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Hi, I have an idea for a Smog article. This is also my first time proposing an article so let me know if I did anything wrong.

It would be kind of a large concept and would most likely have to be split into two parts according to a few users I’ve talked to. I would like to write about the use that the large number of BL mons have in OU. Thanks to kokoloko’s liberal banning system in UU this generation, XY BL is one of the largest ever. There is also a stigma around newer users that BL mons don’t have much if any use in OU when that could not be further from the truth. Not sure if you need some kind of indication as to my metagame knowledge but I am a Team Rater as indicated by my badge, and I generally have a working knowledge of this kind of stuff.

First paragraph (someone told me to post a rough first paragraph):

Smogon tiers are generally determined by usage. That is widely considered simplest way to go about sorting the mass number of existing Pokemon into several tiers. However not every Pokemon gets to stay in the tier that correlates to their usage. If deemed too powerful for a non-OU tier, the Pokemon gets sent to a Borderline tier. Borderline tiers can be considered the Ubers of their respective tiers. However this does not automatically mean they can’t compete with their more used counterparts in the tier their Borderline restricts them to. This article will explain the uses the Pokemon of the highest BL (Borderline) tier have in OU, while also giving a brief overview to why they were banned from UU.
This looks like a cool idea to me. There's currently 19 Pokemon in BL, though, so putting all of them into one article would be pretty huge. It would probably be best to either pick the most viable BL mons in OU, or to break it up over multiple articles.


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Hello, fellow council member. :)

I think discussing the best BL's is the best route, as there are some BL's that are pretty mediocre or have a bad rep to them, like Smeargle, Venomoth, and I guess Zygarde. Maybe you could add some of the lower ranking BL's in an honorable mentions section, but that's up to you. But yeah, some newcomers wouldn't even believe that BL Pokemon like Weavile and Klefki are actually very solid, and I think this article idea would do most BL Pokemon justice. It's got my approval.
You're good to go. I've added you to Article Workshop. You can get started on this right away, but mark it for Issue 44 (writing deadline was yesterday for the upcoming issue.) Don't leak anything you see in AW. Also, feel free to hang out in #thesmog on SynIRC. It's a good way to meet other writers, GPers, artists, HTMLers, and the whole staff here~

Welcome to the team ^.^
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