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Well, here we are, Cascavian!

Cascavian's hitpoints are equal to that of the sandbag(don't be fooled into thinking he regenerates like the sandbag, becaus ehe does not), setting him at the borderline between good and poor HP.


Great pokes, can zone effectively
Strong aerial dominance
Dangerous frame traps that keep the pressure on
Ability and super are versatile enough to be used creatively
Free X-Fly for as long as you have X


Anti air options are not always consistent
No real crossup
Builds meter slowly

Special Attacks

Lily Palm: 4C

Decent anti air, also can be used to set up the Fly trick, detailed later.

Kasui Sweep: 3C

Good move for tripping, and can give you breathing room to set up a C-Pulse for wakeup games.

Kasui Step: 3B

Fake 3C that stops short. i wouldn't recommend this attack at all, because after you move forward, you're fairly prone to being punished.

Special mentions: j.A

Other than being a standard attack, it also plays a major role in the Fly trick.


If you're met in the air, you can throw this out. This hits twice, and sends your opponent back to the wall, which Casc can take advantage of with Water Pulse for wakeup shenanigans


2C is an unreliable anti air, but can only be used against opponents not attacking from the air but merely closing in. it also lets Casc put some distance between itself and the opponent, giving you breathing space.

Grab: Woks like Oak's grab. Throw it out now and then to gain some free damage and to close in safely, but the range isn't the greatest ever.

Main Moves

Water Pulse

Cascavian has an excellent projectile, and the power of the button you use, the slower the attack moves. In essence, it is like a reverse Energy ball, so C-Ball will be used mainly for gaining space, whiel A-Ball is mainly for forcing quick reactions.

X-Pulse: Decent melee attack. It somtimes leaves the foe soaking wet, but its a shame Cascavian can't take advantage of it at all. Knocks down, so Casc can use it to set up for a Waterfall.

Triple Kick

Cut:Arghonaut::Triple Kick:Cascavian. Triple ick helps Casc gain momentum, with solid damage and the ability to mix it up after starting it. Can be used as a plain attack, a trip, an anti-air or as a knockdown agent.

X-Kick: Sets up 3 continous Water Pulses, which stop jump-ins. SIgnificantly, you can use 5 after the Water Pulses + kicks connect(at close range) to turn the tables and send the opponent flying away. Unfortuantely makes it easy bait for a reflexive Ember/Power Gem.


Excellent air to ground, cancels off j.C. Waterfall gives you a solid overhead, and an excellent way to land fast if you want to do something. The C version can be thrown on reflex to stop anti airs, but this is rather difficult.


Fly is an excellent move for Cascavian, allowing it to reach safer ground easily, and can also close gaps well. It can be used to set up for a Waterfall, and you can use j.B to push away opponentss you encounter mid air.

X-Fly: Completely superior to Fly because of the part where it is immune. X-Fly is the Fly of choice for the Fly trick(SUSPENSE YEAHHHHH, read on), because it guarantees some armoured space to do what you need to.


Inner Focus

First item its used, it gives Cascavian a frame advantage, which you can use however you wish. Afterwards, it boosts your special meter.



Lets it move a whole lot faster, less recovery after each move(Water Pulse spam WOOOOOH), and Cascavian can start linking normals together pretty nicely.


X-Triple Kick on an injumping(I know this isn't a word xD) opponent > 5C

j.C > Waterfall

Now, we get to the real deal,

the FLY TRICK, one of the best escape tactics Cascavian possesses.

(Fly and X-Fly are interchangeable, but X-FLy is what I'll put here)

X-Fly > j.A

While the normal Fly and X-Fly can get you up to a screen, if you time your j.A exactly(timing is a little strict) as you stop flying and start to land, you'll land nearly 1 and a half screens away from your starting point. Definitely an excellent way for Casc to escape in a pinch. Lily Palm makes an excellent start for an X-Fly, since you can use your immune stage of the flight to avoid anti airs and land a very good distance away.

EDIT: TGm's found that instead of j.A, if you use j.B, you fly a whopping 2 screens! Have fun!

So remember kids,


Discuss away(and do contribute more combos please)!
Another random note on the topic, using the inner focus ability for the first time lets you charge your triple kicks during the freeze.

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