Almost Any Ability Same Solo Series - Round 3(protean/libero banned)

How long do you have to wait for a calling action
I've been waiting 40mins and I gotta go
So will the calling action work or do you have to wait an hour or something
Proof on there account


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want to establish for tour hosts that this did happen but ive been stuck grinding coursework all day that i forgot we were supposed to play tonight over tomorrow morning, have attempted to reschedule for a time they initially tried that i wasnt sure id be free at until a later date. up to u if u want to accept this tho
To call activity you need to prove that your opponent didn't try as hard to get the game done, so if they miss time its a good reason to call
calling act, opp has been active but hasn't responded to my message for multiple days, and I'm going to be busy this weekend. Proof on their wall
I'm calling for an action win. Opponent showed up late to both scheduled matches. Second attempt they challenged me and then went offline after I accepted. Proof is on their wall, including the replay of them leaving after challenging me.

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