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Hi everyone, just wanted to post my current streak of 105 wins in the battle Tower of the emerald battle frontier level 50. Just to be put in the leaderboard I guess and be proud.

Console - Game boy advance SP

Game - Pokemon emerald original cartridge italian version

Just beaten for the third time Anabel with this team. Used RNG reporter in another emerald cartridge and passed over with the game link just to have some good ivs in the right stats.

Slaking (Gorillaz)

Jolly/ choice band
ivs 30/31/31/29/29/30
Evs 252 atk / 252 speed / 6 hp

Double edge
Shadow Ball
Aerial Ace

Metagross (Titan)

Adamant/ leftovers
ivs 31/30/8/6/31/31
Evs 200 hp / 252 atk / 58 def

Meteor Mash
Shadow Ball

Latios (Zefiro)

Modest / lum berry
ivs 18/2/4/31/31/30
Evs 252 sp atk / 252 speed / 6 hp

Calm mind
Ice beam

Ok not much more to add, its a pretty common team I think. I just hit hard with slaking and change him, base on the enemy. If I sense a threat I use metagros explosion without even thinking. If I have the chance I try setting up latios with a couple of calm mind but rarely, cause it s kind of fragile and strong atk move like mega kick or mega horn will send him to kingdom come. Also shadow ball, man that ball is really scary.
Basically slaking and metagross do the rough job, they are strong and bulky and just love violence. They get their hand bloody while latios watch comfortably from behind and if needed he comes over to clean the house. I was doubtful about using calm mind, and thought of dragon claw or surf, for stab the first, more coverage the second. In the end maybe it s not the right choice calm mind but the few time that I was in the condition to use it, I created a monster able to wreak havoc over the entire frontier.
So maybe yeah, calm mind can be good.

I will post again when the streak will end. Just beaten Anabel for the 105 victory pretty easily but I don t know what danger await beyond.
Lots of time I escaped death thanks to missed sheer cold and horn drill, sooner or later I know they will get me. It s a straight forward offensive team and I know that for a longer streak you need toxic stalling pokemon and other strategies but with a real cartridge you cant skip ahead the time so it become really tiring overall. My plan is hit fast and hard. When slaking miss or get status effect I start to sweat but it didnt happened often.

Finally just wanted to thank this forum, huge help overall with the damage calculator and the excel spread sheet and the lots of various notions.

I dont even know if this is the right forum to post, I aimed for the battle facilities of gen 3, hope its right.

Just please put me in the leader board if possible :)

I attached some proof down here. The link should show you the video of the 105 trainer, Anabel. There isn t the combat animation cause its boring.

I used this app to show the video cause I wasnt able to upload it here.
Just copy and paste the link I think will work.


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Welcome to Smogon and congratulations on your streak! As you seem to already have noticed, we have a thread where those reports should be posted for Emerald Frontier, please use it rather than start a new thread in the future.
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