, while Venomoth kept it asleep. Regardless of the terrible defensive IVs, a hasty nature will allow this Zapdos to reach 136 speed after 100 evs, outspeeding starmie 1, 2, and 6 as well as lati@s. Articuno will have a speed stat of 118 after 100 evs, outspeeding metagross 1, 2, 3, 8. Metagross 5 outspeeds by 4 points.
The rules on which pokemon you have to keep aren't clear to me. The connection between part 1 and part 2 is also not clear to me, what choices do you have to make in part 1 that will affect part 2? You mention that some things are faster but is this a timed challenge?

I like the idea of doing a nuzlocke with frontier rules making surviving each battle less trivial. I love the idea of trying to tackle the frontier with somewhat random pokemon. I think you should put a hard cap on the bp that can be obtained from each facility (like 300 or something) otherwise i think just focusing on farming one facility like pyramid could really pay off.
8 gym badges, now training then Gary, victory rd and the Elite 4.

I caught:
Moltres, Lv: 50 bold
IVs: 9 HP / 29 Atk / 22 Def / 0 SpA / 10 SpD / 31 Spd

The perfect speed iv (123 after 100evs) makes me consider using this Moltres, despite its terrible HP, spA and spD ivs. Morning Sun, Will-o-wisp, Substitute, Protect, would be my ideal set, an excellent pressure staller that has earned me high streaks in multiple facilities, although my Moltres cannot run it as the first two moves are XD exclusive. I have used a mixed Moltres for high streaks in the Palace. This is the set I am thinking of running:

Moltres, Lv: 50 bold
EVs: 100 HP / 100 Def / 100 SpA / 100 SpD / 100 Spe
- Sunny Day / Substitute
- Flamethrower
- Protect / Double Team
- Toxic

Holding either a lum berry or leftovers, it is a pressure staller with the option of incinerating a Metagross. Simply protect once and even if a OHKO move lands the second time, it will have been drained to 1PP. Substitute, Protect and Toxic could be used but I only have one substitute to teach and Articuno, Zapdos, set up sweepers and sub seeders would all benefit from the move. The alternative is sunny day. Sun guarentees the KO on metagross 3 (despite the 0SpA iv), while reducing damage taken by water moves. Moltres could be a good user of Double team considering its bulk and speed. 123 ties with Lapras 2, beats some Slaking and Salamence.

It outspeeds and 2HKO's Metagross 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8. Metagross 5 will be an interesting match up. Moltres outspeeds by 1 point and can 2HKOs while surviving one rock slide. Although Explosion can OHKO, so unless I know what CPU will choose I may be able to win or loose this match up.

The facilities this mon will shine are:
Battle Tower: Can deplete pp to aid a set up sweeper
Battle Palace: 50% chance to use toxic. Pairs well with leech seed users for a water / grass / fire core that stalls and switches.
$238 827 after defeating elite 4 with my team of Venusaur, Raichu, Hypno, Vaporeon, Snorlax, Venomoth.
All were level 50 except Venomoth (52). My stategy was induce sleep and use leech seed with Venusaur and Venomoth and sweep with Snorlax or Hypno.
Lorelei: lead Venomoth, used sleep powder, then switch to Snorlax and rollout sweep.
Bruno: lead Vaporeon, Venomoth, Hypno, and Venusaur had good match ups.
Agatha: lead with Venomoth. Hypno and Venomoth use psychic
Lance: I lead with Raichu, get the KO. Imobilise Dragonair, set up with Hypno. Paralyze + Sleep powder Dragonite then 2HKO and Aerodactyl with Vaporeon
Gary: Lead with Raichu, get the 2HKO, Rhydon crits Venusaur, Vaporeon revenge kills then bites Executor to death with Hypno induces sleep. Hypno hypnotises Alakazam and Snorlax 2HKOs with body slam. Gyarados is zapped to 1%hp by Raichu, Snorlax starts the roll out sweep and beats Charizard

Venusaur is the only Pokemon not over 50.



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I'm just following this because you said you were going to use Dewgong :D

No one use it these days
Current Pokemon Ruby team:
Swampert, docile, ev'd in atk, spd, def, hp
Skarmary, bashful, ev'd in spd, def, spD, hp
Spoink, bashful, good def ivs, ev'd in spd, def, spD, spA, hp
Machoke, naughty, flawless atk iv, ev'd in atk, def, hp
Cacnea, timid, evd in spA and spd
Voltorb, timid, almost flawless spd iv, evd in spA and spd

Pokemon on leaf green:
Zapdos, Aticuno, Moltres
Haunter, mild, flawless spd iv, ev'd in spd and spA
Larvitar, jolly, female, flawless atk
Muk and koffing, both female with flawless def
Heracross, naughty, max atk
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Obtained 8 badges.

Current team:
Swampert, lv42, docile, 156/103/98/83/94/83, ev training complete
Grumpig, lv44, serious,
Skarmary, lv36, hardy, 103/71/121/41/70/72
Electrode, lv40, timid
Cacturn, lv43, timid
Machoke, lv34, naughty, flawless atk iv

Regice, lv40 bashful, 20hp, 20spA, 29def ivs
Lanturn (dive ball), calm, flawless spD iv
Clampearl (dive ball), modest, bad ivs
Staryu, natural cure, modest, flawless def
Mawile, intimidate, lax
Psyduck, damp, 1 bashful (good spA iv), 1 modest (bad ivs)

I need substitute to avoid QC OHKO's and all other nasty surprises. That's where Keckleon comes in. Once it has leveled up to 40 in daycare and has learnt substitute, I can breed sub CM Grumpig.
I caught a calm registeel with good defensive ivs, but left it due to its atk hindering nature. I won't be using in this challenge.
With a modest Staryu and a decent Regice, I might actually have a chance at doing well in frontier. Not long till the frontier matches begin now.
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After many attempts, I caught a 6 flawless IV Bashful Thick Fat Hariyama with cross chop.
First attempt I lost to a Starmie that I would have caught if I didn't accidentally run into a trainer
Second attempt was a Walrien that I also missed out on catching.
Third attempt I lost to a Swampert and after finally completing the glitch, I encountered Hariyama.

Hariyama has a decent egg group and which will allow me to quickly breed flawless IV Psychic and Fight types which have access to Calm mind and Bulk up.

One set I've been considering is:
- Knock off
- Toxic
- Vital throw
- Rest/Protect

Knock off to remove hax items and also hits Gengar. Toxic works better without leftovers. Vital throw doesn't miss so can hit DT users and, given enough hits, scout for a crit. Rest of Protect for recover.

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