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In this article, I'll go in depth on the subject of how to RP on the ladder. With a satirically serious tone, I'll inform the reader on how they can roleplay with their avatar choices, pokemon choices and behavior. One example could be:

The Non-Canonical Gym Leader
Many players enjoy roleplaying as Gym Leaders on the ladder. Note: this is a different category from the Canonical Gym Leader Roleplayers, who follow the teams from their favorite bosses both in-game and in the anime. The Non-Canonical Gym Leader can always be found with a monotype team, and will always choose an avatar to match the type they've chosen. If you want to be a Non-Canonical Gym Leader, follow these steps:

1. Change your name. Gym Leaders always have a special title, so consider something along the lines of "Gym Leader xXx_charizard420_xXx" when choosing a name.

2. Build a monotype team. It doesn't matter if you cover your weaknesses, as long as your pokemon look really cool together!

3. Try to give your opponent a TM if they beat you.

4. Make sure to talk in character! At the beginning of the game, make sure to have a monologue ready to be pasted into the chat. That way your challengers know what they're up against!

I'll also include tropes such as the "In-Game Team Battler", the "Eeveelutions Master" and "Ash."


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I think this idea has potential, but your example is a little lacking and all I get from it is dry humor at best.

Do you think you could write something a but fuller with more examples of your humor at work?
I'm leaning towards rejecting this idea altogether, as I don't think many readers would be able to relate to it or find it entertaining.


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There is potential here for it to be entertaining, however in it's current iteration i'm gonna have to agree with pom. Sorry, but I'm gonna have to reject it.
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