Tournament Anything Goes Snake Draft III - Manager Signups

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AGSD III!!!!!!!!!


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There will be 6 teams and the tournament will have about 2 weeks of signups, 5 weeks of round robin and 2 weeks of playoffs (not counting any potential tiebreakers). That places the end of the tournament sometime in late February or early March; managers (or their assistant manager) are expected to be active throughout the tournament until that point. You may pick an assistant manager from the pool of players you draft or optionally signup with an assistant manager - if you signup with one, only one of you will be allowed to play.
Managers or co-managers may "self-buy" limited to one per team as mentioned above. This means that they draft themselves during round 1 of the snake draft.

The format is as follows:

- Bo3 Multigen (SV, SS, SM)

If you want to signup to become a manager, post a message using the following format:

Assistant Manager (optional):
Team Name:
List of Accomplishments:
Why would you make a Good Manager?:

Enjoy! Volt Absorb Fairy.

I will be hosting alongside Theia
Manager: Trade
Assistant Manager (optional): No
Team Name: Sacred Palafins
List of Accomplishments: Circuit 2 timer, AG tutor, SV council, SSNLs finalist, Kickoff finalists, Snake manager and finalist, AGPL Champion, BP connoisseur
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I think I know a lot of the hidden talent more than anyone else right now. Couple that with my knowledge of the scene as a whole, and you get a very cohesive team. I also want to be able to develop different slots and be unorthodox so that we don’t see the same 6 people playing each old gen every year.

For this reason, I will not be signing up with an assman. I do not want to give anyone a heart attack with my lineup choices.

Edit: Bo3 looking like a nasty slot to fill
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Manager: A Bread Sandwich
Assistant Manager (optional): TBD
Team Name: Yveltal Yeet Squad
List of Accomplishments: Former member of the original Yveltal Yeet Squad, 2021 circuit qualifier, 2021 Oras AG cup finalist, 2021 ag classic semifinalist, AG Ladder Tour Semifinalist, CheeseLord, Undefeated vs pichus
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I know the ag community pretty well and feel confident I can get a very solid draft, I have managed in the past and although my teams have never made it to semifinals we also never got last place. I will attempt to remain as active as possible for the entirety of the snake draft and hopefully lead my team to victory.

Also, I promise not to make meme drafts this time
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Manager: Frozoid
Assistant Manager (optional): -
Team Name: Angry Annihilapes
List of Accomplishments: Won the superior team tour (AGTT)
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I am room staff and know the current playerbase well as I am pretty active. Also have experience in Gen7,Gen8, and Gen9 AG.
Manager: Leru
Assistant Manager (optional): Hyogafodex
Team Name: Weeaboo Weaviles
List of Accomplishments: I played a couple AG team tournaments before, I also won SPL, DPP UU Cup and SCL. Hyoga also has plenty experience with official team tournaments.
Why would you make a Good Manager?: I have plenty of prior experience with AG team tournaments and managing in official teamtours. (SCL 2017, WCOP 2018 and plenty of other subforum team tournaments) Hyoga also has plenty experience with managing.
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