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Okay, after playing as all the characters in Arcade, and using the Supers, here is my ranking and opinion of the Supers.

1. Stratagem's Giga Drain - The combo is easy, it does a nice amount of damage, AND it heals you. It has decent range, too. It can be dodged a little easily, though, and the animation is kinda downplayed. However, just the fact it heals you makes it top of the list.

2. Oak's Solarbeam - Easy combo, very stong and amazing range. This move not only looks cool, but it is powerful as well. I've noticed it can be easily blocked, though. That can be a downer, especially since i love to save this moves until my health gets low.

3. Rev's Punishment - It has the same combo as Giga Drain and Solarbeam, and does a ton of damage, even to Oak. You have to get close to the enenmy to pull it off, which is a pain, though. However, the deciding factor is that it looks amazing. The animation is astounding. I use Rev over and over against an unmanned player two just to see this move in action. It's that cool.

4. Argh's Revenge - This combo is tricky to pull off, and that's my main complaint. Revenge has great range, is extremely hard to dodge. You can block it though, and the combo is a pain. It's strong, though.

5. Fidgit's Rapid Spin - This is a fun Super. Annoying to pull off, but fun. The fact that it hits twice makes it cool, and it has okay range. However, it has been blocked and dodged easily (at least by my expierence), and the combo is a pain. Also, it looks really cool.

6. Syclant's Blizzard - I don't know why, but it seems a lot weaker than the others. Plus, Double Team is great for combos, and i like to save energy for that. Also, the combo is a pain, and range is meh. It is probably the second coolest looking imo, though.

edit: That's great, Cartoons!! Pyroak is insane in Sweatin', so I'm looking forward for it being downplayed. The new LunaPort is fantastic too, since I have been having trouble with mine. Thank you!
Thanks for the update Cartoons! I'm loving this game. One thing you might want to know is that Pyroak's animation when sitting has some off shading. This is when you win with him, or start a new round. One of is arms has upside-down shading that makes it look like it's on backwards, of that there's something REALLY funky going on with the lighting souce. I think it should be an easy fix... you'd really just have to invert the arm. Just letting you know.

Also, please make the "surprise" a playable character!

EDIT: Congratulations on such a great game, by the way. All the effort you put in really made a great game. I've been playing it all day long. Pyroak is my favorite to play as. He's not as broken, imo, when a person plays him.
Also, please make the "surprise" a playable character!
It would be kind of interesting to have more than just real CAPs being thrown in the roster.

BTW "It"'s stage may give people seizures. Hasn't happened yet, but you never know.

Adding strange unlockable characters/stages would add replay value, and having an options menu wouldn't be too bad, just so we can have infinite time/health, stage choice, and color choice...

I have also been playing this all day, like many others, and its still fun even with glitches/broken oak
Thanks ^^ I kept getting my ass kicked when people walked into the dorm room to talk >.>

Oh, I keep getting an error when trying to connect with Obsession in the LunaPort lobby. I see him, but when I give the command to join, I get an error saying "connection to <IP> failed."
I think I figured it out. Windows Firewall (which I shut off... -.-) was blocking LunaPort. Might work now.

EDIT: I'm hosting, so someone try to join me.
I know I've said this a dozen times already, so sorry if you've done this; but have you set up your router to open Port 7500 Protocol UDP?

I've uploaded CAP Battle v02 here:

and will update the first post in this thread.

The Lunaport here still requires you to open the port on your router, but it has a much more user-friendly interface, and you can readily change your screen name in the options setting. Unfortunately the version with the chatroom still has major netcode issues. Hopefully these will be ironed out in time for when I release the next batch of CAPs.
I got through Pyroak on a wing and a tie with Revenankh and holy crap, the surprise is the best final boss of all time.

I'm really enjoying this game, but If I had to sum it up in 3 words, it'd be

hey, hey, HEY
I'm glad people are really digging the final boss. I may do something similar on the next major installment of the game, perhaps with some input at that...

edit: A pretty important note is that versions 01 and 02 are not compatible online. I was just challenged while I was hosting a game on Lunaportw, which didn't get anywhere.
Can't wait to get to the final boss. I am downloading V.02 now. With Pyroak fixed it shouldn't be too hard to beat Sweatin' mode.
I just tried to download it, and my CPU is screwed up, so it doesn't show, but this works:

Is there a code I can type in the "Run" command box to start it? Thanks.
If the LunaPort app isn't working, open up the lunaport configuration file and make sure

Is directed to the right place! For example:

is what I had to change mine to.
Hmm..well, the name of the executable itself game.exe

I don't know if that helps as it's kind of an ambiguous name.

I'll be hosting a game of v02 on the new Lunaport for the next little while if anyone wants to try to challenge me.

btw, was anyone else successful in hosting a game?


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CAP Battle is amazing.

I'm just having a slight issue in that grabbing seems difficult to the point of practically impossible. The website says Light + Medium attack but no matter how I push the buttons I always end up with an attack instead of a grab.

Perhaps in the next version a separate button could be created for grabbing or something that would make grabs easier to pull off?
Also, Vista doesn't seem to like the new LunaPort... If you get an error that says it has stopped working, a little box should pop up out of the system tray in the bottom right. Click on it, and follow those instructions to make sure vista doesn't block LunaPort anymore...

EDIT: Mag, hit "j" and "k" and the same exact time.

EDIT2: Ok... Now I'm getting pissed. LunaPort cannot activate because something called Data Execution Protection is stopping it from opening. So, I go to advanced settings, and say, let this fucking program work. When I click on it, I get an error box that says, "This program must run with DEP enabled. You cannot turn off DEP for this program."

Someone help me with this...
It's an idea I'd been toying with Magmortified, I was hoping to keep the number of buttons used to a minimum, perhaps overzealously. Initially, the ability button was delegated to "medium + hard". It's something I might do on the next release.

Also, thank you, Pink. You've been a great help in sorting out some questions I couldn't have answered myself (I don't have Vista, for example).

I've found a simple walkthrough on how to set up port forwarding so more people can host games:

Hope this helps.

edit: shit...I'm sorry...I don't know what that's all about, Pink. I'll try asking around in regards to Lunaportw and Vista. As far as I know, the regular version of Lunaport is compatible with the new one, as long as the version of the game is the same. Worse comes to worse, you could transfer the appropriate Lunaport files into the v02 folder. I'll try to find you a definitive answer as soon as possible.

edit2: Gen...when I was really young, I found my parents' stash of Christmas presents, hidden under the bed. I didn't open them at the time, but the next time I looked under that bed, they were gone...To make this story a little more pointed, I'll say the gifts I'd snooped out prematurely I never received!


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I noticed there's data for Kit and Cyclohm, do you plan to add them in at some point? ;D
Thanks Cartoons!. I'm looking into it as well. This is a mess lol. I'll let you know if there's anything I can find that makes it work and make a guide for people having similar problems.
downloading v02 right now and yea hopefully the pyroak issue will be fixed but either way i enjoy a challenge even if it is pretty insane lol can't wait to the next batch of pokemon to come out (:

also an option menu like elegy said would not be bad at all and unlockable characters would be awesome.
I appreciate the v02 game, Cartoons. Its still super fun to play, even though all it is is just fighting.

The Fidgit silencing glitch makes me cry on the inside when the music stops, but its not that big of a deal.

If anyone is having problems with the controls, it must be external. All it takes is practice and you'll be blocking specials, jumping projectiles and nailing grabs every time. Although i'm curious as to what the extra two buttons are used for? In the default config, these keys would be U and O, on either side of the special move button.
You're not the first person to mention Fidgit making the music stop, Elegy. Strangely, it doesn't seem to be a consistently occuring glitch. It's not something I've had happened to me, although I've had a friend confirmed it happens with them as well. Perhaps changing the button configuration solves this?

The other two buttons don't do anything as of right now. In the future, I may make them 'grab' and 'taunt' buttons respectively, for ease of use.

I might add unlockable characters in the future, if I ever learn how to implement that. Unfortunately, I don't think a full on Options menu is possible to the degree that we have in commercial games. I could add more colours in the future. Currently, only Syclant and Rev and alt colors, accessible by selecting them with the 'medium' attack in the seclect screen.
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