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Cowritten by Kl4ng, the current owner of the format.
He doesn't have the Smog Workshop access right now, so that's needed if this gets accepted.
This article would, as it name implies, give an introduction to Almost Any Ability, an Other Metagame where Pokemon can use many different abilities besides their normal ones. It'd start with a small introduction paragraph, which would introduce the format and its main rules. Afterwards there would be a short list with all clauses and rules, so it's clear. Then, we'd have a small history paragraph which could be included in the introduction, in which we talk about how Almost Any Ability originated, and how it has changed.

Then we get to the more "strategic" part. We'll have a metagame analysis, during which we'll explain what kinds of styles are popular in the metagame and which abilities are associated with that. Afterwards we'll also make a threatlist of important Pokemon in the Pokemon, or important strategies to keep in mind. Then we'll have a paragraph explaining how to teambuild in the format, and specifically what to keep in mind compared to OU. This part of the article may be longer than expected, and it's possible that we put another paragraph in between if we feel this would be good to explain the metagame.

Then, to end the article, we'll have a conclusion paragraph which just links the entire part together.


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okay you can start this, Kl4ng will get access soon
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