Tournament CAPCL II - Finals [Won by Whole Lotl Cottas]


Banned deucer.
id like to s/o all my players for carrying my sorry ass and I'm very sorry for lying to yall abt there being a CA price (it was a good strategy to get yall motivated) especial shoutouts for kyoto and zack for making me spend north of 25k on banned users, ainz and dca for basically being the managers for the team, and quaze for being undefeated in cap team tours (better win ratio than stresh)

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highest rank 3 lowest rank 5 oras slot went 3-1 mdr mdr mdr mdr viva cotta whole lotl cottas on your ass sobsobsobsobsob anti s/o to boyn for being awful and Dj Breloominati♬ spoo Garrett SHSP and Spellcaster for all dodging me

for cappl i will be retaining ainzcrad who is basically like the smogon equivalent of a HM slave as well as buying myself to play SV.
I will be deactivating my smogon account, cheers

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