[BH] Xerneas

  • Decent speed and special attack, with enough bulk to let it set up and take a hit if needed
  • Fairy type STAB lets it hit several important walls for Super Effective damage, such as Giratina, Zygarde, Yveltal
  • Moonblast gives it a strong STAB move with no downsides
  • Has a built in core enforcer immunity, preventing it from losing Poison Heal that way
  • Is able to beat its own imposter fairly consistently

Poison Heal Sweeper
Xerneas @ Toxic Orb
Ability: Poison Heal
EVs: 252/0/252/252/252/252
Modest/Timid Nature
- Quiver Dance
- Moonblast
- Lovely Kiss / Substitute
- Lava Plume / Earth Power

Set Comments

  • Moonblast - 95 bp STAB move with no drawbacks and the chance to lower the opponent's special attack.
  • Quiver Dance - Lets Xerneas boost its speed, special attack, and special defense, letting it KO mons that it could otherwise struggle with, as well as letting it outspeed offensive checks, while the special defense boost allows it to have more longevity as well as letting Xerneas be able to handle its own imposter.
  • Lovely kiss - Can give Xerneas extra opportunities to do damage or set up, and can let it provide a bit of utility to its own team. With enough luck, it also helps Xerneas with some of its checks.
  • Substitute - adds to xerneas's longevity and lets it also work as a way for teams to have an answer for imposter chansey to some sets such as doom desire dialga, and it will let you avoid moves like entrainment and worry seed that would otherwise remove poison heal.
  • Lava plume - Lets Xerneas be able to deal decent damage to defensive steels that would otherwise wall it, such as Registeel or Aegislash. Additionally, it has a high chance of burning the opponent, which can be useful against physical attackers and also provides chip damage.
  • Earth power - Is an alternative to lava plume, has a slightly higher base power than lava plume, has a chance to lower opponent's special defense, and gives Xerneas a way to deal reliable to flash fire steels, such as Celesteela.

Set Details
  • Timid nature lets you outspeed base 90 speed pokemon to put them to sleep, or set up, such as Kyogre-Primal, Giratina, and Dialga.
  • Modest lets you 2HKO Zygarde-Complete and has a high chance to OHKO Rayquaza-Mega after a quiver dance.
  • Toxic Orb allows you to reliably make use of Poison Heal.
  • EVs are max in everything except attack so that foul play and confusion damage to slightly less.

Usage Tips
  • After Toxic Orb has been activated, Xerneas can work as a switch in to knock off and status moves to prevent other team members from being crippled.
  • Try to scout for Unaware pokemon on the opponent's team, as well as pokemon that carry Spectral Thief, as both of those can defensively stop Xerneas from sweeping.
  • Try to find a reliable way to activate Toxic Orb, such as using a slow pivot into Xerneas.
  • Put your checks to sleep if they're too passive to do anything to you, and try to beat the check through pure luck, or go to something that can actually handle it

Team Options
  • Doom Desire Dialga appreciates having substitute Xerneas as a partner, as it can safely switch into Dialga's imposter and avoid taking any damage, giving it an opportunity to either set up, or try to put a switch in to sleep.
  • Mewtwo-Mega-Y and Gengar-Mega appreciate Xerneas as an offensive partner to force out their dark type checks, such as Yveltal and Tyranitar-Mega.
  • Regigigas appreciates Xerneas's ability to beat defensive dragons such as Giratina and Zygarde-Complete, as well as switch into Core Enforcers, which would otherwise negate Regigigas's Poison Heal.
  • Imposter Chansey lets you scout for Unaware, Spectral Thief, and Entrainment or other moves that would negate Poison Heal
  • Registeel, Celesteela, and Solgaleo can benefit Xerneas as they can safely switch into steel attacks safely, most notably Sunsteel Strike
  • A teammate that is able to beat Unaware pokemon and defensive pokemon carrying Spectral Thief would be appreciated.
Strategy Comments

Other Options

  • Bulky Pixilate - Thanks to Xerneas's naturally high bulk and decent offensive capabilities, it is able to effectively use a bulky Pixilate set
  • Thanks to its bulk, Xerneas could also run a defensive supporting Poison Heal set, similar to Poison Heal Audino-Mega, but less passive.
  • Nature's Madness would allow Xerneas to wear down its checks and switch ins.
  • Spore - Guaranteed to hit, and can be more beneficial than Lovely Kiss if the team has a way to remove safety goggles from the opponent's team.

Checks and Counters

Solgaleo: Thanks to its high bulk and solid defensive typing, it is able to reliably switch into Xerneas's attacks, and can threaten it out if it carries Sunsteel Strike. Additionally, its bulk can be augmented with Assault Vest and it can simply switch out to recover the damage it might have taken from Xerneas.
Regigigas: Is able to outspeed Xerneas if both run a +spe nature, and is able to do more damage to Xerneas than Xerneas is able to do in return. Additionally, it does not have to worry about Lovely Kiss or burns from Lava Plume.
Registeel: Is able to switch into Moonblast from Xerneas reliably, and can remove any boosts that Xerneas might have thanks to Prankster Haze.
Gengar-Mega: Is able to outspeed Xerneas if it hasn't used quiver dance yet and can use Entrainment with Normalize to remove Poison Heal from Xerneas. Alternatively, it could use a poison type move for super effective damage against Xerneas.
Kartana: Is able to outspeed Xerneas before any boosts and can use sunsteel strike to 2hko (or ohko depending on the set) in order to offensively threaten Xerneas; however, it can't reliably switch in.
Kyogre-Primal: Thanks to its high level of bulk, it can set up alongside Xerneas and outdamage it in order to beat it, and it doesn't have to worry about sleep or burns if it runs Poison Heal. Alternatively, it could run Unaware, which would be able to reliably handle Xerneas.
Groudon-Primal: Is able to switch into both Moonblast and Lava plume, and thanks to its high attack stat, it is able to threaten Xerneas.
Shedinja: If Xerneas is running Moonblast and Earth Power, it is unable to handle Shedinja on its own.
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well i dont know about you but i definitely dont think this is ready for any QC checks any time soon. To say it's barebones is an understatement, really. You still have part of the template mixed into the analysis, the set has no EVs, one word bullet points, entire sections missing, extremely informal language. there's quite a lot to do. If I were you i'd continue to work on it by fixing the aforementioned issues before moving on to QC checks.

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