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We're done with Krilowatt's pre-evo (besides movepool)! This means that we're almost done with the remaining Gen. IV pre-evos. Here's what Protowatt looks like:

Design (by ToastTyrant13 here):

Main art:

Typing: Electric/Water
Abilities: Trace/Magic Guard/Minus
Stats: 51 / 44 / 33 / 43 / 34 / 65
Movepool: TBD

Pokedex entries:
Protowatt, the Plankton Pokémon

Diamond: PROTOWATT's shell is translucent so that it can warm its blood with sunlight even in the iciest waters.

Pearl: It is so weak that it can't escape ocean currents. Fishermen and WAILORD use this to their advantage.

Platinum: It has a small charge that makes it magnetic. Scientists believe that this is why it is found in swarms.
Height: 0.1m
Weight: 0.1kg
Color: Red

Protowatt's height/weight were discussed in #flavor. Links: [1][2]

Protowatt's color matches Krilowatt's, which is Red on Showdown.
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