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My bird became a lesbian! (good for her, good for her)

in all seriousness i wanted to experiment with more color combinations to make the desing a bit more unique in its color scheme.
i think the pink tone i chose synergizes well with both black and orange.

i added some simple patterns to the wings (ressembling a bit more of the pheasant crow), and the glowing eye now has a flame coming out of it to give a bit more detail and dynamism.

i also reduced slightly the size of the head so it looks a bit more "adult" than in previous desings.

as always any feedback is appreciated and thank everyone who helped the desiGn come along nicely!

First try for this edition. Inspired by Polyphemus, the cyclops of Odysseus' journey. If I remember correctly, Ulysses pokes his eye out with a burning stick.

I'm going to wait until we define the Pokémon's ability before I continue the search.
Aboslutely one of my faves in the thread thus far. The "sheep legs" and wool wrapping around the torso like a vest to evoke Odysseus and his men escaping by clinging to the undercarriage of Polyphemus' sheep as they went out to pasture is an especially clever and elegant design choice.
Got three ideas here, wanna know what you all think and which is your favourite.

Let me know wat one you think is the best and/or any changes you'd like!

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I definitely like the magnifying glass angel idea the most here. I think it'd be good if the glasses on the ring were sort of angled forwards and inwards to evoke a magnifying glass focusing sunlight on a single point to start a fire.


This is as much an update as it is a poll - as much as I've tried not to invest in any concept too much I'm not sure which would do the best, so I've taken the opportunity to refine each idea more and put them through a colour pass. As a reminder of what each concept is:

- Little Matchstick Girl hedgehog who sees visions through her fire
- Pyrotechnical circus elephant who generates fire from his trunk, headwear and feet to do tricks
- Cheese tax fondue pot "hellhound" who comes for your cheese dues instead of your soul

Feedback and opinions greatly appreciated!
The Matchstick Girl Hedgehog is delightful. I also like the elephant, it's very charming, but the Hedgehog feels like a more inspired, conceptually complex idea. The elephant as it is feels a bit more like a really well-designed Kirby enemy than a pokemon, and I feel like one more theme or concept weaved in would elevate it a lot.
The Fondue Hellhound is quite clever, but it isn't as charming or cute as your other two ideas.


Glassblower imp with "fireflies" inside their glass bubbles. Might change how the face and body's design, but probably going to wait until we're further into the process.
I really love the concept of a glassblower with floating molten glass familiars, it's among my faves so far. I think this design would really benefit a lot from the pipe being part of the pokemon's body, like a beak or proboscis. Herons, Kiwis, and butterflies come to mind as directions/inspirations in this regard.


its a heartburn thing. id like to keep this simple and have a similar appeal to like, clefable or chansey. you understand. hope the concept demands a tubby special attacker.
I don't really have any nuanced feedback here, I just felt like a "Love" react is inadequate for how much I love this boy. He's so adorable I wanna die.


witch nekomata, now a calico, still stands strong! i love calicos and that pretty pattern really does lend to fairy a whole lot, while not being ambiguously dark or ghost-y!
i also have 2 other designs here in the back just in case abilities go crazy: a chocolate fondue fairy and a porridge-based oven/pot/bowl goldilocks bear family (thanks parental bond talk)
The Goldilocks bears as an oven, pot, and bowl of porridge is fucking brilliant. I'm not being hyperbolic, it is the most inspired concept presented thus far, and there are some clever ideas in this thread. Obviously I can't tell you what to do, but I really suggest that you should prioritize the bears. They are so great.

Back again with a mild update to the proportions of the little fella along with some sketches I made when I didn't have my drawing device on hand (Chrome Canvas, please give us an eyedrop tool). I was looking at the imp and thinking the proportions were too human-like, so I shortened the legs. I also changed the color of the end of the tail because it was meant to look like shears.
I still need to think through how to more naturally incorporate the blowpipe into the rest of the design as it currently looks like it was just tacked on to link the imp to glassblowing. I'll probably wait until the initial defining moves or ability is decided before posting again.


It shall rest here in peace. Forever, if you wish.
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This might be one of the least convoluted ideas I have, hopefully - witch/wizard's ferret familiar clinging to a broomstick of fire, with some wrap around the broom to suggest being tied to it like witches were tied to the stake and burned. Fire/Fairy, it works! Hopefully we get Levitate over Earth Eater if discussions on ability are anything to go by. It's a shame I couldn't go with an owl for this.

Here's s'more witch even though I considered burning it at the stake more than once. It's even carrying its own stick already alight for pete's sake. It is especially thanks to Mos-Quitoxe and Gravity Monkey that I haven't sent her to oblivion - I cannot thank them enough. A notable change is that the 'broomstick' mallow end acts less like an inkbrush and more like a mouth spewing flames. This is my very meager attempt to justify Earth Eater as an ability if it comes down to it.

Brown4Sides Apologies for belated response, but I've made sure to show the eye design this time!

The second design is something I've devised as an answer to Parental Bond if that ever gains any traction. Originally the egg was a baby/cherub sorta thing, but I opted for an egg with emerging wings and in doing so borked the flavour it had with the ability I was designing it for in the first place. Parental Guardian Angels, hand-in-hand protecting an abandoned egg. That's the general idea for what I was goin for. Included is a marriage theme with the rings and altar inspired motif. Their flaming heads are supposed to be like candles/torches, but also a joke on not just being filled to the brim with love, its overflowing. I guess one thing to note, the pair of angels have a single eye each - together do they have a pair of eyes (more allusions to the marriage theme with them being two halves of a whole, or maybe even it could be literal who knows)
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Second design after messing with the firefly fairy from the first sketch; it's a nightlight jellyfish :3 its head glows and displays star patterns. I'm still working on the soot imp, though what I'll end up going with depends on what stats and abilities we get.
EDIT: Did a few tweaks to bring out the fire typing more by changing the moon to a sun, thanks to the folks in Discord~
Here's the previous version for reference:
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