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(approved by snake_rattler and spoo)
(heavily inspired by the
OM Mashup Megathread)

Welcome to the CAP Other Metagames Megathread! This is where users can submit, maintain and discuss the various CAP OMs.

Due to the specific nature of CAP, there may be some confusion on what you are allowed to post in this thread. Here is what will NOT be considered as a CAP OM:
  1. a prior generation of CAP or one of its variants (so nothing like Pre-Home Gen 8)
  2. a Pet Mod (this would get confusing for both parties involved)
  3. a usage-based lower tier (so no UnderUsed or NeverUsed, and by extension the unofficial ZeroUsed)
    • Little Cup, Ubers, and Anything Goes do NOT count.
      I have seen LC and Ubers both be included in the "lower tiers" umbrella, so to clarify, this rule is meant to disqualify any metagames which are created based off of usage statistics alone. The issue with UU, RU, etc. is that it's unclear what the tier would look like. Taking CAP UU as an example, would it be based on regular UU inheriting from OU's cutoff but with CAPs? How would we decide which CAPs are UU? Would it instead be based on CAP's cutoff point and thus not really look like UU? (i.e. something normally in OU ends up in CAP UU, which further separates the two metagames.) Would CAP UU even properly derive itself from the CAP metagame? (i.e. a very good mon in CAP is UU because ladder doesn't use it.) There isn't a concrete answer to this problem, so for the time being the usage-based lower tiers are not allowed.
Everything else is fair game, including metagames not typically associated within the OM classification like 1v1 or National Dex. Do note that just because your metagame is allowed to be posted, doesn't necessarily mean the metagame will work conceptually or generate interest.


Because metagames will end up scattered across the thread, this section will provide links and introductory resources to every metagame hub post so you don't have to go digging to look for a specific one. Regarding discussion, you can feel free to talk about anything CAP OM related, whether that's sharing teams, praising/complaining about certain Pokemon, or even proposing an idea you have for a CAP OM and why it might be cool. Just keep in mind that making too many posts in succession will start to clog up the thread (bad for everyone), and leave you looking kinda silly (bad for you).


If you're not looking to make any submissions, ignore this part.

In order to submit a CAP OM, message me via Smogon's Conversation feature (the envelope icon). In order to assure quality control, there are some prerequisites you must complete in order to have your metagame approved. Please make sure to get the OK from me that the metagame is conceptually legal (following the guidelines above) before you dump hours of your life into a rejected submission!

You will need to provide the following to get approval:
  1. CAP OM Name
    • This shouldn't be too difficult, you can be clever with it like CAAAP but really just "CAP [metagame name]" should work.
  2. A working challenge code
    • Lets people actually play the metagame, and lets you enact tiering decisions.
    • /challenge [metagame]@@@ +CAP
  3. Ruleset & Bans/Unbans
    • What to specify:
      • Clauses and Restrictions (Endless Battle Clause, Species Clause, Evasion Clause, etc.)
      • Pokemon (can list all bans/unbans individually, "All Pokemon in the Ubers tier," "All Pokemon on the AAA banlist," etc.)
      • Abilities (if any)
      • Moves (if any)
      • Items/Misc. (if any)
  4. Preliminary resources
    • This is primarily a vetting process and ensures a metagame isn't just thrown out into the wild with hopes others will do the rest of the work: if you're submitting a CAP OM, I expect you to actually have interest!
    • The minimum requirement for resources is three Example Sets that distinguish the CAP OM from the original metagame. Ideally this is done with the CAPs themselves, but not necessarily (i.e. an official Pokemon using Persistent as its Ability would count for CAP Almost Any Ability). Sample Teams, Sample Cores, and Viability Rankings are also great things to provide instead of/in addition to Example Sets, but aren't necessary for approval.
      • Since certain metas have different needs or considerations, I am willing to be flexible with this on a case-by-case basis.
  5. At least two council members, yourself included
    • I'm not going to be too picky about who, just make sure they're actually willing to help out from the get-go and you'll be set.
If needed I or someone else will help you workshop so that everything is in order. Once approved, you can post the metagame in this thread, and I will update the repository to link to your post + include basic information.


summer break !!!!!
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Hey all, this thread is currently in a very early state since I sorta want it to grow naturally instead of hounding people to do work they might not have time for/be interested in at the moment. So instead, I will take some time to highlight OMs that we've either dabbled in before, or those I think might be really cool to explore.

Old SS Tour thread

In terms of mechanical changes, STABmons is one of the simplest OMs out there, but has no shortage of revolutionary additions to a lot of Pokemon. The CAPs are no different; given how careful we try to be with movesets, things can quickly get out of hand once you throw in Pokemon's best moves into the mix. There's a lot of funky stuff that happens when our (usually) finely-crafted creations are suddenly given tools they never should have had, so its a good thing the same can be said of canon Pokemon.

For a long time, adding Technician Arghonaut to a team was a surefire sign you were either a noob or trolling. But there's no joking to be found here: STABmons Argh was comparable to Urshifu-RS back in Gen 8, abusing its newfound access to low-BP crit moves like Surging Strikes and Storm Throw to hit truly ridiculous benchmarks. Throw in plenty of useful coverage/utility options, and free boosts to Flip Turn or priority, and you had a hilarious Choice Band breaker that could smash through walls while still preserving momentum or picking off faster threats.

Storm Throw is sadly snapped this gen, but Jet Punch is a fine addition to the mons kit. Combine with Tera Water and Rain to get some truly heinous calculations.

Ability: Prankster
Tera Type: Whatever CTeams the Opponent
- Mean Look
- Perish Song/Encore+Disable
- Recovery
This thing is broken in STAB because it gains Normal-type moves from its Pre-Evolution, Scratchet (also pretty broken), which allows for supreme shenanigans to take place. I don't expect this to see the light of day for very long, if at all. Worth mentioning that we also end up with Dragon Tail Comatose ala :pajantom: which is another funny addition.

Almost Any Ability

Old SS Tour thread

Abilities are a pretty massive part of a CAP's identity: many only function as they do because of their Ability, or are specifically kept from having strong ones to keep things reasonable. So why not have a little fun and throw all that out the window? For most things at least, we had to ban like three CAPs last time.

Magic Guard is largely better than Mountaineer for Syclant: you do lose the Rock-immunity on switch-in, but that's a small price to pay in exchange for becoming immune to passive damage sources. Great offensive stats + Ice typing is a good combo to have, slap on a Life Orb and maybe an additional Ground Tera-type and you have a pretty sick offensive mon, aided by its ability to go Physical or Special.

I bring up Chromera and Kerfluffle because these two benefit a whole load from getting new Abilities. Chromera especially given the constraints of Color Change, and it's probably even stronger (and further banworthy) now that it has STAB Boomburst. Kerfluffle did well last gen when investing in offensive abilities, with Tinted Lens being the go-to pick, and a lack of Iron Valiant around due to AAA's initial banlist bodes well for it. Maybe too well.

Miasmaw was the other big Tinted Lens clicker from last gen, STAB First Impression being a fantastic anti-offense tool and it generally benefitting a ton from no longer being hard walled by any Steel or Fairy type, and this was before we'd given it 99 Speed and extra Special Defense. It will face competition with Slither Wing which does largely the same thing but with more complementary Fighting STAB, but I wouldn't be so fast to discount Maw's potential.


Quick story time: CAP Doubles used to be a thing back in the old days before many of us were around. It's fallen to the wayside by now, but its still a very interesting metagame for one reason: we've never considered how CAPs would fare in a Doubles setting given we focus entirely on our OU-based metagame. This results in some pretty hilarious additions to Doubles formats that probably shouldn't have ever seen the light of day.

There's not much to explain with this one: do you like room effects? Are you an enjoyer of using Tailwind in VGC to end games quickly? Hate it when your opponent stalls out the effects you spent so much teambuilding on getting up? Fidgit solves this issue by virtue of being from a period with archaic design philosophies, and grants moves like Trick Room, Tailwind, and Gravity a extra two turns to wreck havoc with! It may not be the superstar one would think upon initial observation, as there are plenty of ways to deny it setting the team up between Fake Out, Taunt, or just raw offense, but there's no getting around the fact that Fidgit possesses a truly unique niche within these formats.

Cyclohm may seem rather unassuming at first, it's stats are good but not great, its got a decent movepool but without anything really standing out at first glance. The big selling point for this Pokemon is Shield Dust, which gives it a wide array of useful traits, such as being immune to Fake Out, not fearing getting flinched by the imfamous Rock Slide, and letting it ignore the effects of utility attacks like Icy Wind, Muddy Water, or Bulldoze. In fact, you can pair it with a Bulldoze user to slow down the opponent while self-activating Weakness Policy on your end, much like what was done in prior formats with Clear Body Metagross. With how creative teambuilding has been in VGC so far, its useful traits are more than enough to make a solid team out of.

You can see a bit more of VGC action by looking at this very interesting set of games here.


I'll end this introductory post with something I've been eager to try out myself. Camomons, in conjunction with STAB and AAA, lets us take one of the most important parts of a CAP—its type—and replace it with something more suitable for our teams needs. If that's not a big enough selling point for you, I'll throw in that Terastallization is banned, so those looking for refuge from Tera Water Krilowatt's endless Volt Switch spam or Tera Ghost Revenankh's mighty Poltergeist need not look further!

Anyway this mon is definitely going to be insane. Water/Bug is half the reason its somewhat manageable right now, given it now faces a Fire neutrality and shameful weakness to hazards. Now the doors are open to the fabled Water/Normal Facade-clicking Snaelstrom. I think the only thing keeping it in check is that its preferred moveset options are pretty awkward when it comes to having a good type, regardless this mon looks a whole hell of a lot stronger.

Regenerator with your choice of Bug/Steel, Dark/Poison, or Steel/Grass? Knock Off and U-Turn for the ultimate support combo? Surely this has a place in our Regen-pivot famished lands. Crucibelle is a very cool mon that often finds itself struggling to fit in with the Rock/Poison typing, so having a swathe of powerful combos to choose from is a huge deal. You could probably convince me that Coil sets are super good as well.

The dreaded books, the bane of CAP illiterates like myself everywhere. Poison/Flying is honestly already a great type for these two, but there's certainly merit in classic combos with its access to useful moves of the Flying/Fighting/Poison/Dark/Steel variety. Base Venomicon would especially love to find new, horrible ways to abuse Stamina, while Epilogue can probably get away with slotting in Body Press/Iron Defense to negate the Rocks weakness.

As sketchy as Ground/Rock is as a typing, you do at least have Water Absorb, and the extra power on Diamond Storm is a huge boon. This mon is also fairly hefty at >300 kilograms, so Heavy Slam for that nice Ground/Steel typing is certainly a choice as well.
I remember really wanting to do cap ce but something in the coding didn't work out. Is that out of our reach to fix? I feel like cap ce would be really cool to screw around with but if it's far to much work/impossible then oh well


Banned deucer.
As the guy that's been hosting CAP OM tours, it would really be helpful if we could develop a process to probe the CAP community and figure out which approved OMs have interest to be tournaments in the future (obviously going from most to least interest). People familiar with some of the tours I've ran know that they range from "very cool" to "discontinued/the 1v1 community gets banned half-way through my dead tour about 1v1". I'd like to minimize concerns of this with something CAP leadership can have eyes on.

I'd also like to suggest/reserve the idea of CAP + Convergence. I'll try to get that done this upcoming weekend.
I’d like to suggest/reserve CapNatDex and Capabilites (Pokebilities + CAP). To not make this a one-liner suggesting metas, I’ll talk about Capabilites
:arghonaut: Arghonaut gets a massive buff with 90 BP Circle Throw, while maintaining the thing that makes it great already, Unaware (and the water typing).

:saharaja: This Mon is BUSTEDDDD. Water Absorb, 100% Diamond Storm Defense increase, and the ability to set up Sand, this thing mighttttt be banned.

:stratagem: Like Arghonaut, this thing now has 90 BP Ancient Power, and has 83 BP speed control, and a ground immunity

:tomohawk: With both Intimidate AND Prankster, Tomohawk becomes amazing team support, and has a niche chance to raise Atk when hit by the ever-common dark type

:Revenankh: Priority Drain Punch and sleep-less Rest, and the ability to nullify Swift Swim abusers and Proto-spam, this thing is cracked

Oh if you wanna be a council member for either, please lemme know on Discord (GSkip#3910) or here on Smogon

Edit: Fun CAPNatDex set

Ability: Forewarn
Tera Type: Steel
-Power Whip/Horn Leech
-Shell Smash
-Shadow Claw/Coverage
-Gigaton Hammer


-Horn Leech
-Shell Smash
-Thunder Cage/Infestation
-Anything else


-Horn Leech/Power Whip
-Shell Smash
-Dream Eater

Edit: I have a broken set, Necturna might be banned because of this

-Horn Leech
-Shell Smash
-Rage Fist
-Coverage (maybe Leech Seed)
Shell Smash in Necturna breaks this tier
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CAPvergence Hub
(approved by shnowshner )

What is Capvergence?
CAPvergence is the mashup of Convergence and Shared Power, where Pokémon gain access to the abilities and Movepools of all Pokémon that share their identical typing in CAP environment.

Meowscarada @ Choice Band
Ability: Drought (From Malaconda)
Tera Type: Grass
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Solar Blade (From Malaconda)
- Knock Off
- Close Combat (from Brute Bonnet)
- U-turn

Smokomodo @ Leftovers
Ability: Simple (from Numel)
Tera Type: Water
EVs: 252 Atk / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Flame Charge
- Earthquake
- Bulk Up
- Morning Sun
Ruleset and Banlist:
Species Clause: A player cannot have two Pokemon with the same National Pokédex number on a team.
OHKO Clause: A Pokemon may not have the moves Fissure, Guillotine, Horn Drill, or Sheer Cold in its moveset.
Evasion Clause: A Pokemon may not have either Double Team or Minimize in its moveset.
Sleep Clause: If a player has already put a Pokemon on his/her opponent's side to sleep and it is still sleeping, another one can't be put to sleep.
Endless Battle Clause: Players cannot intentionally prevent an opponent from being able to end the game without forfeiting.
  • Arena Trap
  • Comatose
  • Imposter
  • Moody
  • Persistent
  • Pure Power
  • Shadow Tag
  • Speed Boost
  • :cyclizar:Cyclizar
  • :Chi-Yu:Chi-Yu
  • :Dondozo:Dondozo
  • :dragapult:Dragapult
  • :flutter mane:Flutter Mane
  • :iron bundle:Iron Bundle
  • :Iron-Hands:Iron Hands
  • :Koraidon:Koraidon
  • :Miraidon:Miraidon
  • :Palafin-Hero:Palafin
  • :Slaking:Slaking
  • :walking wake:Walking Wake
  • Baton Pass
  • Extreme Speed
  • Last Respects
  • Rage Fist
  • Revival Blessing
  • Shell Smash
  • Spore
  • Transform
:heat rock: Heat Rock
:damp rock: Damp Rock
:kings rock: King's Rock

:jolteon::iron leaves::garganacl::corviknight::arghonaut::iron moth: - Balance by The Number Man
/challenge [Gen 9] Anything Goes@@@ Standard OMs, Sleep Clause Mod, Convergence Legality, !Obtainable Abilities, -Miraidon, -Koraidon, -Slaking, -Flutter Mane, -Iron Bundle, -Cyclizar, -Arena Trap, -Shadow Tag, -Comatose, -Moody, -Pure Power, -Imposter, -Shell Smash, -Spore, -Baton Pass, -Last Respects, -Revival Blessing, -Damp Rock, -Dondozo, -Speed Boost, -Kings Rock, -Palafin, -Rage Fist, -Extreme Speed, -Transform, -Chi-Yu, -Iron Hands,+CAP,-Crucibellite, -Dragapult, -Walking Wake, -Persistent, -Heat Rock

/tour new [Gen 9] Anything Goes, Elimination,,,[Gen 9] CAPvergence
/tour rules Standard OMs, Sleep Clause Mod, Convergence Legality, !Obtainable Abilities, -Miraidon, -Koraidon, -Slaking, -Flutter Mane, -Iron Bundle, -Cyclizar, -Arena Trap, -Shadow Tag, -Comatose, -Moody, -Pure Power, -Imposter, -Shell Smash, -Spore, -Baton Pass, -Last Respects, -Revival Blessing, -Damp Rock, -Dondozo, -Speed Boost, -Kings Rock, -Palafin, -Rage Fist, -Extreme Speed, -Transform, -Chi-Yu, -Iron Hands,+CAP,-Crucibellite, -Dragapult, -Walking Wake, -Persistent, -Heat Rock
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