Announcement Chi-Yu and Assist are now banned from National Dex

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astralydiaIszaKateKyoRyujiFinal Result
Chien-PaoDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not Ban
Chi-YuBanBanDo Not BanDo Not Ban*BanBan
CyclizarDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanDo Not BanBanDo Not Ban
MagearnaDo Not BanBanDo Not BanDo Not BanBan*Do Not Ban
ZamazentaDo Not BanBanDo Not BanDo Not Ban*Ban*Do Not Ban

*Significant interest was shown in suspecting.
Votes are determined by a simple majority (3/5).
We additionally decided to ban Assist due to an exploit with Revival Blessing, more details below.


From the start, Chi-Yu's ridiculous power was already making waves in National Dex. A very high 135 base Special Attack stat combined with a solid STAB combo, 100 base Speed, and high BP options like Fire Blast and Overheat already make Chi-Yu an appealing option as a special breaker. However, what pushes Chi-Yu over the edge is its ability, Beads of Ruin, effectively giving it an Adaptability boost to all of its special moves. As a result, this already gives the player very few options to deal with Chi-Yu - Pokemon like Gastrodon, Ting-Lu, Dragonite and Clodsire can deal with Chi-Yu's STABs when unboosted, although when used by Boots, they will often have to take several of these, and as such, checks like Ting-Lu do not last long at all. However, the several options that the Chi-Yu user has to either cripple these targets or brute force its way past these answers are almost endless. Overheat can make Clodsire a very sketchy check, Gastrodon and Dragonite hate Darkinium Z and Choice Specs sets, as well as hating flinch chances in general, and Ting-Lu can get absolutely melted by Specs Fire Blast and +2 Firium Z Fire Blast. Even beyond this, Chi-Yu can also Tera past these answers without caring too much about other Teras due to its immense initial power. And whilst both Tyranitars are capable of answering to Chi-Yu's STABs, they are extremely easy to wear down with Ruination, are crippled greatly by Will-O-Wisp, or are lured by Grass Tera Blast. As such, the council considered Chi-Yu far too much for the National Dex metagame and thus it was banned.


Due to current mechanics in National Dex and the recent implementation of Revival Blessing, we have decided to ban Assist. This is due to the recent discovery of a strategy involving a Revival Blessing user (usually Smeargle), several Prankster Assist users, a Ditto, and in some cases, Regenerator teammates (such as Toxapex), with all with moves that cannot be called by Assist. The strategy of this team would then be to then use priority Assist to continually revive a teammate, effectively causing a long, but finite loop. Regenerator + Ditto can make this an extremely infuriating and uninteractive loop to break, as not only are these Pokemon being constantly revived, they're also constantly getting back their own HP, making progress effectively impossible against these builds. This often means that double switching or passive play, which would otherwise be a fine way to beat AssistBlessing is completely nullified. The few forms of counterplay, such as strong STAB priority (i.e Tera Normal Dragonite), hazard stacking, or Imprison can be nullified either by Helmet Toxapex, having 2 Boots users, or are unnecessarily difficult to fit on teams. The extreme lack of counterplay to this sort of strategy when executed properly means that something must be done immediately. Therefore, Assist is banned for the time being, as it is the least impactful of the two aspects. This ban will likely be revisited, as the outcome of whether Revival Blessing is ultimately broken is unclear.

Tagging Kris and Marty to implement.
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