Survivor (Big) Survivor: Open Seas

**F14: $urvivor Au¢tion**
For this challenge we will not be offering Loved One Letters.​

Earlier in the season, you've submitted bids on your stocks and while your average returns as a tribe determined immunity, your individual returns have determined how much you can spend.

But I’m a fan of universal basic income so we've also given everyone $500.


Over the next 24 hours, you will be placing private auction bets. We will not be revealing how much money the winning bid had, but we will reveal who won which item. If there is a tie on winning bids, we will decide by RNG.

And as for the auction itself, here are the items up for sale

Individual Immunity For This Round Only 1
Individual Immunity For This Round Only 2
Immunity for the next PARROT
1-Doubloon Bundle 1
1-Doubloon Bundle 2
2-Doubloon Bundle 1
2-Doubloon Bundle 2
3-Doubloon Bundle 1
3-Doubloon Bundle 2
Legacy Final Immunity Challenge Advantage
Half Vote
Game Information
Add an Emoji
(Hidden Item #1)
(Hidden Item #2)
(Hidden Item #3)
(Hidden Item #4)
(Hidden Item #5)

Happy shopping spree, Pirates

Deadline is **7PM EST 3/2**
After the last Tribal Council, Bui has been relegated to becoming a faceless member of the crew.

**F13: Jackbox but it's Hell**
Welcome to PARROT.​

For this PARROT you will be playing Quiplash.

If you don't know the rules, it's quite simple:
-You and a random anonymous opponent will be given a prompt
-You will give an answer to that prompt that you think is funny or silly enough to get the remaining players to vote for your answer over your opponent
-The votes will be given out by the remaining castaways
-For each vote you get, you will earn a point
-If you get all of the votes over your opponent, you QUIPLASH them and get an extra 4 points! (15 total)

We will be giving you all three different prompts and you will have 15 hours to give your answers

If you do not submit an answer, your opponent gets an automatic quiplash

In the second 9 hours you will vote on all of the prompts (besides your own) selecting which answers you think are the best for each

The player who gets the most points will win the challenge and secure immunity

In the case of a tie, the player with the most quiplashes will win immunity

If still tied, we will provide a final quiplash to the remaining tied players and the winner of that round will win immunity

Prompt answers may not exceed 75 characters

You may not discuss the prompts or your answers with any other castaways, if you do you will be disqualified from the challenge

The prompts will be sent out shortly!

We will give out all of the prompts to you at 9AM, including ones you did, you can just ignore your own we won't count your vote there

Deadline for answering prompts is **9AM EST 3/4**
Deadline for voting is **7PM EST 3/4**

If you ask for an extension, we are willing to give one so long as it doesn't massively throw us off schedule.

Once the challenge is resolved, you will then have another 24 hours to vote. Top two vote receivers will be eliminated.

Ties for the 2nd highest vote getter will be resolved through a revote (with typical revote procedure in regards to communication), with the top vote getter eliminated prior to the revote. Rocks follow after that.
After the last PARROT, Blakers and Torin have been relegated to becoming faceless members of the crew.

**F11: Generic Flash Game #2**
Yeah yeah. Complain. This was originally a Walrus. Be grateful.​

Your next challenge is the game Helicopter Game:

Submit in your confessional.
Deadline is **7PM EST 3/6**
After the last Tribal Council, ;joey has been relegated to becoming a faceless member of the crew.

**F10: PARROTing**
For this challenge you will be playing into stereotypes.

In this well-known challenge, you'll be given a questionnaire asking 14 varied questions about your tribe. This will be presented & answered in your confessional. It might be something like "Who is your favorite player", and your job is to respond to each question with what you think the most common answer among everyone will be. It will be played in PARROT-ing form (hahah), meaning that you will only submit 1 set of answers. Your score will be tallied by how many people also guessed the same answer as you! If the question was "Who is your favorite host?" and the answer "Andy" received 3 votes, then the 3 people who voted for Andy would all receive 3 points. The scores will be tallied up one question at a time publicly, of course showing who answered what to each question! The castaway with the most points at the end of the 14 questions wins individual immunity.

There is absolutely no talking to anyone during this challenge about the challenge, whatsoever. Even the slightest hint of this will result in you being disqualified from the challenge entirely.

1. Who is the biggest swashbuckler?
2. Who mistakenly thinks they are running the game?
3. Who didn’t deserve to make Merge?
4. Who has the most Doubloons?
5.Who do you trust with your life?
6. Who is the most easily manipulated?
7. Who would be the best pirate captain?
8. Who is most likely to leak everything you say?
9. Who do you most want to blindside you?
10. Who is most likely to make FTC, but lose?
11. Who would sing the best shanty?
12.Who is the most full of themselves?
13. Who do you enjoy talking to the most?
14. Who is going to win the season?

Deadline is **7PM EST 3/9**
After the last Tribal Council, Tai has been relegated to becoming a faceless member of the crew.

**F9: Split the Room**
For this challenge you will be helping me find a new pfp.​

In this next challenge, everyone will be given a list of 5 different Pokemon from generation 1 to 5. You will have 13 hours to choose two from your list and submit a drawing of the Pokemon for others to guess. To make this standard, you must draw using . The catch is that you’re trying to get exactly half of the players to guess the drawing correctly and the other half to guess incorrectly. You will be awarded points based off of how well you “split the room” with each of your drawings.

Your point total will be 3xABS(# guessing your first drawing right - # guessing your first drawing wrong) + 3xABS(# guessing your second drawing right - # guessing your second drawing wrong) - # times you guessed someone else's drawing right. Lowest point total wins

You may not include any words or numbers to add detail. Any detail you add must be in the form of a drawing of something. In addition, you may not clearly use features of only two Pokemon (in the second to last iteration, Texas drew a line down the middle and drew one Pokemon on one side, another on the other side. This is not allowed).

Each player gets ONE guess for every drawing so make it count! Please do not communicate about any specifics of your drawings to other people. We're not looking for collusion here--just your most mediocre drawings.

Winner gets individual immunity. Ties separated by my judgment of which drawing is the most emote-able.

You will shortly receive your list of Pokemon and have 15 hours to submit your drawings **(10AM EST)**. Then all the anonymized drawings will be posted and you have another 9 hours to submit your guesses **(7PM EST)**.
Art but bad (mostly)
Drawing 1:

Drawing 2:

Drawing 3:

Drawing 4:

Drawing 5:

Drawing 6:

Drawing 7:

Drawing 8:

Drawing 9:

Drawing 10:

Drawing 11:

Drawing 12:

Drawing 13:

Drawing 14:

Drawing 15:
Drawing 16:
Drawing 17:
Drawing 18:
After the last Tribal Council, zach has been relegated to becoming a faceless member of the crew.

**F8: Obligatory Pokemon Tournament but Small**
For this challenge, you will once again be required to make sure that Smogon gives us funding.​

You will have be playing in S/V Little Cup, in a single elimination tourney.

You must have Finizen on your team, and there are no other restrictions.

Please try and schedule as soon as possible. If you do not make an effort to schedule (the onus is on you, not us), in 18 hours, you will have forfeited the match.

Scheduling requires providing a set of hours that you are available, a reasonable attempt to reach out to your opponent.

Deadline is **7PM EST 3/15**

Round 1
lava v Dom
ssr v Drookez
Przzy v Allen
Kira v Divya
After the last Tribal Council, ssr has been relegated to becoming a faceless member of the crew.

**F7: Depth Charge**
For your next immunity challenge, you will be dropping loads.​

It will take place on a 7x7 grid. You will start on D4.

The challenge will consist of turns. Each turn consists of 2 actions. There are two types of actions: move, and drop. Moving is moving either up, down, left or right. Dropping is dropping a charge to destroy a submersible. If the charge is dropped on the same space as a submersible, it will be sunk.

So each turn can look like one of 3 things:
Move, Drop
Move, Move
Drop, Move

When beginning your turn, state what turn you are on to help make sure you are only moving legally. To move, you will simply state where you are moving to. So if I am on F1, for my first action, I choose to move. I want to go to F2, so I say "F2" in my submissions. If you want to drop, you will enter the command a.(coordinates)-drop. If you connect then you will be notified. If you do not connect, then you will be told nothing. At the end of your turn (2 actions. Not 1 action. Not 3 actions. 2 actions.) you will input the command for where you end the turn. If I end my turn on a4 then I will input a.a4 once I have made notation for my prior actions.

Once you enter this command (at the end of your turn), you will be given some information. You will be told how many submersibles are either:
-On the same space as you
-In the 8 spaces surrounding you
-Either up, down, left, or right from your position.

In the sample image, the player is represented on the board. When they input the command, the number of submersibles within the red area (9 spots near you, and all the way in every non-diagonal direction) will be told to you. Again, this includes the space you are on.

Submersibles are only 1x1 big, so you do not need to hit multiple spots to sink one. Once you destroy a submersible, it will still show up in the sonar. So the count will not change from commands, even if you sink one. (If it was 2, it will always be 2)

You will not know the total number of submersibles. It is up to you to stop when you either want to stop or feel you have destroyed them all. Hosts will not clarify anything related to the total number of submersibles.

The person with a most submersibles sunk will win immunity.
If this goes to a tie, then the person with the lowest drops will win immunity.
If that somehow ties, then the person with the lowest turns will win immunity.
IF THAT SOMEHOW POSSIBLY TIES, it will go to lowest time.

I understand this can be complicated, so I am going to do a few sample turns for you.

My last turn ended on F1.
"Turn 2"

My last turn ended on F3.
"Turn 3"
EITHER "Connect!" or nothing

.... blah blah

And that's it!

Please keep track of all of your moves and ask questions before. If you make a mistake that benefits you in any way, you will receive an automatic DNF. The only leniency will be Host Error.

We will be making submissions channels for all for all of you (only for the challenge), since it's command heavy and to avoid spamming confessionals.

Again, please ask questions.

Deadline is **7PM EST 3/17**
After the last Tribal Council, Przzy has been relegated to becoming a faceless member of the crew.

**F6: Generic Flash Game #3**
This one actually was always a Flash Game.​

The challenge is Google Champion Island:

Submit your highest scores (shown when you click on the compass) in your submissions.

1st place in an event is 1 point, 2nd place is 3 points, 3rd place is 5 points and so on. Lowest point total wins individual immunity. Overall ties will be resolved by the first event, Skateboarding. If you tie on a specific event, you will tie on the low end. So if two people tie for first place in Archery, they will each get 0 points.

Deadline is **7PM EST 3/19**
After the last Tribal Council, Divya has been relegated to becoming a faceless member of the crew.

**F5: Pirate Battle**
For your next immunity challenge, you have all been locked in an arena, and are being forced to fight each other to the death.​


This challenge will be run live. Each of the spots will be randomly assigned to one of the remaining castaways. Each turn will be somewhere from 5-10 minutes (depending on how fast you pirating hooligans lock your moves in).

Nobody will know which Pirate belongs to which Player, and you will not be able to communicate privately during the challenge.

You will start with 4 health, and when you reach 0, you will be eliminated.

Each turn is 2 parts: Action and Movement. Action is before Movement each phase for resolution. Each part can either be Action or Movement.

You can move 2 or 3 spaces per turn, non diagonally. If two players are in the same space, the one there first will stay and the other will be blocked from entrance. If they arrive at the same time, they will both be one space out from it, neither making it to the space.

Formatted as (let’s say I begin on A2): A3, A4, B4

Flintlock: (No limit) 1 Damage 2 spaces in a given non diagonal direction.

Riposte: (No limit) 2 Damage, 1 space in a given non diagonal direction, only if exchanging damage. If no damage would be inflicted on the user by the target, the user loses the first part of the next turn. Two Ripostes used against each other will both fail.

Peg Leg Sweep: (3 Uses) 1 Damage on all surrounding spaces.

Parry: (3 Successful uses) Blocks all damage that turn (except Traps), that would be dealt to the user. If no damage inflicted on the user, loses the first part of the next turn. If damage would be inflicted on the user, the attacker loses the first part of the next turn. Every other time it fails, you will lose your entire next turn.

Set Trap: (2 Uses) 3 Damage inflicted to opponents who cross the space and 2 Damage inflicted to opponents who end their turn on it. Goes away after the turn it deals damage.

Preparation: (No limit) Allows for the user to do either two Movements or two Actions next turn.

Formatted as (assuming I have set my first trap already): Riposte up OR Set Trap (2) down

An entire turn could be formatted as:
“Turn 1
1. A3, A4, B4
2. Peg Leg Sweep (1)”

At a preset turn number, 5 random squares will be removed, and will be published before the turn. Moving onto them will kill you instantly.

Last remaining Pirate wins. If nobody takes damage in 3 turns, starting at the next turn, everybody remaining will take 1 damage at the end of the turn until only one remains.

If two are eliminated at the same time, the tiebreakers will be as follows:
Number of Kills > Damage Dealt > Nobody wins Immunity

Please start scheduling in your tribe chat.

Coordination of movements/attacks is not allowed for this challenge.

Deadline for it to occur before I bring in the backup is **7PM EST 3/21**
After the last Tribal Council, Kira has been relegated to becoming a faceless member of the crew.

**F4: The Gauntlet**
Welcome to the Final Immunity Challenge.​

This will be a gauntlet of 2 things: Season Trivia and Challenges from throughout the season.

There are 5 sections. Once you start, you will automatically enter the first section. Once you correctly answer the first, you will be prompted to move onto the next. Skipping anything will be a DQ. They will not be multiple choice.

Each of you will have a private channel where you will put your answers to the questions you are asked and the challenges for you to do. The channel will have a 2 minute slow mode, so make sure to post your answers for the questions/proof of completion in one message. After the challenge is over and results have been released, your channels will be opened to other players.

Ideally we can run the challenge live, so please try and schedule in tribe chat. If run live, the Jury and specs will have live access to your private channels to watch while you compete.

You will compete in the challenge by starting a stopwatch if non-live, and then entering the command a.gauntlet in your private channels.

Deadline is **7PM EST 3/23**
After the last Tribal Council, Allen has been relegated to becoming a faceless member of the crew.

Welcome to Final Tribal Council.
Dom, Drookez, and lava have all outwitted their fellow buccaneers and earned their chance to win the title of Master of the Seas.

After the long perilous journey across Tortuga, you found the treasure, exactly where you knew it to be: 20 02 23, 72 47 24. The three of you are the only ones among the crew still in contention to become the Captain; the true Master of the Seas. Despite being on the most powerful and important crew known to seawater, it's not enough.

It never was going to be. The fire inside of you yearns for the power and title. Yearns for the riches and legacy. There's only 2 more standing in your way. But it's not up to you to decide. The crew now must pick who is worthy to be their captain. You all agree to abide by their terms, lest they mutiny.

The winner will get everything, and the losers relegated to faceless positions. But with such talented pirates potentially seeking the same goal, who will win the day?

Prepare for the Final Tribal Council, of (Big) Survivor: Open Seas. It will be held in the Discord server, I highly reccomend you come watch.

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